Al Jazeera Markets Warehouses

What is Al Jazeera Markets Center?

Al Jazeera Markets Center is a center that provides all the daily needs in one place and focuses on making a unique shopping experience full of beautiful memories for its customers. Its primary branch is located in Sulaymaniyah with 5 other branches in Riyadh.
It is one of the centres famous for providing all kinds of products that a Saudi citizen may need, thus therefore the Al Jazeera Markets have huge warehouses to cover its branches' needs for food products.

Why did the Al Jazeera Markets Center Choose Air Curtains from Stavovlima?

Warehouses, factories, and large shopping malls such as Al Jazeera markets face many challenges like hot weather, insects and specks of dust with the hot air, so the Jazeera Markets management wanted to cover the warehouses with appropriate curtains to provide additional protection against environmental factors in the region. In particular, its warehouses are large and have large entry and exit doors, including emergency ones and others.
Thus, the primary goal of air curtains was to isolate the indoor environment from the outdoor one with temperatures reaching 50 ° C in summer.

Preview Stage to Choose the Appropriate Air Curtain

The Staffoklima team examines Al Jazeera Markets Center’s warehouses. After the examination and measurements were taken, the plan was as follows:
1. Cover staff and emergency entrances with air curtains type Li pico.
2. Install industrial air curtains type axi 4 at loading docks to resist the most difficult environmental conditions.

Features of Stavoclima Air Curtains

Staffoklima air curtains are German-made by Zeel Apec, making their propellers highly efficient in isolating the internal environment from the outside with hot air, soil and insects.

Features of air curtains tyes li piko from Stavoclima :

1. It suits small doors for people's entry and exit.
2. It covers doors that are more than two and a half metres in height.
3. Operates at several speeds, depending on the weather condition.
5. It saves energy by relieving the burden on conditioners.

Features of industrial air curtain axi 4:

1. It works for very long periods 24 hours continuously
2. It endures very harsh environments and the high pressure of warehouses and factories.
3. It forms a durable air barrier that prevents insects, soil and dust from entering the warehouse.
4. It is Suitable for factory working environment and loading docks through bearing truck smoking and high temperatures.
5. It never needs maintenance since it is durable and stainless or corrosive.

Customer Opinion after Air Curtain Installation

The customer was delighted with the result as he noticed a difference in the temperature drop inside the warehouse. The team no longer noticed any dust on the material due to blocking them with the air curtains, in addition to preventing the possibility of any insect entering once and for all, contributing to increased productivity and better working.
Air Curtains also helped save electrical bills by maintaining air conditioners and relieving the burden on them. The warehouse's indoor environment has thus become cold and isolated from the less cold warehouse environment.

Stavoclima is the Best to Buy and Install Air Curtains in Saudi Arabia

Stavoclima's team has great experience in installing air curtains for thousands of globally diverse projects; we also have the experience and practical practice of protecting warehouses, factories, factories and other centers and businesses like restaurants, hotels and banks.
Stavoclima provides you with the most appropriate solutions to increase your productivity and improve your workplace environment.