Details of the care added by the air curtains in the VOX Cinemas building

VOX Cinemas is the largest operator of cinemas in the Middle East

VOX Cinemas is the largest cinema operator in the Middle East, and one of the first licensed operators in Saudi Arabia, VOX Cinemas has several advantages that make it the best in the Kingdom, starting from large cinemas, to delicious menus supervised by international culinary experts, In addition to the children’s playrooms, and stunning rooftop views, to be a destination for entertainment seekers that give them the most beautiful moments and memories for its visitors daily.

Challenges faced by VOX Cinemas in ventilation and air conditioning systems

The doors of the halls and the main entrances at VOX Cinemas are almost never closed due to the continuous flow of customers, which creates a continuous air exchange between inside and outside the building, and generally affects the general atmosphere inside the place before installing air curtains due to:

  1. The entry of hot air from the outside raises the temperature of the hall, which requires the expenditure of double energy from the air conditioners in order to restore and maintain the coolness.
  2. The possibility of dust and insects entering from the outside to the inside, which may cause tension and inconvenience to visitors to the cafeteria in the cinema.
  3. Some annoying odors leak from the outside from car exhaust or food since the doors are always open.

Preview stage to choose the appropriate air curtain for VOX Cinemas

The Stavoklima team visited VOX Cinemas to inspect the areas that need improvement, and identified the main entrance as the place to install the air curtain, provided that the air curtain does not reduce the aesthetics of the facade at the request of VOX Cinemas’ management, as the facade design is very distinctive and luxurious in black with elegant glass. Therefore, after considering all the needs of the place and the client, the Stavoklima team chose the Li0 air curtain to be installed in the place after making substantial modifications that suit the privacy of the entrance:

Replace its default color with matte black to simulate the color of the cinema interface.

  1. The air curtain is installed above the main door in such a way that it never obstructs the movement of the doors.
  2. It is set at low speeds to suit the atmosphere and needs of the place.

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Advantages of Stavoklima Air Curtain Li0:

The Li0 curtain is one of the best air curtains that we have in the Stavoklima air curtain range, as it is often our first choice for buildings that are permanently open to a large number of visitors due to the many features that characterize it:

  • It operates at a very low noise level without causing any disturbance to workers or visitors.
  • It has different speeds to suit the weather changes outside.
  • It can work throughout the day without stopping.
  • Easy to disassemble, install and requires no maintenance.
  • Operated via the smart BMS system.

Positive Effects of Leaving Li0 Air Curtain at VOX Cinemas

VOX Cinemas was able to achieve the best quality standards in the building by solving all the challenges that were facing before installing the curtain, as:

  1. The building no longer needs to spend huge energy on air conditioners to re-cool the air.
  2. There is no longer any possibility of insects entering.
  3. The internal environment was completely isolated from the outside environment.
  4. The general atmosphere in the place became fresh due to the absence of dust, dirt and car exhaust from the outside.

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Customer’s opinion after installing Li0 air curtain 

The customer felt the positive results that occurred in the VOX Cinemas building, when he was able to save a lot of energy that was wasted on air conditioners, in addition to his satisfaction with the performance of the air curtain, as it does not stop working and does not make any noise and maintains a clean and fresh environment in the place, which was a profitable investment in Stavoklima air curtains in the long run.

Stavoklima gives you a real luxury in the work environment

Receiving hundreds of visitors daily without compromising their comfort, we offer you a selection of the best air curtains that cover all the needs of your workplace to help you achieve the highest quality standards in the place. It is time to develop your workplace and make it the best, so contact us now.

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