More purification was achieved by air curtains at Crowne Plaza Hotel

What is the Crowne plaza RDC in Riyadh?

Crowne Plaza RDC is a luxury hotel and conference center in Saudi Arabia, this hotel provides an ideal choice for long or short stays, where guests enjoy perfect service combined with the highest levels of comfort, due to its location in the center of Riyadh's vibrant digital city, the hotel reflects the city's culture and embodies the spirit of innovation.

Why did the Crowne Plaza ask the Stavoklima team for help?

Crowne Plaza Hotel wanted to install an air curtain at the entrance of the hotel's restaurant overlooking the pool and garden, which is crowded with visitors daily in order to achieve some protection measures aimed at the progress of the hotel and the comfort of visitors, namely:

  • Protect the restaurant from harsh external factors.
  • Prevent any odors from leaking from the restaurant to smell throughout the hotel.
  • Reduce the possibility of any insects or dust from the outside entering the inside.
  • Keep the restaurant temperature adjusted.

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Preview stage to choose the right air curtain for the hotel

The Stavoklima team went to inspect the restaurant and measure the dimensions of the door to determine the most appropriate air curtain for the place, and after studying all the existing data, we chose the Li Pico air curtain and made the following modifications to suit the luxury of the Crowne Plaza Riyadh Hotel's restaurant:

  • We professionally changed the color of the curtain's paint to the same color as the wood of the entrance, so that the shape of the air curtain matches the restaurant's decorations.
  • We have determined the appropriate amount of air relative to the nature of the restaurant and the noise level allowed in the hotel.

Features of the Li Pico air curtain from Stavoklima

The Li Pico air curtain is one of the best options in the wide Stavoklima collection, here are its most prominent features:

  • The Li Pico air curtain has a low noise level that does not disturb visitors.
  • Classic and stylish design fits wherever you are placed.
  •  Provides adequate insulation of the internal environment from the external environment.

This air curtain lowers electricity consumption levels.

Customer's opinion after installing Stavoklima air curtain

The customer was grateful for the Li Pico air curtain and felt the positive effects it was able to achieve in the workplace, as it provided better sterilization, completely isolated the internal environment from the external environment, and saved a lot of energy that was spent on air conditioners to cool the place constantly, all this with a beautiful and elegant appearance that did not scratch the decor of the upscale Crowne Plaza Hotel.

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Stavoklima with you for better insulation in your workplace

If you are looking for a way to isolate your workplace from any harsh external factors, the Stavoklima range of air curtains is the right solution for you, these air curtains provide you with excellent protection and sterilization, in addition to saving energy and their almost zero noise level. Contact us now for additional details.

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