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Types of Industrial Air Curtains for Factories – Stavoklima

أفضل الستائر الهوائية الصناعية عبر ستافوكليما

Industrial air curtains are suitable for factories, which are places with very large spaces and need a controlled and standard working environment so as not to create any problems hindering business from continuing in the best way.

What are industrial air curtains?

Air curtains are a devices mounted above doors to create an air barrier that separates different environments while allowing a smooth and uninterrupted flow of people, trucks, and materials through the door.

One of which is the industrial air curtains, which are characterized by a durable and robust structure made of metal to resist the harshest conditions; these air curtains can withstand temperatures from -40 to +79, making them the best choice for industrial and commercial environments.

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The importance of industrial air curtains for factories

The advantages of these curtains are numerous for factories, especially since these places have huge warehouses and loading areas that are continuously opened and closed. Thus, they are in a state of constant exchange with outdoor air, putting them in front of many challenges that the air curtains can deal with.

Here are the most important benefits of air curtains for factories:

  • They separate indoor air from outdoor air, saving a lot of energy spent on conditioners.
  • They prevent hot air from leaking indoors so that the place’s system does not stumble.
  • They isolate the indoor environment from the outdoors.
  • They prevent insects and dust from coming in.
  • They are suitable for adjusting the heat in corridors between cold rooms, which have large spaces.
  • They absorb moisture and protect the place from any disturbing natural factors.

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Types of Industrial Air Curtains for Factories  - air curtain in KSA
The importance of industrial air curtains for factories

Best industrial air curtain types in Saudi Arabia

Industrial Air Curtains Axi are the best and most commonly used in factories, as they are equipped with German-made fans from the leading Zeel Apec company and have the ability to continuously work underwater, as they can resist high and low heat without the need for preventive maintenance or periodic cleaning.

At Stavoklima, we offer several distinctive options for industrial air curtains Axi, Here are some of them:

1- Industrial Curtain Axi3

Here are the best 3 characteristics of these curtains:

  • They are able to withstand the harshest temperatures.
  • They isolate the indoor environment from disturbing external factors.
  • They prevent moisture from gathering around air conditioning vents in cold rooms.

2- Air Curtain Axi4

Here are the highlights of the industrial air curtain Axi 4:

  • They are made of strong structures that are resistant to the harshest conditions.
  • They can withstand very low temperatures in cold rooms.
  • They prevent the entry of dust and dust particles indoors.

3- Air Curtain Axi9

Here are the most important characteristics:

  • They prevent the accumulation of snow around products kept in cold rooms.
  • They work continuously throughout the day.
  • They save a lot of energy spent by air conditioners.

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air curtain purpose - air curtain in Saudi Arabia
Air Curtain Axi9

Stavoklima Projects for Industrial Air Curtain Installation in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima is a pioneer in the field of installation of Saudi curtains in Saudi Arabia, especially in industrial and commercial projects that require controlled standards of work.

Here are some of the projects completed by Stavoklima’s team in factories:

1- Aquat Food Industry (Al Baik Restaurant):

Aquat Food Industries Factory specializes in making varieties of high-quality food and fast food, for which it needs to maintain a very clean environment and continue to innovate solutions to prevent any impurities from entering the interior.

air curtain in riyadh - air curtain installation
air curtain Aquat Food Industry

The factory wanted to avoid several challenges due to the opening and closing of loading doors, which overlook a very hot environment, causing the heat to enter the interior and force the factory to dispense thousands of kilowatts of energy to re-cool, aside from the likelihood of insects and dust entering through loading doors, which is rejected by the nature of the factory’s work on food.

After visiting the factory, the Stavoklima team identified the needs and dimensions of the place and selected the air curtain Axi9 to overcome all the potential challenges at the Aquat Food Industries Factory.

This industrial air curtain features a stainless steel casing covering up to six meters and also forms a durable air barrier that separates the interior environment completely from external factors including heat, humidity, insects, and others.

The client was very satisfied with the result and was able to move forward due to the Axi9 air curtain, which operates without stopping and needs no maintenance, so the working environment of the Aquat Food Industries Factory continued in its purification and quality without any concern.

2- MediServ:

MediServ Com. is a specialized company in the supplement and healthcare sectors, looking to achieve the best possible healthcare quality in Saudi Arabia by storing medicines in warehouses with the highest quality standards.

how to install air curtain - air curtain supplier in Saudi Arabia
air curtain in MediServ

Because of the large size of the factory, it was necessary to be concerned about and consider avoiding several challenges to achieve the appropriate environment for the preservation of medicines.

The concerns and potential challenges were as follows:

  • The factory overlooks an open area, which may cause the entry of hot air and soil towards the interior.
  • Temperatures inside storage rooms are imbalanced, requiring a multiplier effect of conditioners to restore temperatures.
  • The likelihood of moisture entering cold rooms and turning into ice could damage preserved medicines.

The Stavoklima team installed an air curtain, Axi2, that has distinctive performance and was impressed by the client because of the extra protection it achieved in the place, making the factory environment safer and purer, providing electricity waste, and improving the quality of the space’s atmosphere.

3- Advanced Storage.Co:

Advanced Storage Company is one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia, specializing in the storage and loading of products. It has three locations in Saudi Arabia: two in Riyadh and another in Jeddah.

air curtain - Stavoklima Saudi air curtain
air curtain in Advanced Storage.Co

The main challenges faced by the company are the following:

  • Exposing the store to moisture
  • Coming out of the cold rooms.
  • Draining huge amounts of electricity to cool the place down.
  • Entering insects and dust from the outdoors into the indoors

The Stavoklima team selected an air curtain Axi4 for loading doors and an air curtain Adi3 for short loading doors and low-height lane doors.

Both the AXI3 and AXI4 air curtains are made of rust-proof metal and have a durable air barrier that isolates the indoor area from the outdoor one.

These air curtains helped to adjust the temperatures inside and formed a barrier that prevented the entry of any moisture, insects, or dust, thus helping the advanced storage company achieve the highest quality standards in the place.

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Call now and ask for our collection at Stavoklima Saudi European industrial door air curtains, to take advantage of the best means to save energy and maintain a refreshing environment for your workplace and to buy the best air curtains in Saudi Arabia.

FAQ about industrial air curtain in Saudi Arabia:

Do air curtains need to be heated?

Air curtains do not necessarily need to be heated; whether they should be depends on their intended use and the environment in which they are installed.

What size air curtain do I need?

The size of the air curtain you need depends on several factors, including the specific application, the size of the doorway or opening, and the environmental conditions you’re trying to control.

Do air curtains help with humidity?

Air curtains themselves do not directly impact humidity levels in a room or space. However, their use can indirectly affect humidity depending on the circumstances.


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