Mahad Hotel's Air Curtains: Transforming the Atmosphere for a Cleaner and More Comfortable Stay in Saudi Arabia

What is the Mahad Hotel in Mecca?

Mahad Hotel is a luxury hotel located in the Azizia District of Mecca, characterized by its wonderful Islamic design with a stone decorative touch. The Mahad Hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Makkah, as it includes a variety of restaurants serving delicious Arabic and international dishes. It is also dedicated and equipped to receive Umrah pilgrims and provides them with all the amenities and luxury they need during their stay in Mecca. The Mahad Hotel is one of the most expensive places to stay in Mecca, as it provides guests with a luxurious and comfortable accommodation experience in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Why Mahad Hotel chose to install air curtains from Stavoklima

Mahad Hotel chose to install air curtains from Stavoklima because of the high summer temperatures and the need to isolate the indoor environment from the external one. In the summer, it is hot and full of dust and insects, while the atmosphere inside the hotel is fully air-conditioned. To achieve thermal insulation and maintain air quality inside the hotel, Mahad Hotel in Makkah has chosen to install air curtains from Stavoklima, which improve air quality and reduce the transfer of heat, dust, and insects from the outside to the inside.

What challenges faced the Stavoklima team in installing air curtains?

The stavoklima team faced several challenges in installing air curtains at the Mahad hotel. These challenges include:

  1. Not to cause chaos: the client wanted to install air curtains that isolate the indoor and outdoor environment without making any noise disturbing visitors and residents of the hotel, and to achieve this, the stavoklima team resorted to installing an air curtain using the latest technologies and heat and sound insulation materials.
  2. Aesthetic appearance: the owner's main request was to install air curtains that preserve the luxury of the hotel's designs and corridors, and he wanted an air curtain that gives a beautiful touch to the place, so at stavoklima we chose an air curtain with an aesthetic design and painted it in the same color as the building, and our team professionally installed it above the door so that it fits into the design of the hotel and gives it an aesthetic touch.

Which air curtains are installed in the Mahad Hotel?

After the Stavoklima team inspected the place and studied its needs and the customer's requirements, we chose the Li Pico air curtain because it has specifications in line with the needs of the hotel. Here are its advantages:

  • This air curtain has a quiet sound that does not disturb visitors.
  • The Li Pico air curtain has a classic design that fits wherever it is placed.
  • This air curtain is able to completely favor the indoor environment over the outdoor one.
  • This air curtain was able to reduce electricity consumption.
  • This air curtain is characterized by its ability to completely cover the door without the need to install another air curtain.
  • The noise level within the air curtain fans is almost nonexistent.
  • It adds a luxurious touch to the hotel due to its beautiful appearance and harmony with the decorations thanks to its spray in a color that matches the elegant decor of the place.
  •  Suitable for the height and size of the door and matching the decorations of hotels, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses.

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Customer's opinion after installing the Li Pico curtain in the Mahad hotel

After installing the Li Pico air curtain at Mahad Hotel, the customer expressed his admiration for the results achieved by the air curtain, as the cooling in the hotel has become much better and the atmosphere of the place has become unaffected by external heat, dust, and car exhausts. The customer expressed his happiness with the positive results achieved by the air curtain in improving air quality and providing comfort to visitors.

The air curtain was also admired by the hotel management because of its beautiful design and because it took advantage of the properties of the Li Pico air curtain. The administration praised the high quality of the air curtain and its ability to improve air quality and provide comfort to visitors.

Stavoklima is best suited to achieve the comfortable environment of luxury places

The Stavoklima company is the perfect choice to achieve the best environment for luxury places, as it features a wonderful selection of air curtains that provide comfort, temperature control, and air quality. Stavoklima is characterized by its unique and elegant designs that match the decorations of luxury places, making it the perfect choice for hotels, restaurants, spas, business centers, and luxury offices.

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