Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing

What is the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing?

The headquarters of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing is one of the most beautiful headquarters of the Ministry of Housing. It is located in Al Ghadeer area in Riyadh and is divided into several buildings characterized by the highest luxury in terms of the nature of modern construction and luxury squares among buildings.
The building overlooks several staff doors and parking spaces, so the Ministry has more than 40 entrances. It is responsible for the urban planning of Saudi cities, developing, and improving cities services to keep the Kingdom clean.

Why does the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing Need Air Curtains from Stavoklima?

The Ministry faced a challenge that it should block entering dust and insects in Summer during which temperatures increase, thus hot air enters the inside, especially when all doors are opened during peak time.

So, the places beside doors were suffering from low levels of productivity and comfort and double pressure on conditioners due to the high temperatures in these areas, so the solution was to install appropriate air curtains.

Execution Stage to Choose the Appropriate Air Curtain

The Stavoklima team visited the Ministry’s headquarters and Discussed with the officials there. After studying and checking the site, we suggested the types of air curtains that are best suited to the needs of the buildings.
1. The suggestions were as follows: Li0 air curtains are for the staff entry and exit doors as well as the main doors at building entrances.
2. Li pico air curtains are for the doors of balconies, doors between buildings, and the doors overlooking the mosque and garage.
3. Black color is for air curtains to match the building decorations.

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Features of Stavoklima Air Curtains

All air curtains can create an air barrier but not necessarily solve a problem, However, Stavoklima’s air curtains are designed by engineers and experts, so we choose the air curtain that is best suited to the nature of the place to achieve the desired results as best as possible.
With us there is no coincidence; we care about the little details.

Features of air curtains type Li0 from Stavoklima:

1. works in a quiet way, suiting the nature of the Ministry building.
2. Insulates indoor air from the outside and prevents entering dust and insects.
3. Does not need maintenance even after many years. In such cases, it is easy to maintain.
4. Covers the doors up to 3.5 meters in height.
5. It is an energy-saving air curtain.

Features of air curtains type Li Pico from Stavoklima :

1. It Completely separates internal air from the external environment with all the dust and insects it carries.
2. It saves electricity by keeping the conditioners providing cold air.
3. It can be operated 24 hours continuously.
4. It is stylish and available in several colors to suit the place’s decorations.
5. It works silently without noise.

After Air Curtain Installation

We were able to achieve all the goals desired with the air curtains chosen by the Stavoklima team for the headquarters of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing. Thanks to the durable air barrier of the air curtains. the cold air was available all the time with no dust or problems of its kind noticed even leaving the doors open all day.
In addition, The aesthetic touch added more luxury to the building, since we chose the black color of the curtains while adopting the most suitable installation method for each entrance.

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Stavoklima is the Best Solution for More Comfortable Environments in Saudi Arabia

We choose our curtains wisely, adopt the best air curtains, study the nature and needs of your workplace, and finally our specialized team of engineers suggests the most suitable air curtains for you.

Not every air barrier formed by air curtains has the same effectiveness; the goal is not just to emit air but to achieve practical results in terms of insulating air, preventing the entry of dust and insects, and giving the aesthetic shape that is in line with the nature of the place’s decorations. All these stuff Stavoklima air curtains guarantee to happen for you.

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