The importance of air curtains in Mshhor Eye Experts Center

What Is Mshhor Eye Experts Center?

It is a medical center specializing in ophthalmology and ophthalmologic surgery; it is considered one of the best Saudi centers for vision correction, cataract surgery, and everything related to ophthalmology. Having state-of-the-art eyesight examination and laser therapy devices, as well as a medical cadre with a high-efficiency level, it is crowded with dozens of visitors daily.

 Why did Mshhor Eye Experts Center Choose Air Curtain from Stavoklima?

 Mshhor Eye Experts Center seeks to apply medical quality standards as best as possible, particularly as it specializes in ophthalmology which requires great care. It should also have been essential to give attention to the center’s environment in terms of clean air besides the latest medical devices and tools, ensuring the required healthy atmosphere.

There were two main challenges before installing the air curtains:
1. The dust-carrying air comes into the center due to the repeated opening and closure of doors upon admission of patients and staff, so the management of the center should have found a solution as soon as possible.
2. It was difficult to maintain a mild and refreshing atmosphere within the center, causing inconvenience to doctors, workers, and patients owing to moisture and high heat in Saudi Arabia. Also, there was a great waste of electric power by loading the air conditioners with more voltage. So, it was necessary to install an air curtain for the Mshhor Eye Experts Center

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Preview Stage to Choose the Appropriate Air Curtain

 We sent a specialist team from Stavoklima to inspect the center, study the right places for the installation of air curtains, and then choose the curtain that is best suited to the nature and needs of the place. Finally, our team chose the curtain type Li0 in a roofing suspension method for many reasons.

Size: suitable size for the space.
Design: Modern design suits the center’s decor.
Sound: Characterized by low sound so as not to cause inconvenience to patients and workers.
Cost: reasonable cost and energy-saving.

Features of Stavoklima’s Li0 Air Curtain

 The curtain Li2 is one of the best air curtains in the Stavoklima collection for the following reasons:

1. It has four speeds to meet any weather conditions outside.
2. It operates via the BM-S smart system.
3. It is Available in several colors.
4. It is easy to maintain.
5. It provides high protection against variable air pressure situations.
6. It is equipped with advanced fans to enhance comfort in place.
7. It gives the air that is thick and powerful.
8. It is quiet-operating and strong-insulating

Client’s Opinion after Air Curtain Installation

 The client has achieved the desired goal of completely isolating the internal environment of the medical center from the external environment, maintaining a refreshing and pure atmosphere within the center, and making remarkable progress at the level of energy saving. He also maintains the elegance of the place with the air curtain matching the colors of the decorations and causing low noise.

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