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About Aquatfoods Factory

The factory produces on a daily basis several types of foodstuffs and fast foods, which need a sterile environment free of any insects or daily particles.

What are the potential challenges in Aquatfood factory

The loading doors overlook from the outside on yards filled with dust, hot, and humid atmosphere.

also it overlooks from the inside on different sections of the factory.

The frequent use of loading doors helps insects, dust and moisture to enter the factory, in addition to internal cold leaking to the outside, which leads to wastage of energy, bad air conditioners and accumulates moisture in the areas of loading doors.

The most affected areas in the factory:

  1. Waste exits.
  2. Storage and loading areas.
  3. Sauce making areas.
  4. Cooling and freezing rooms.

Inspection stage to choose the right air curtains

The site was inspected by the specialized team and the measurements were taken in proportion to the loading doors, entrances, and freezing rooms doors in the targeted areas. Stavoklima team used stainless-steel bases at the stage of installing the air curtains to overcome the humidity in this place, as the stainless-steel material is considered rust-resistant, which makes it the best here To resist high humidity without being affected.

The air curtains P55 were also selected for some doors with the customer’s recommendation to choose the stainless- steel air curtains also to suit the environment of the production area.

Industrial Air Curtains AXI9

For loading doors, the Stavoklima team chose AXI9 industrial air curtains with a stainless-steel sheath that covers up to 6 meters with a strong air block that prevents the entry of outside air and the leakage of cold indoor air or the entry of flying insects into the factory.

Industrial Air Curtains AXI2 

For refrigerator doors, the Stavoklima team chose AXI2 curtains, which are designed to work inside cold and freezing rooms, to keep the cold inside the room for a longer period when the doors are opened and prevent moisture from entering.

Advantages of industrial Air Curtains AXI9

The advantage of these blinds is that they are primarily oriented to withstand the working conditions of factories with harsh environments:

  • It can withstand temperature changes between low and high.
  • Works in wet aquatic conditions.
  • Withstand shocks and difficult working conditions.
  • The high resistance of its metal against corrosion factors
  • It can work in very hot climates

Advantages of industrial Air Curtains AXI2

The advantage of such blinds is that they are energy-saving and irreplaceable in corridors and cold rooms:

  • Designed to work up to -40.
  • It can work non-stop.
  • Thickened air diffuser at calibrated speed for cold rooms

Advantages of industrial air curtains in Aquat Company

The advantage of such air curtains is that they are mainly oriented to withstand the working conditions of factories with harsh environments:

1. Withstand temperature changes between low and high.

2. Operate in moist aquatic conditions.

3. Withstand shocks and difficult working conditions.

4. Its metal is highly resistant to corrosion factors.

5. Can work in very hot atmospheres.

Customer opinion after installing industrial air curtains

After installing the devices and comparing the situation before and after the implementation, the customer was satisfied with the quality of the industrial curtains.

The devices maintained the same performance and greatly saved the factory wastage of energy and contributed to keeping the internal atmosphere isolated from external factors.

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Stavoklima is the first supplier of air curtains in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima has completed hundreds of projects in Saudi Arabia in the field of air curtains, which has given its team a great experience in solving problems and choosing the best type in terms of quality and cost for each project.

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