How did the air curtains help Bin zagr Company in Saudi Arabia?

What is the nature of the work of Bin zagr Company - Bin Zagr Logistic Center?

Bin zagr Company is the best logistics facility in King Abdullah Economic City and out of the city to store and distribute the best brands of companies and customers, as it classified as one of the largest leading distributors in Saudi Arabia with more than 130 years of continuous service to its customers, and the distribution business forms the basis of Bin zagr Company, which can date back to its inception in 1888.

What are the challenges facing Bin Zagr Company?

As Bin zagr is the largest center in the Middle East for storage and trade between Europe and the Middle East, there must be many challenges that make working conditions difficult before installing air curtains, including:

  • The presence of very sensitive high technologies: The center contains advanced technologies and sensitive artificial intelligence devices that require severe care conditions.
  • Center Location: The center is close to the sea, which causes high humidity that harms products and devices.
  • Climatic conditions: Due to the large areas of King Abdullah City, there are strong winds without the high temperatures in Saudi Arabia in general, which causes a difficult working environment for workers and damage to goods.
  • Entry of dust and insects: which makes the place's environment unhealthy and affects the center's sensitive equipment.

In order to face all these challenges, officials at Binzagr Company contacted Stavoklima, because air curtains are the most appropriate solution to achieve the highest quality standards.

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Preview stage to choose the most suitable air curtain for Bin zagr Company

We sent a specialized team from Stavoklima to the Bin Zagr Center, and we completed the following steps:

  • The Stavoklima team relied entirely on the center's blueprints to determine where to install air curtains.
  • Conducted studies on the place via the RATUS Selection Program.
  • Stavoklima's engineers provided information to the owner and consultant for admission.
  • The team chose the Li0 curtain to be in the center.

What is the RATUS Selection Program?

The RATUS Selection Program is a tool used by the Stavoklima team through which a person can choose the appropriate air curtain model for him, as it requires several information such as door length and width, the type of air curtain required, and any other features that the customer wants, and then provides him with the most appropriate model for the nature of his work.

Where was the air curtain installed at Bin Zagr Center?

The Stavoklima team installed the air curtains professionally in two places at Bin Zagr Center:

  • First location: on the glass doors, via special bases designed specifically for the center.
  • Second location: on the wall, through wall brackets.

The air curtains added an aesthetic decorative touch to the facade of Bin zagr Company and maintained a healthy, pleasant and calm environment for the place.

Features of Stavoklima Li0 Light Air Curtain:

  • Air curtain is easy to maintain, disassemble and install.
  • It is quiet during operation and thus maintains a quiet place.
  • Cover the doors no matter how short or even if it is 3.5 meters long.
  • The Li0 air curtain comes with a sturdy, rust-resistant exterior.
  • Modernly designed to add a luxurious touch to the decor of the place.

What are the consequences after installing the air curtain in Bin Zagr?

  • Achieving a healthy internal environment: Despite the harsh external environment, we have been able to achieve an internally balanced environment that protects the sensitive devices inside due to the air curtains.
  • Low noise level: The air curtain worked very quietly so that it did not cause any annoying noise to the workers.
  • It added a luxurious decor to the place: it is an air curtain with an elegant design that is suitable for large and luxurious buildings.

Moisture elimination: The air curtain helped draw in the humidity of the place and made its environment fresh.

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Customer's opinion after installing Li0 air curtain

The customer was very grateful for the air curtains because it made the environment of the place suitable and got rid of the existing moisture and prevented dust and insects from entering, in addition to the distinctive design that made it an elegant decorative addition, with complete calm and pure atmosphere in the company, which doubled the productivity of workers and made the company's environment very comfortable.

Stavoklima is the first choice for the largest companies in the Middle East

Raise the level of the work environment through an air curtain that helps you to face all climatic conditions and achieve quality standards in the best possible way, at Stavoklima, we offer you a variety of air curtains in Saudi Arabia to suit any workplace and give it a modern touch.


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