Stavoklima air curtains in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima blinds work non-stop, every detail of the blinds is designed and manufactured to elevate every moment from the comfort experience to pure pleasure. Because Stavoklima engineers are fully aware, that nothing that does not add extra luxury and protection to the highest standards, simply cannot be a part of Stavoclima blinds.

Energy saving air curtains (Comfort):

When it comes to energy-saving blinds, Stavoklima models are always ahead of the curve. These elegant and sophisticated curtains with high performance do not sacrifice the beauty of the exterior design to protect the entrances on a daily basis without compromising the comfort of visitors.

Luxury Air Curtains (Design):

The luxurious Stavoklima air curtains are specially designed to suit the luxurious interior designs to add comfort, attractive appearance and calmness to the place, in addition to maintaining their primary function in saving electricity and isolating the air from the outside.

Industrial Air blinds:

It was made of metal and a strong structure to withstand the harshest weather conditions from -40 to +79 degrees. It is used in industrial settings, warehouses and loading areas to isolate the inner area from the outside thanks to the durability of the thick air barrier.