What Kind of Air Curtain does The Square One Saudi have?

About The Square One

The Square One provides quiet and suitable workspaces for individuals, teams, and employees in a high-end environment that helps productivity and creativity. The company’s building is characterized by innovative and state-of-the-art decorations, as well as, hundreds of visitors passing through the main door on a daily basis.

Why did Square One Co. Choose Stavoklima Air Curtain?

 The Square One management desired to provide the most convenient atmosphere for its visitors by making the place quieter and clearer, so it decided to choose the air curtain that is best suited to the nature of the place characterized by hot air loaded with soil, dust, and insects, and which has been definitively prevented from entering the company building.

Preview Stage to Choose the Right Air Curtain

The Stavoklima team examined the nature of The building and found that the entrance door was adjacent to the false ceiling, making a visible air curtain to be installed an impossible task.

So, our specialists suggested installing a hidden air curtain the Axi invisible series inside the ceiling to combine with the building’s decorations in a smooth and elegant manner.

It was difficult for our team to work over a false ceiling within a very narrow space by using a two-and-a-half-meter-wide air curtain with a manual hoist. However, The team installed the air curtain within only half a day.
Our engineers focused on precision installation and caring for the finest details especially controlling the air level to finally get the desired results; We also extended long wires between the air curtain and the building control room, ensuring the calm required for the place without making any noise from the curtain.

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Features of Axi invisible series air curtain from Stavoklima

 One of the most important features of the Axi invisible series air curtain is that it is hidden in the ceiling and similar to the air-conditioning vents. So it combines both strong performance relating to air insulation and coordinated shape with the place’s decorations.

1. It allows for controlling air levels.
2. It is installed in a way that its sound is 80% quieter.
3. It creates a thick air barrier that prevents entering dust and insects.
4. It is suitable for large and wide doors with a height of 2 and a half meters.
5. It is stylish and needs no maintenance.
6. It doesn’t cause inconvenience to people when they come in and out.

Client’s Opinion after Air Curtain Installation

 The client thanked our team with satisfaction and gratitude for what we achieved in the building. He noticed a great difference relating to the pleasant atmosphere and air insulation from the outdoor environment, and he most importantly admired the decorative touch of the place and the innovative way of installing the air curtain that appeared to be an element of the building.

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Stavoklima for the Best Ways to Install Air Curtains in Saudi Arabia

 Stavoklima engineers and specialists are providing you with the latest methods of installing air curtains in line with your company or building. Our team is experts with more than 25 years of experience in designing and installing air curtains. Not only do we rely on our experience, but we also trust the renewed talent of Stavoklima engineers that enables them to provide the best solutions consistently.

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