Dallah Hospital before installing the air curtains

Dallah Hospital provides medical health care to patients through specialized medical staff and medical devices that are a vital part of health services.

Therefore, hygiene and quality standards are among the most important things that the hospital cares about and provides for patients. It was necessary to have special qualities that ensure health care and psychological comfort for clients and reflect the health and service status of the hospital in front of the expatriates.

challenges of the Saudi Dallah Hospital

The hospital faced a basic problem, which was how to maintain its internal environment, as it is a sensitive place for the transmission of any infection or microbe. It was necessary to take care of the cleanliness of the place and to ensure there are no bacteria, germs or any dirt that might expose many cases of death, especially children.

In addition to the necessity of getting rid of insects which enter and causes pollution to medical equipment and patients food, as well as the problem of internal air leakage to the hospital and the entry of outside air loaded with dirt, dust and germs, causing health problems, in addition to energy waste problems due to the existence of the problem of smuggling cold or its equation with the temperature of the hot external environment in Saudi Arabia, the solution to overcoming all these concerns was the installation of an air curtains.

The most affected areas in the Saudi Dallah Hospital

  • Patient and visitor reception areas.
  • Hospital entrances when the doors are opened and closed, where there is an exchange between external and internal air, which led to the previous problems.

Inspection stage to choose the right air curtains

1- The site was inspected by the specialized team and the measurements were taken in proportion to the doors according to the following criteria:

  • The nature and intensity of the outside air.
  • door size.
  • The nature and sensitivity of the place of installation of the device.

2- Based on the examination of the place and the inspection, it was recommended that the air curtains be installed as an optimal solution to maintain the environment and cleanliness of the place and to maintain the comfort of patients and visitors.

After entering and discovering the area, the Li mini air curtains were selected with the following sizes:

  • 1 meter
  • 1.5 meter
  • 2 meters

The reason for choosing this model is because the height of the doors is 2.2 meters, which makes the mini very suitable to cover this height and maintain the calmness of the place without excessive energy waste and without shortening the outgoing air curtain for hospital.

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Advantages of industrial air curtains

This type of curtains is designed with German-made fans from Zell Epic, which makes it the best air curtain for hospital. The most important features of these air curtains are:

  • It can withstand temperature changes between low and high.
  • Withstand shocks and hard working conditions.
  • Operates in wet aquatic conditions.
  • The high resistance of its metal against corrosion factors.

Customer opinion after installing the air curtains

The client was very satisfied with what we achieved in making a safe and healthy work environment for hospitals, especially that it needs great cleanliness

Also the curtain air fans prevented the entry of any insects, dust or dirt from outside, and maintained the hospital’s temperature, which reduced energy waste and raised the level of internal environment quality and cleanliness.

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Stavoklima is with you for a safer environment

Air curtains of commercial, industrial, domestic and energy-saving types are the best choice for isolating hospital rooms and corridors from the external environment, improving their internal environment and making them more healthy. Raise the level of work now with the distinctive Stavoklima curtains.

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