Stavoklima air curtains for cleaner air at Panda retail company

About panda retail company

Panda Retail Company is one of the companies of the Savola Group, which is one of the main retail chains in the Middle East.

Panda markets receive approximately 106 million consumers, and the panda distribution network plays a pivotal role in the brand's success, as the company has invested in the construction of state-of-the-art distribution centers in Riyadh and King Abdullah Economic City on a total area of up to 202,000 square meters with a fleet of more than 600 trucks to deliver 30 thousand items of food and non-food products to more than 188 stores in 40 cities.

Why did Panda Retail Company adopt the installation of an air curtain?

Panda Company works in transportation and distribution, so the loading doors open and close continuously, which makes the environment of the place inside in direct contact with the external environment, and because Panda Company has huge spaces and seeks to be the first in its field, it wanted to achieve some positive points in the workplace to keep it the best through air curtains, represented by the following:

Keep the temperature of the place indoors adjusted.
Prevent any insects or dust from entering the interior.
Isolate the workplace indoors from all external factors.
Prevent the leakage of car exhaust or external wind towards the inside of the place.
Keep the place clean indoors without any moisture, dust, or irritating external factors.

And here, the cooperation between the panda company and the Stavoklima company for the installation of air curtains fulfilled all the previous points for them.

The preview stage for choosing the right air curtain for Panda Company

The stavoklima team visited Panda Company at the request of the facilities management at Panda Company. The team went to the distribution center in King Abdullah Economic City to assess the center's need for air curtains with a study of the temperature and nature of the external atmosphere and the goal of installing air curtains for each area inside the distribution center.

The stavoklima team chose the AXI9 industrial air curtain for its ability to repel hot, humid air and prevent it from entering the distribution center areas through the doors. because the AXI9 air curtains have a large amount of air barrier, which gives them durability and strength to repel wind, dust, and truck exhausts from passing inside.

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Features of the AXI9 air curtain from Stavoklima, Saudi Arabia

Here are the most important features of the AXI9 air curtain:

  • It is made with a durable structure and a stainless steel casing to resist the harshest conditions.
  • Doors cover up to 6 meters.
    It forms an air barrier with a strong current that prevents the entry of hot outside air into the interior.
  • Prevents insects and dust from entering the interior.
  • It keeps the indoor temperatures adjusted as required.
  • It blocks moisture from the air and makes the environment fresh and clean.

The stage of installation of the air curtain in the company panda

The specialized team at stavoklima installed the air curtains in a professional manner after receiving approval from the facilities management as an item on the plans and with special equipment with high specifications in terms of materials, security, and safety.

The movement of doors, and the entry and exit of goods after the installation of air curtains were not affected; the building became better insulated from moisture, hot weather, and strong outside winds; and the cooling and freezing rooms and air conditioners inside the center began to work with less effort thanks to the air curtains.

Customer's opinion after installation of the air curtain via stavoklima

The customer was able to see the positive effects provided by the AXI9 air curtain for Panda Company, as the distribution center benefited from the presence of air curtains, and it is no longer easy to do without them, thanks to the careful evaluation of the center and the selection of the ideal model of air curtains for him.

The curtain was able to isolate the indoor environment from the external environment and maintain the temperature of the place accurately, and there was no possibility of insects or moisture entering the interior.

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Stavoklima is with you for a more comfortable environment in your workplace

The Stavoklima air curtains company seeks to help the owners of factories, buildings, and businesses in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia achieve the highest quality standards within their workplaces by maintaining a clean and healthy environment that does not pose any stress to employees and visitors.

We have a wide selection of air curtains, and because choosing the perfect make and model is not as easy as some people think, contact us to help our experts study your workplace and choose the most suitable air curtain for it.

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