How did we help Mediserv with air curtains? Stavoklima

What is Mediserv?

Mediserv is a responsible and trustworthy company in the field of healthcare supplies, services, and solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1980, with a professional team of 460 with a common goal to make healthcare one of the best in Saudi Arabia, by keeping medicines in warehouses that achieve optimum quality standards.

Mediserv Factories:

The company owns a warehouse and factory stationed in the industrial area, working in the latest model, with a large space in order to achieve the best storage of medicines, the work is carried out within the factory in accordance with the regulations of the Saudi Food and Drug Administration and international quality standards, with mobile freezers for products with special requirements that require temperatures Below zero to stay healthy.

What are the challenges facing Mediserv factories in Saudi Arabia?

It is natural, with the size and location of the Mediserve factory, that it is exposed to many challenges that prevent achieving the best healthcare results for clients. Before installing air curtains The challenges are represented in two main axes:

The first challenge: the location of the factory

The factory is located in an industrial area overlooking a long open area. This wide area causes an air passage that brings sand, dust, and insects into the factory. With the increase in temperatures, the factory environment has become constantly polluted, which is considered unacceptable, especially since the factory’s work is within the health and pharmaceutical industry.

The second challenge: cold rooms within the warehouse

The temperature inside the warehouse is about 18 degrees Celsius, while inside the cold rooms, it reaches -5, which is completely frozen, so it causes clear differences in temperature between the outside and inside, which decreases the coldness of the cold rooms and makes the warehouse very cold. Excessive cold in the warehouse may Boxes to be damaged, and heat loss in cold rooms may spoil items kept within controlled thermal parameters. And here was the time needed to use air curtains on cold room doors and warehouse doors to meet these challenges.

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What are the results after installing the air curtains?

1. The plant has been isolated from all dust and impurities that may come from outside.
2. The internal environment of the warehouse has been kept immaculate.
3. The cold room air is kept inside the room.
4. The optimum warehouse temperature has been maintained.
5. The factory cleanliness level has been raised.
6. Greater comfort has been achieved for workers within the factory.

Customer opinion after installing the air curtains

The customer liked the Stavoklima air curtain and noticed the difference in protecting the place from the entry of insects and dust from outside, making the factory environment safer and more protected. It also saved the waste of electrical energy and improved the quality of the cleanliness of the place.

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Stavoklima is your best choice for factories and warehouses in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima air curtains come with high quality and long life, they are your best choice in order to keep your work environment clean and healthy at the lowest prices, order now and make your work environment meet all quality standards.

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