Touches added by the air curtain to the aesthetics of the Ritz-Carlton hotel environment

About The Ritz-Carlton Hotels chain in Saudi Arabia

The luxury hotel chain known as The Ritz-Carlton is one of the most famous hotels around the world, the company has 108 luxury hotels and resorts in 30 countries and territories with 29,158 rooms, in addition to 46 hotels with 8,755 rooms under construction, knowing that the current company was established in 1983, and today we are talking about one of the most beautiful branches in the Middle East, which is the Jeddah branch

Why did The Ritz-Carlton hotels decide to install an air curtain?

The Jeddah branch is located along the Al-Hamra Corniche overlooking the Red Sea, which exposes the hotel to sea currents throughout the day, especially at the main entrance to receive visitors, which has led to some challenges before installing air curtains as follows:

Moist air enters the interior and condenses around the air conditioning vents, which can cause an uncomfortable environment inside.

  • Heat leakage from outside to inside, which requires wasting double the energy from the air conditioners to restore the coolness of the place.

  • The waterfront air is harsh and noisy and it was important to find a way to mitigate its intensity.

  • Keeping the entrance door open may allow insects and dust to enter inside.

  • Therefore, it was important to find a defense mechanism that protects the place from marine influences and air humidity, and here was the role of Stavoklima in intervening and finding appropriate solutions to the challenges facing the Jeddah branch and maintaining its pleasant and clean environment.

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Preview stage to choose the right air curtain for the hotel

The Stavoklima team visited the Ritz-Carlton branch in Jeddah several times and met with the hotel’s engineering team to assess the needs of the place and study the client’s requests, but there were two main challenges facing the Stavoklima team:

  • The first challenge: the distance between the main door and the ceiling is small, and the space is not enough to install an air curtain.
  • The second challenge: the hotel has luxurious gypsum designs above the main door that simulate the Roman decoration in the building.

Therefore, it was very difficult to convince the Carlton team of the need to remove the gypsum decorations and replace them with the air curtain, and after many discussions, the Ritz-Carlton team sensed the need to install the air curtain at the main entrance.

Which air curtain did the Stavoklima team choose for the Carlton Hotel Jeddah branch?

The Stavoklima team was keen to choose an air curtain that could confront the harsh marine environment surrounding the hotel, and after examining the details of the place and the dimensions of the door, we chose the Axial concealed air curtain, after making adjustments that suit the privacy of the entrance and its decorations:

  • We installed the air curtain inside a wooden house that simulates the wood design of the main door.
  • We have developed a program to operate the curtain with an external controller that makes it easy to control the speeds according to the weather of the place.

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How did the Axial concealed air curtain preserve the Ritz-Carlton environment?

The Axial concealed air curtain has several features that make it the best, here are its most prominent features:

It forms a durable moisture insulator and maintains a fresh environment free from any marine influences.

  1. It has powerful engines with a gentle airflow to give visitors a stream of cool and comfortable air.

  2. The air curtain formed an air insulator that kept the pleasant environment of the place from any annoying external influences.

  3. It was suitable for very high-height hotel doors.

  4. Designed to be hidden so that it does not take up too much space.

Prevented the possibility of any insects entering even with the door left open throughout the day.

Customer’s opinion after installing Axial concealed air curtain

The customer was pleased with the tangible results after installing the air curtain and did not regret that he dispensed with the luxurious gypsum decoration in exchange for the installation of the air curtain, but on the contrary, he was grateful for the shape of the curtain and its hidden design with the beautiful wooden house that surrounds it, and thus the team of The Ritz-Carlton Jeddah was able to maintain a pleasant and healthy place environment away from the challenges of external marine influences.

Stavoklima is the choice of major tourism institutions in Saudi Arabia

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