How our air curtains help create a fresh and clean atmosphere in Care Store?

About Care Store?

Care store is a large exhibition that serves as integrated pharmacies, specialized in skin, hand and foot care products and everything related to personal hygiene products, except for nutritional supplements and medical devices, they sell their products through their website and have a main location in Riyadh.

Why do I need a care shop to install a Stavoklima air curtain?

Since the store works for long hours during the day, and has automatic doors that open hundreds of times a day for visitors to enter and exit, there were some challenges facing Enaya store summarized in the following:

1. The effect of the hot outdoor atmosphere on the store’s internal environment, which caused double energy to be spent on the air conditioners to re cooling.

2. Temperatures at the entrance are too high due to glare coming from outside.

3. Dust and insects from the outside to the inside.

4. Annoying odors leaked due to car exhaust from outside the store disturbing the atmosphere.

Hence, the need arose for a definitive solution that ends all the existing challenges so that the Enaya store has a working environment that achieves optimal quality standards, starting from sterilization and hygiene to savings and a pleasant atmosphere.
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 Preview stage for air curtain selection

The Stavoklima team visited the care store center in Riyadh to inspect it, and chose the main door as the place to hang the air curtain, but there were some challenges in choosing the optimal air curtain:

1. The first challenge: the décor of the place is luxurious in white, so it is important to choose an air curtain with a design that suits the sophistication of the place.

2. The second challenge: the doors of the store are automatic and work with sensitive technologies, so the curtain should not affect the performance of their work.

3. The third challenge: the style of the place is calm in order to achieve an enjoyable shopping experience for customers, as the curtain should not emit any noise that disturbs the tranquility of the place.

After inspection and audit, the StavoKlima team chose the Li Pico air curtain as it is able to meet all existing challenges and fulfill all the client’s wishes regarding a healthy and refreshing work environment.

Air curtain features Li Pico from Stavoklima Saudi Arabia

  • It can be installed on all types of doors, even automatic, without affecting the continuity of its work.
  • Provides a fresh internal environment by preventing any external factors from leaking into the interior.
  • It works 24 hours a day without stopping.
  • It does not cause any disturbance to the place because of its quiet voice.
  • Its elegant white design matches the decor of the place.
  • Maintenance free air curtain, easy to disassemble and install.
  • Saving electricity by keeping cool air for air conditioners inside Enaya store.
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Customer opinion after installing the air curtain Li Pico

The customer was able to notice the changes that occurred to the place after installing the air curtain Li Pico, as the air curtain completely isolated the external environment from the environment of care stores, and prevented the entry of any hot air, dust, and insects into the interior, which saved the effort expended on the air conditioners and achieved greater happiness and comfort for the workers within the place and visitors.

Stavoklima helps you to face all the challenges that disturb your work environment

If you are looking for a solution that makes your work environment healthy and clean and isolates it from the harsh outside environment, you should install air curtains for your workplace. The air curtain saves you the wasted energy spent on air conditioners and will achieve the best possible weather for you in the place. Take a look at Stavoklima’s wide range of air curtains and be sure A workplace that achieves the best possible standard

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