The importance of air curtains in the Saudi Airlines Catering building

Saudi Airlines Catering before installing the air curtains

Saudi Airlines Catering is concerned with preparing meals, foods and drinks for the Saudi airline.

Therefore, hygiene and quality standards are among the most important things that the restaurant is concerned with, especially in the aviation sector, which serves customers from all over the world and reflects the service situation in the Kingdom in general in front of the rest of the people.

Saudi Airlines Catering challenges

Catering and food companies usually suffer mainly from insects entering the place where foods are attracted by odors, which may lead to mixing with food and thus spoiling and unfit for human consumption, or one of these insects may leak onto a customer’s dish, which later leads to a problem that may harm the company’s reputation. Of course, in addition to the problem of high temperatures in Saudi Arabia, which requires continuous air conditioning for food storage areas, and what makes matters worse here is that cold air is leaking out, which increases the energy needed to cool the place, which means more and more energy waste.

Which increased the need to install one of the types of air curtains.

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The most affected areas in Saudi Airlines Catering:

  • All entrances and exits of the building.
  • Cleaning and sterilization department.
  • production department.
  • Goods deportation department which products and ready-to-use foods are being departured.
  • Waste department to prevent pollution from harming the health quality.
  • Raw material upload and download section.

Inspection stage to choose the right air curtains:

The site was inspected by our team and the sizes were taken in proportion to the doors, taking into account the client’s goal and the required capacity. Then we suggested to the client the importance of installing air curtains to protect the internal environment of the building, prevent pollution and maintain the quality of foods. It is recommended to choose the commercial Li2 type and 6 industrial blinds axi 314 air curtain in different sizes:
1 meter
1.5 meter
2.5 meters
Our team completed the project by installing 47 commercial and 6 industrial devices to cover the entire place.

Features of axi 314 industrial air curtains

This type of air curtains designed with German-made fans from Zell Epic, which makes it the best for warehouses, loading areas, large kitchens, restaurant halls, and any place that contains fumes and high humidity that lead to rust and corrosion. It also has many features:
It can withstand temperature changes between low and high.
Operates in wet aquatic conditions.
Withstand shocks and harsh working conditions.
The high resistance of its metal against corrosion factors.

Customer opinion after installing the air curtains

The client was very Satisfied with what we achieved in a safe and healthy work environment suitable for his type of business that needs great cleanliness, as the curtain air fans prevented the entry of any insects, dust or dirt from outside and maintained the temperature of the building, which reduced energy waste and increased the quality of the halls and cleanliness. The client even supported Stavoklima with a direct recommendation to receive the projects of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Airport and Riyadh Airport.

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Stavoklima your way to have safer environment

Air curtains of commercial, industrial and energy-saving types are the best option to isolate the halls of your business from the outside environment raise the level of work now with the distinctive Stavoklima air curtains.