The role of curtains as a preventive step in Al Hatab Bakery factories

Al-Hatab Bakery is spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as they offer a series of local and international baked goods and delicacies, as well as unique salads and appetizers from around the world, Al-Hatab Bakery derives their inspiration from natural flavors and healthy ingredients and are proud to prepare national and international sweets and baked goods to satisfy all sweet and salty taste lovers.

Why did Al Hatab Bakery factory adopt air curtains as a preventive step?

Al Hatab Bakery factories are characterized by a large area and various sections, as they prepare in these factories the most delicious foods, because of the location of the factory overlooking the waterfront, the factory management wanted to provide the necessary healthy and sterile atmosphere to suit the level of production quality, and thus installed air curtains in order to avoid the following challenges:

  • Moisture enters the factory and condenses it around the air conditioners, which may threaten the foods preserved inside.
  • High costs of electrical energy to adjust temperatures after opening loading doors for input or output of products.
  • Reducing waterfront air that may be annoying to employees at Al Hatab Bakery factories.
  • Prevent the possibility of insects or dust entering when opening and closing doors due to the sensitivity of the bakery factory work area.

Due to the quality of the products offered by the wood-burning furnaces, the air curtains were part of the ideal and comfortable environment for the workers.

Inspection stage for choosing the appropriate air curtain for Al Hatab Bakery factories

The engineering department of Al Hatab Bakery factories asked the Stavoklima sales team to insert air curtains on all entrances, loading doors, and corridors separating production areas and raw materials, from the rest of the departments.   

The beginning was with Al Hatab Bakery factories in the industrial area in Jeddah, where the Stavoklima technical team chose air curtains of different sizes represented by the Li2 and AXI4 models, and the team worked in two stages:

  • The first stage: with the Axi4 air curtain, which the team installed in different sizes on all loading doors and raw material and production entrances to protect these places from the formation of moisture or dust ingress, because the air barrier coming out of the Axi4 curtains is a large quantity of strong durability, which enables it to resist wind currents and marine air coming from the beach near the factory.
  • The second stage: With the Li2 air curtain installed by the team on the doors of the factory and employees entry and emergency exits, it bears work throughout the day to protect the place from the entry of flying pests, dust, and moisture, and it is designed at four speeds and several positions (keeping cold, preventing wind) to allow the ability of the quality department of the factory to control it and choose the speed and position according to the state of the external atmosphere.

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Features of the Stavoklima Axi4 Air Curtain

The Axi4 air curtain is most suitable for factories because it can withstand harsh conditions, especially the marine environment, here are its most prominent features:

  • The AXI4 air curtain withstands temperatures up to -40.
  • It provides excellent insulation in the indoor and outdoor environment due to the presence of the durable air barrier that forms it.
  • Made of metal that is resistant to the harshest conditions preventing corrosion or rust.
  • Equipped with German-made fans from the high-efficiency Zell Epic company.

It works throughout the day non-stop and does not require maintenance

Features of the Li0 air curtain from Stavoklima

The Li0 air curtain is one of the most suitable options for the nature of wood ovens, because:

  • It has four speeds to suit any outdoor environment.
  • Ability to operate via the smart BMS system.
  • Provides high protection for air pressure situations and strong wind.
  • Equipped with advanced fans to enhance comfort in place.
  • Quiet in operation, strong in insulation, and maintenance-free.

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Customer opinion after installation of air curtains in Al Hatab Bakery factories

The Stavoklima team was able to win the customer’s praise because it was able to install the curtains in the most beautiful architectural ways with the latest equipment and cranes, and after operating the factory, the air curtains contributed to controlling the temperature of the factory by preventing hot air from entering the interior, and saved the effort consumed in the cooling devices and gained the satisfaction of the quality department, and thus the customer decided that the Stavoklima air curtains would be present in all Al Hatab Bakery factories spread in the Kingdom.

Stavoklima provides you with more comfort and productivity in your workplace

The future is moving towards an isolated work environment that achieves the highest quality standards, and we at Stavoklima help you with this through a variety of air curtains suitable for all workplaces, contact us to help you choose the right air curtains for the nature of your workplace.

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