How has Stavoklima helped Advanced Warehousing Company improve its work environment?

Advanced Warehousing Company

The Advanced Storage Company is one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia specializing in storing and carrying products. It owns three sites in Saudi Arabia, two in Riyadh and one in Jeddah. These sites are huge and store thousands of products for the largest brands in the country. Most of the storage spaces are fully frozen and have Large doors for carrying products.

What are the problems that the advanced storage company was facing?

Because of the huge spaces of the advanced storage company, there were many challenges facing the warehouses, including:
1. The warehouse is full of wetness: Saudi weather is characterized by extreme humidity, and as the moist air enters the interior, it turns into ice that harms the products in the warehouse.
2. Entering of insects and dust: The doors of the store are very large, and they open and close constantly for carrying the products, which causes the entering of insects and dust from the outside, and that causes an unhealthy environment for workers and harms the products.
3. Problems in refrigerator rooms: The temperatures inside the cold rooms are below zero, and with the continuous movement of unloading and loading to and from trucks, the room temperature changes, which harms the stored products or increases the energy consumption to cool the room temperature again.
4. Massive electricity consumption: Thousands of kilowatts of electricity are consumed in order to keep cold rooms and corridors cool so that products remain at an optimal temperature.
These challenges led to an atmosphere of anxiety within the work environment, which necessitated immediate measures to protect the factory environment by installing air curtains.

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Preview stage for selecting the air curtain of the advanced storage company

A specialized team from Stavoklima inspected the warehouses and measured the dimensions of the doors and corridors, and then the decision was taken to install two types of air curtains in three locations:
First location: on the main store doors.
Second location: on the doors of the cold rooms.
Third location: in the corridors between the cold rooms.
The Axi4 curtain was selected for high-pressure loading doors and height corridors and the Axi3 curtain for cold room doors and low-height corridor doors.

Results after installing air curtains

Stavoklima air curtains have made a remarkable development in the factory environment, where more than one positive result has been achieved at the work level, including:
1. Moisture and insects are prevented from entering the factory.
2. Temperatures were kept controlled inside the cold chambers.
3. Large amounts of energy have been saved within the factory.
4. The warehouse environment has become more hygienic and the air is fresh and cool.

Features of the air curtains that were installed in the advanced storage company

Axi3 and axi4 curtains are among the best industrial air curtains that can work 24 hours non-stop and withstand the harshest climatic conditions of stores and commercial places.


Features of industrial air curtain AXI3:

1. Resists significant change in degrees.
2. It is characterized by a low noise sound so that it does not disturb the workers in the store.
3. It keeps the indoor environment isolated from the outside by the thick air barrier.
3. It does not require regular maintenance of it.


Features of the industrial air curtain Axi4:

  1. Made of metal and strong construction to withstand the harshest climatic conditions.
    2. Equipped with German-made fans from the leading company Zell Epec.
    3. It has the ability to work underwater and resists all temperatures without the need for preventive
    maintenance or periodic cleaning.
    4. Do not cause a fuss during work.

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Customer opinion after installing the air curtains

The customer was very grateful after installing the air curtain, as it saved more than 15% of the energy that was spent on the air conditioners and was able to maintain the factory atmosphere and ideal temperatures to preserve the products, he also expressed his admiration for the Stavoklima team, who was able to install the curtains with high professionalism during working hours without exposing the work of the store to stop.


Stavoklima for the great and better working environment

At Stavoklima, we are keen to provide the best air curtains that help you make your work environment healthy by preventing the entry of insects and dust and keeping the temperature of the place adjusted. Raise your work level now with the largest types of air curtains in Saudi Arabia.

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