Stavoklima air curtains (Axi Cold Store) make Almarai Factory Step into a haven of cool comfort and cutting-edge efficiency

Get ready for something amazing! We have partnered with Almarai Factory, a leader in the fields of agriculture, dairy products, and food distribution. We've been working hand-in-hand with Almarai to craft a revolutionary work environment, and their progress is nothing short of phenomenal! 

Brief about Almarai factory our success partners

Almarai was founded in 1977 by Irish agricultural pioneers Alistair and Paddy McGuckin, together with Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Saud. It is one of the leading Saudi companies involved in the production and distribution of agricultural, animal, and food products in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Al Marai has had a long-standing partnership with PepsiCo since 2009, through which it has acquired several of the company's food production projects in the region.

Almarai began its operations in 1977 under the leadership of HRH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed Al Saud, who has served as the company's chairman since its inception. The company's headquarters are in Riyadh. Al Marai began its operations with 350 cows, but its operational density has expanded significantly over the past three decades. Al Marai's herd of cows now numbers 170,000, making it the largest dairy company in the world.

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Features of Axi Cold Store air curtain

With the Stavoklima Axi Cold Store Air Curtain, transform your space into an oasis of serenity

  1. Stavoklima Axi Cold Store Air Curtain has a durable design for cold environments because it is made of high-quality materials and components that withstand extreme conditions in a freezing environment.
  2. Stavoklima Axi Cold Store Air Curtain is necessary inside cold rooms to achieve effective insulation and reduce losses in cold, which contributes to maintaining energy efficiency and reducing overall costs.
  3. Shield your industrial operation from the harshest elements with the Stavoklima Axi Cold Store Air Curtain's unwavering airflow, built to conquer any challenge.
  4. Stavoklima Axi Cold Store An Air Curtain That Meets All Needs, It Can Cover Height Up To 6.5 Meters.

What are the benefits achieved by our partner Almarai

Our success partner has achieved the following benefits:

  • Ensure a healthy environment by protecting against harmful germs and airborne pollutants; create a safe haven from invisible threats. 

  • Prioritize peace of mind and invest in your workspace with our cutting-edge safety solution, shielding them from fire, smoke, and harmful fumes, create a safer, healthier work environment and empower your team to thrive.

  • Healthier employees, happier workplace: Create a healthy haven for your talent with advanced air filtration systems/consistent temperature management that reduce fatigue, minimize allergens, and promote a happy, thriving workforce.

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Stavoklima is here to help you make your work environment more comfortable and calm

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