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learn about small air curtains

Mini air curtains are technical systems used to create an air barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment in commercial and industrial buildings, are characterized by their small sizes that fit into small entrances and doors,

features of small air curtains:

  • temperature control: Provide small air curtains to prevent cold or hot air interference at small doors and doorways, which improves temperature control.
  • preventing the entry of insects and dust: small air curtains prevent the entry of insects, dust, and unwanted odors from the external environment into the building.
  • improve indoor air quality: the small air curtain reduces the ingress of air pollutants and harmful gases, which helps improve the air quality inside the building.
  • energy saving: helps reduce energy consumption by keeping heat or cold inside the building and reducing the need to operate heating and cooling systems.

suitable places for installing small air curtains:

  • small shops: to maintain comfortable temperatures and improve customer experience when entering and exiting.
  • small offices and facilities: to improve temperature control and air quality in limited spaces.
  • small restaurants and cafes: to keep customers and employees comfortable during entry and exit.
  • small clinics and health facilities: to maintain air quality and prevent pollutants from entering sensitive spaces.
  • places with small doors in large buildings: to improve the maintenance of temperatures and air quality in specific areas inside the building.

enjoy full control over your environment with mini air curtains from Stavoklima, maintain comfortable temperatures and air quality in your small spaces thanks to effective technology that prevents cold air and insects from entering, get a free consultation, and enjoy superior environmental comfort for your small spaces.

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