What is the role of air curtains in Saudi National Poultry?

Al-Watania Poultry is the largest facility in the Middle East, and one of the giant projects in the world in the field of poultry production and foodstuffs made from it. The company’s vision is to support food and provide the best quality food in the Arab world with more than 50 branches, in addition to having a basic store for the distribution of products, which is a large warehouse operating around the clock consisting of several departments: such as production rooms and workplaces for employees, as well as cold and freezing rooms.

Watania Poultry challenges Before Installing Air Curtains

 The warehouse of Al-Watania Poultry Company with its large size, and its huge production line faced many challenges before installing the air curtains such as:

1. The warehouse is located in an area with a difficult environment that causes insects, dust and dirt to enter it.
2. The temperatures inside the store are constantly dropping due to the entry of hot air from the outside into the interior.
3. Huge amounts of electricity are consumed to operate high-voltage refrigeration equipment to cool the internal environment of the store.
4. The moist air enters into the cold rooms, which turns them into ice that harms the products kept inside them.

The most affected areas in Al-Watania Poultry

1. Staff entrance.
2. Cold rooms.
3. Corridors connecting the cooling rooms.
4. Production rooms. ​

Inspection stage to choose the right air curtains

We sent a specialized team from Stavoklima to examine the environment of the place and the size of the warehouse, then we suggested to the client the necessity of installing air curtains to maintain the factory environment within the appropriate quality standards, and then we started working on the project in three phases:
The first stage: We suggested installing air curtains on the entrance door to prevent hot air from entering from the outside.
The second phase: We chose suitable air curtains for the passages between the cold rooms, as they have large entrances and affect the cold rooms.
third level: Putting air curtains on the doors of cold rooms, to prevent the entry of moisture air into the rooms and to maintain a temperature below zero inside. ​

Advantages of air curtains

After our specialized team inspected Al Watania Poultry Store and studied the necessary conditions and needs, we chose two air curtains from Stavoklima to achieve the best possible working environment.

Features of LI2 Energy Saving air curtain:

The energy-saving LI2 curtain is the ideal choice for employee entrances in Al Watania Poultry, as it:
1. It has four speeds so that it’s suitable for the most difficult climatic conditions.
2. It has a saving-cool feature to ensure that the indoor atmosphere is not affected by the hot air coming from outside.
3. It protects the indoor environment from the insects or dust coming from outside.
4. Made of the best materials to withstand the harshest conditions.
5. Covers doors with a height of up to 2.5 meter.
6. It is attached to a remote control device of up to 35 meters, which is commensurate with the size of the large warehouse.

Axi4 industrial air curtain features:

Our team chose the Axi4 industrial air curtain to be on the doors of cold rooms as it is the best in terms of withstanding harsh conditions, and its most important features are:
1. Made of metal that is resistant to the toughest conditions that prevents it from being corroded or exposed to rust.
2. It withstands temperatures up to -49, which makes it suitable for cold rooms.
3. The interior is completely isolated from the exterior thanks to the durable air barrier it forms.
4. It can run 24 hours without any downtime.
5. Equipped with highly efficient German-made ZIL EPIC fans.

Customer opinion after installing the air curtains

The customer was satisfied with the results achieved by Stavoklima air curtains, especially as he achieved his desired goals of making the factory environment healthy while maintaining appropriate temperatures for each section, as well as the great savings compared to the past as he was able to recover the value of the air curtains within a short period through Significant savings in electrical energy.
in general, the building environment has become clean and cool as required, and the cooling rooms have maintained their required standards in terms of temperatures, which contributed to making the National Poultry Company better. In terms of the healthy environment necessary for the environment of the place.


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