Why does Vending Machine Company Need Air Curtains?

Vending Machine Company

It is one of the first leading companies in food production and services and the entity of the facility was built on the basis of skill in production and equipped with the best Italian machinery and technology. It imports and prepares the finest Italian components at the factory in Riyadh by using the finest Italian equipment in this field. In addition, the company’s food services extend to include different sectors with distinctive food services.

Challenges of Vending Machine Company

The company has two entrances: for employees and for entering materials and foods in a row. The last one is repeatedly opened and closed per day. As we know, the food sector is a very sensitive job, so there have been many challenges before installing air curtains, including:

●     Entering pests and insects indoors due to the smell of foods

●     Leaking Irritating odours from outdoors due to repeated opening and closing of doors.

●     Entering dust from the outside, leading to a challenge to the quality of foods.

●     Changing in temperature inside the factory due to the air coming in.

However, the problem of insects was the most concern for the company because food requires a completely clean environment free of any impurities, and here was Stavoklima’s role in meeting the challenge of the Vending Machine Company and offering the right solution.

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Preview Stage to Choose the Right Air Curtain

A Stavoklima’s team visited the Company and examined the place in order to select the air curtain selection as not to hinder movement and make the best barrier for insects and pests.

Therefore, the air curtain (VMCO Li2) was selected because it met all of the Company’s requirements as follows:

●     It forms a durable and thick air barrier that prevents any insects from entering.

●     It is characterized by extremely high air speed up to 6m/s at ground level.

●     It has a large number of engines that contribute to the increased concentration of the air barrier.

●     It allows controlling Air speed precisely due to speed settings.

●     It has the feature of completely insulating the internal environment from the outside so that the temperatures within the factory do not drop.

Features of Air Curtain (VMCO) Li2

air curtain Li2 is one of the best options for the workplace, as it has a number of features that make it at the forefront, including

●     It has four speeds, so it is suitable for the most difficult weather conditions.

●     It has the feature of keeping cool to ensure that the indoor atmosphere is not affected by the hot air coming from outside.

●     It protects the indoor environment against the entry of dust, insects or dust from outside.

●     It is made of the best material to withstand the harshest conditions.

●     It has a very low noise level.

●     It covers doors with heights up to 4.5 meters

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Client’s Opinion after Installation of Air Curtain (VMCO) Li2

The feedback was very positive because the air curtain Li2 helped the company achieve its motto “High quality of ready-to-eat products, food services and hospitality” by keeping the place environment clean and free of any dust or insects, controlling the product temperatures in a way ensures quality, with almost no noise levels and a place-friendly appearance.

It must be mentioned that the quality department in the Vending Machine Company no longer receives any complaints about the presence of insects or pests inside the factory.

Stavoklima with you to Make your Workplace Always Better

At Stavoklima, we strive to achieve the highest standards of quality in the working environment and help you meet all the challenges facing your workplace. Choose now from our wide range of air curtains that are right for you and take your work a step for the better.

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