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Types of air curtains in Dammam in detail for 2024

What are the best types of air curtains in Dammam

Air curtains in Dammam offer an effective solution for maintaining a stable indoor environment, which enhances comfort and reduces energy costs. In 2024, the technologies of such curtains will have significantly developed, which will lead to a huge variety of their types and applications. The species available on the market are distinguished by their high efficiency in the separation of different environments and their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Stavoklima Company provides a wide range of such air curtains, catering to various needs and applications.

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What are the best types of air curtains in Dammam?

Energy-saving air curtains excel in Dammam thanks to their high efficiency in temperature control and reduced energy consumption. As for the luxurious air curtains, they are distinguished by their elegant designs and are suitable for organizations looking for high aesthetics as well as effectiveness.

In contrast, industrial air curtains provide robust and durable solutions for heavy-use areas, such as factories and warehouses. Choosing the right air curtain type is important to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

1. Energy-saving air curtains:

Energy-saving air curtains are an advanced solution for maintaining optimal temperatures while reducing energy consumption. These curtains, equipped with high-quality radial fans made by ZIEHL-ABEGG proprietary category of air technology, are distinguished by their efficiency and accuracy in controlling the indoor environment.

It also has an IP protection level of up to (54), with the possibility of providing higher protection levels on request, which increases its durability and ability to withstand extreme conditions. In addition, such curtains come with a three-year warranty, thereby emphasizing their quality and durability.

Of the types of these curtains, we find Li-Pico, Li0 Light, Li-Recessed, Li 2, Econ-C, and easy Turbo air curtains, each designed to meet specific needs and offer superior performance in various environments.

Installation of air curtains in Dammam
Energy-saving air curtains

2. Luxury air curtains:

Luxury air curtains are an ideal choice for those looking for elegance and efficiency at the same time, as high-quality design elements combine to create an exceptional user experience. These air curtains are equipped with radial fans made by ZIEHL-ABEGG, the leader in air technology, which ensures their efficiency and durability.

They are also available in modern vertical and horizontal shapes to suit various decorations and places. In addition, the company provides a three-year warranty on such curtains, which reflects its confidence in the quality of the product.

Among the most prominent types of luxury air curtains, we find Tubex, Nucleo, Compact, and Arcus, each of which has a unique design and superior performance and is manufactured in the Czech Republic using the best components available on the market.

Stages of selection and installation of air curtains in Dammam
Luxury air curtains

3. Industrial air curtains:

Industrial air curtains are characterized by their robust design and their ability to withstand heavy use in industrial environments. These curtains are equipped with axial fans made by ZIEHL-ABEGG, the leading German manufacturer of air technology, which guarantees outstanding performance and long-term reliability.

It is also able to work efficiently around the clock at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius, which makes it ideal for extreme conditions.

These air curtains are designed to offer a high level of protection (IP 54) with the possibility of providing higher levels of protection on request. In addition, the company provides a three-year warranty on such curtains, which emphasizes their quality and durability.

Among the most prominent types of industrial air curtains, we find AXI-Vertical, Axi Horizontal, and Axi-Cold Store, each of which is designed to meet the requirements of modern industrial environments and provide effective and durable solutions.

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Stages of selection and installation of air curtains in Dammam
Industrial air curtains

Which is the best air curtain company in Dammam?

Stavoklima stands out as the best supplier of air curtains in Dammam, relying on its extensive experience in the engineering of efficient air barriers for energy conservation. The company’s services go beyond just providing insulation against dust and volatile objects; they also focus on improving the efficiency of electrical energy use.

Stavoklima’s commitment to innovation and quality reflects its continuous efforts in developing advanced models of air curtains, specially designed to suit the unique weather conditions in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to this dedication to innovation and quality, Stavoklima is recognized as the ideal choice for those seeking effective and reliable solutions in the field of air curtains.

Stages of selection and installation of air curtains in Dammam

Here are the stages of choosing and installing air curtains in Dammam:

  • The choice of air curtains in Dammam begins with determining the specific needs of the site, taking into account factors such as the size of the hallway, environmental conditions, and the quality of the expected use.
  • This is followed by the selection of the appropriate type of air curtains, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, taking into account the criteria for energy efficiency and design.
  • After the selection, the installation process is thoroughly planned while ensuring the suitability of the curtain for the space allocated for it and its compatibility with the infrastructure of the site.
  • The installation stage, which must be carried out by specialized teams to ensure accuracy and safety, comes with attention to all the details, from electrical connections to mechanical installation.
  • Finally, the necessary tests are carried out to ensure that the curtain works efficiently and effectively while giving tips and guidelines to users to maintain the performance and lifespan of the curtain.

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About Stavoklima air curtain projects in Saudi Arabia

Below, we present to you a brief overview of Stavoklima’s leading projects in the field of air curtains in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Stavoklima is characterized by the implementation of diverse projects covering different segments of the market, including commercial enterprises, industrial facilities, and public utilities.

The projects focus on providing integrated solutions that are highly energy-efficient and effective in maintaining the quality of the internal environment. Stavoklima relies on the use of the latest technologies and equipment in the installation and maintenance of air curtains to ensure the achievement of the highest standards of performance and customer satisfaction.

1. Air curtains in the Saudi catering line building:

Air curtains have played a vital role in the Saudi catering line building, as they were installed to meet multiple challenges, including preventing the entry of insects and maintaining ideal temperatures inside the building. Due to the urgent need to maintain hygiene and quality standards in the aviation catering sector, specialized air curtains with superior durability and efficiency were selected.

The inspection stage was decisive in choosing the right type of air curtains, as Li2 commercial models and Axi4 industrial curtains were selected in different sizes to meet the needs of the building. These curtains are equipped with German-made fans from the company ZIEHL-ABEGG, which ensures their effective performance in the face of extreme conditions such as high humidity, shock exposure, and difficult conditions.

Finally, the air curtains helped the Saudi catering line building maintain cleanliness and food quality and reduce energy waste, thanks to their advanced design and high durability.

The best air curtain company in Dammam
Air curtains in the Saudi catering line building

2. Air curtains at E Experts (a well-known center for eye experts):

Known for providing the best services in the field of ophthalmology and surgery, Mashhoor Expert Eye Center has been distinguished by its adoption of innovative solutions to maintain a healthy and clean work environment. The choice of air curtains from Stavoklima was a strategic step to face challenges such as dust ingress, temperature fluctuations, and humidity.

The installation of these curtains has solved two main challenges: preventing the entry of dust-laden air from the outside and maintaining a mild atmosphere inside the center, which reduces the need for electrical energy consumed in the air conditioning.

After an intensive site study by the Stavoklima team, the Li0 air curtain was chosen because of its multiple advantages, which include its suitable size, modern design, low sound, and energy efficiency. This air curtain, with its various advantages, such as its availability in different colors and ease of maintenance, not only solved the environmental challenges of the center but also maintained its elegance and the comfort of patients and medical staff.

The air curtains have enhanced the perfect environment in a renowned center for ophthalmologists, maintaining the quality level of the medical services provided while significantly reducing energy waste and ensuring a fresh and pure working environment.

Installation of air curtains in Dammam
Air curtains at E Experts Center

3. Air curtains at the National Poultry Facility:

As the largest poultry producer in the Middle East, the National Poultry Facility faces many challenges that require providing an ideal working environment to ensure the quality of products. The store faced challenges such as the entry of insects, dust, in addition to increasing temperatures and the consumption of large amounts of electricity for cooling devices.

To meet these challenges, Stavoklima has installed air curtains in the staff entrance, cold rooms, and connecting corridors between them, as well as in production rooms. An energy-saving li2 air curtain was used at the staff entrance, which is characterized by its multi-speed and ability to keep cool and protect the place from dust and insects, with doors up to 4.5 meters high and a control device up to a range of 35 meters.

As for the Axi4 industrial air curtain, chosen for the doors of cold rooms, it is made of corrosion-resistant metal and withstands temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius, which makes it suitable for such rooms. This curtain completely isolates the internal area from the external and works continuously without stopping, equipped with German-made fans from the company ZIEHL-ABEGG.

With these air curtains, Wataniya Poultry has maintained an optimal working environment while reducing energy consumption, which enhances the quality and safety of its products.

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Air curtains in Dammam and their types via stavoklima
Air curtains at the National Poultry Facility

Book your free consultation for the selection and installation of air curtains in Dammam

Take advantage of the opportunity now to book your free consultation with Stavoklima experts in Dammam and get the best tips and directions for choosing and installing the right air curtains for your requirements. This consultation will enable you to understand the specifics and advantages of each type of curtain and how they affect energy efficiency and comfort within your organization.

Our dedicated team will provide you with a plan based on an accurate assessment of your needs while ensuring the provision of high-quality solutions that meet the standards of efficiency and performance. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards improving your working environment with high-quality air curtains from Stavoklima.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Air Curtains in Dammam and Their Types via Stavoklima

1. What types of air curtains are available in Dammam?

In Dammam, a variety of types of air curtains are available, which fall into three main categories:
1. Energy-saving air curtains:
This category includes such types as Li-Pico, Li0 Light, Li-Recessed, Li 2, Econ-C, and Easy Turbo. These types are designed to offer high energy efficiency.
2. Luxury air curtains:
This category includes such types as Tubex, Nucleo, Compact, and Arcus. They are distinguished by their elegant design and provide a high aesthetic in addition to effectiveness.
3. Industrial air curtains:
They include AXI-Vertical, Axi Horizontal, and axi-Cold Store. These are designed for use in industrial environments and can withstand extreme conditions.

2. What are air curtains, and how do they work?

Air curtains are devices that are used to create an invisible air barrier at the entrances to buildings, with the aim of preventing external air leakage and keeping the internal environment insulated and stable. Such curtains work by releasing a powerful and constant air stream that covers the entire entrance to the building, preventing the ingress of hot or cold air, dust, insects, and dust.
This contributes to improving energy efficiency, as it reduces the need for air conditioning and heating and also helps maintain air quality inside the building.

3. How can air curtains improve energy efficiency?

Air curtains enhance energy efficiency in several ways:
Save the conditioned air: by creating an air barrier, the air curtains prevent the leakage of conditioned air outside the building and the entry of outside air, keeping the temperatures inside the building constant.
Reducing the load on HVAC and heating systems: by preventing air exchange with the outside, the need to operate HVAC and heating systems frequently or at high levels is reduced, which saves on energy consumption.
Maintaining indoor air quality: air curtains reduce the ingress of dust and external pollutants, reducing the need for continuous operation of air purification systems.
In these ways, air curtains contribute to improving energy efficiency and saving costs associated with heating and cooling buildings.

4. Are there any air curtains intended for industrial areas in Dammam?

Yes, in Dammam, there are industrial air curtains specially designed to meet the requirements of industrial areas. These types include AXI-Vertical, Axi Horizontal, and axi-Cold Store and are designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide effective protection in industrial work environments.

5. What is the approximate cost of installing an air curtain in Dammam?

The approximate cost of installing an air curtain in Dammam varies based on factors such as the type of curtain, its size, and special installation requirements. Generally, the cost can range from a few hundred to thousands of Saudi riyals. It is necessary to get a specific quote from a company or a specialist for an accurate estimate.

6. What criteria should be considered when choosing an air curtain?

When choosing an air curtain in Dammam, the following criteria should be taken into account:
1. Entrance size: choose an air curtain of the appropriate size for the dimensions of the entrance to the building.
2. Type of Use: determine the type of air curtain based on the environment (commercial, industrial, or residential).
3. Ambient conditions: taking into account factors such as temperature and humidity level
4. Energy efficiency: choose air curtains with high energy efficiency.
5. Design and aesthetic: make sure the curtain design fits with the interior and exterior decoration.
6. Installation and maintenance requirements: understand how easy it is to install and perform regular maintenance.
7. Available budget: determine the options available within the specified financial range.

7. How to maintain air curtains and ensure their longevity?

To ensure the longevity and effective maintenance of air curtains, the following steps should be followed:
1. Periodic cleaning: clean the air curtain and especially the fans and vents regularly to remove dust and dirt.
2. Electrical component inspection: check the wiring and electrical components periodically to ensure that there is no damage.
3. Check the performance of the curtain: ensure that the curtain is working efficiently and generates a continuous and homogeneous air current.
4. Preventive maintenance: perform preventive maintenance as directed by the manufacturer to detect any potential problems and address them early.
5. Qualified use for maintenance: rely on qualified technicians for maintenance and repair work to ensure quality and safety.

8. Are there air curtains suitable for shops and restaurants in Dammam?

Yes, Stavoklima Company in Dammam provides suitable air curtains for shops and restaurants, designed to meet the special needs of these establishments in terms of efficiency and design.

9. How can air curtains help provide a healthy work environment?

Air curtains help to provide a healthy working environment by:
1. Prevent dust and pollutants from entering: This keeps the air inside the building clean by preventing particles and pollutants from entering from the outside.
2. Reduce the spread of germs and insects: it acts as a barrier that reduces the entry of insects and microbes, which contributes to reducing the spread of diseases.
3. Improve indoor air quality: maintaining a closed environment, helps maintain optimal air quality and temperature inside the building.

10. Does the Stavoklima company in Dammam provide after-sales services?

Yes, Stavoklima Company in Dammam provides after-sales services, which include maintenance, technical support, and repair services to ensure optimal and long-term performance of air curtains.

We conclude our article about air curtains in Dammam by emphasizing the importance of choosing the right type and the right company to ensure the best results. Stavoklima has extensive experience in this field and offers a variety of advanced air curtains suitable for every need. We invite you to take advantage of our free consulting services to determine the optimal air curtain for your organization in Dammam and various cities in Saudi Arabia. Do not hesitate to contact us for specialized technical advice and customized solutions that meet all your requirements efficiently and professionally.

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