Discover the secret behind the clean and sterile environment at Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

About Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital is one of the most famous hospitals in Saudi Arabia, prepared to be integrated and advanced so that it provides the best health services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world, and it is equipped with a medical staff of the highest competencies in the hope that it will be part of the progress of the health level in the Kingdom.


What was the challenge facing Fakeeh Hospital?

Due to the large area of the hospital and its containment of many floors with dozens of rooms, with the cafeteria centered on the second floor of the hospital and because of the density of visitors and the large quantities of food that are prepared daily, the smells of food leaked to all floors and caused great inconvenience to patients and workers in the place, so the administration resolved to find a solution that prevents odors from leaking from the kitchen without causing any noise that disturbs the place.

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Inspection stage to choose the appropriate air curtain for the hospital

The Stavoklima team visited the hospital and there was a basic challenge, which is the small space between the cafeteria doors and the ceiling, so it was necessary to choose an air curtain that can be installed inside the ceiling with the ability to completely isolate the cafeteria environment from the rest of the hospital floors, and after measuring the dimensions of the place and its needs, the Econ C air curtain was chosen because it is:

  1. Air curtain with a design that fits the cafeteria decor.

  2. Doors cover 3.5m high.

  3. They can be installed inside the ceiling and thus the problem of small space between the doors and the ceiling has been solved.

  4. Their cost is affordable and energy-saving.

  5. It controls the temperature of the space and protects the doors through the air barrier that forms them.

After installation, the Econ C air curtain is turned on at medium speed so that the air barrier speed is reasonable and unobtrusive, and visitors hear only a very simple sound.


Features of Stavoklima Econ C Air Curtain:

This curtain is designed to fit doors that do not have enough space above them to install air curtains, and thus they are hidden inside the ceiling and only the air entrance and exit are visible, and it is also characterized by several other things that we mention to you:

  1. Quiet in operation so that it does not cause any noise.

  2. It is attached to an IR remote control that operates 35 meters away.

  3. Energy-saving and can operate 24 hours non-stop.

  4. Maintenance-free and easily accessible filters and motors.

  5. Provides a durable air barrier separating the indoor and outdoor environment


How did the Econ C air curtain solve the problem of Fakeeh Hospital?

After the installation of the curtain, significant changes were observed at the level of the place, as there were no longer any annoying odors leaking towards other parts of the hospital, and thus the hospital environment became healthy and clean, and no noise was made in the place, and thus the problem of odors was solved and he was able to secure a suitable environment for the place.

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Customer’s opinion after installing Econ C air curtain 

The customer was impressed by the results, as he felt a big difference after the installation of the Econ C air curtain, so that he no longer receives any feedback about annoying odors in the rooms and corridors, and the modern curtain design was in line with the decor of the cafeteria, thus ensuring appropriate insulation with no noise level.



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