Stavoklima air curtains (Axi and Li Pico) elevate the aesthetic of Salehiya Medical Factories

Salehiya Medical Company partnered with us to refine their work environment, and they are already seeing impressive results. We are thrilled to be part of their success.

About Salehiya factories our success partners

For over fifty years, Salehiya has played an integral role in the rapid expansion of the healthcare industry within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As we have flourished into the leading healthcare organization in the region, we are eager to face new challenges and explore our opportunities within the market. We are here to improve the health and well-being of our community. We listen to our customers’ needs and maintain strong relationships with each of our valued partners.

Through our website, you will find a comprehensive review of our diversified products, including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and patient and consumer care, as well as our expansive capabilities in service offerings such as digital and supply chain solutions.

In line with the plans set by the custodians of two mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, for the development and growth of the Kingdom as detailed by the Saudi Vision 2030, and with your support, trust, and dedication, we aim to elevate the Kingdom’s healthcare experience with every click, every handshake, and every successful project.

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Axi Air Curtain Features

Stavoklima's Axi air curtain is made up of components designed to last!

  1. 1- The Stavoklima Axi Air Curtain, where peak performance meets unwavering dependability. 

  2. Stavoklima Axi Air Curtain is an air curtain that covers heights up to 4.5 meters. 

  3. Stavoklima Axi Air Curtain an impenetrable shield against elements Dust, dirt, and moisture? No Problem With the Stavoklima Axi Air Curtain.

  4. Stavoklima Axi Air Curtains create an invisible barrier over doorways, effectively blocking drafts and insects without hindering the flow of busy truck and cart traffic. This makes it the perfect choice for high-volume industrial settings.

  5. Stavoklima Axi Air Curtain fans are engineered with a dust-repelling force field, keeping them sparkling clean without lifting a finger. 

Li Pico Air Curtain Features

Step into a world of comfort and tranquility with the Stavoklima Li Pico Air Curtain

  1. Stavoklima Li Pico Air Curtain comes in five sizes and covers heights up to 3 meters, which makes it suitable for most applications. 

  2. Stavoklima Li Pico Air Curtain has 4 fan speed levels. This allows you to adjust the appropriate speed for your work environment and all the weather conditions. 

  3. The Stavoklima Li Pico Air Curtain has the capability to be fast-mounted on the wall. 

  4. You can use the Stavoklima Li Pico Air Curtain to create a comfortable environment in the employee entrances, small warehouse doors, or small receiving doors. 

  5. Stavoklima Li Pico Air Curtain meets food service standards and health department requirements for flying insect control when the door is open.

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What Are the Benefits That Our Partner Achieved?

  1. Reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality, and reduce pest control costs. 
  2. Improved safety by providing a Barrier against fire smoke or other hazardous fumes This can help protect workers and products in the event of an An Emergency.
  3. Create a sanitary environment to improve employee comfort and productivity by maintaining a more consistent temperature and reducing dust and pollution levels. 

Stavoklima is here to help you!

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