Our solutions exceeded expectations

Quality at Stavoklima extends far beyond the product itself. This is because we do not only think about product development, but also take into account the accompanying factors that may affect the quality. Our goal is to provide what suits the customer with the best efficiency and amaze him with impressive performance and high quality. We in Saudi Stavoklima have combined European quality and workmanship with the creativity of experts in the Arabian Gulf by offering a production line specific to the Gulf region characterized by operating conditions that protect it and protect its user from the harsh climate. When you choose our products, we will bear the responsibility of the air insulation, and all you have to do is relax and enjoy an amazing performance that exceeds your expectations and gives you more than you wish.

Solutions for buildings not protected by air curtains

The installation of air curtains for buildings crowded with people can be done smoothly and easily without causing chaos and inconvenience to the occupants of those buildings. Undoubtedly, these people will feel comfortable and clean after turning on the air curtains. And the building will be even colder than before.


Building solutions under construction

From the first meeting, and through all stages of design and construction, we will work together until we reach the stage of success and achieve maximum benefit. Not only to provide the best products, best solutions and best services, but also great quality and appearance.

Solutions for buildings with air curtains

We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of air curtains and customer needs, which helps us ensure that your air curtains operate smoothly throughout their lifespan and give you the protection you need. Air curtains are everywhere, but not all of them are suitable!


Study and evaluation of buildings for free

We know that our strength and competitive advantage is - and always will be - educating people and sharing ideas and knowledge with them. So, there is no need for confusion and guesswork in choosing the right air curtain for you! Stavoklima engineers will bear the burden of coming to you and studying the site and finding out what you need from air curtains. Of course, they will help you to know the state of atmospheric pressure through the doors and they will determine for you the amount and speed of air and the extent of the air curtain’s consumption of electricity with noise levels for each speed and the appropriate type of fans.

If you are looking forward to seeing any of the Stavoklima products, and would like to experience superior quality and see how it works and what it has to offer you! Contact us and get a free sample.


Special solutions and modifications

When the sky is the limit, the solutions have no end. At Stavoklima, we can create all imaginable shapes, sizes, colors and textures for air curtains to match the decorative and design touch of the place. Changing the color, installation methods, or even display methods is not considered an adjustment! It's something we do every day.


Air curtain development and replacement solutions

If you own an air curtain from Stavoklima and need to buy another type because you are moving to a store with a bigger door, save your money on buying a new one and replace the old one with a bigger one at a big discount. Whatever type and condition your air curtains are! Whether worn, broken, damaged, or even broken! Don't throw it away but exchange it for an extra discount from any of our air curtains!


Regular maintenance services for air curtains

We are proud to provide all periodic maintenance services for air curtains, we have many types of flexible maintenance contracts according to your needs to ensure that air curtains work as they should while extending their life. He counts on us for everything to do with air curtains.