Articles and news of air curtains in Saudi Arabia

what is a 180 cm air curtain:

the 180 cm wide air curtain is a technical device used to create an air barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment in commercial and industrial buildings, it has a large width of 180 cm, which makes it suitable for large doorways and doors that need wide coverage to improve temperature control and prevent interference of cold or hot air.

suitable places for installing a 180 cm air curtain:

the air curtain width of 180 cm is an ideal solution for many commercial and industrial sites, it can be installed in a variety of places to achieve optimal control of the indoor environment and the comfort of users, these places include:

  • malls and stores: where it improves the customer experience and maintains comfortable temperatures during shopping.
  • Hotels and resorts: offer a comfortable indoor environment for guests and help to provide the perfect accommodation experience.
  • restaurants and cafes: maintain comfortable temperatures for customers while eating or enjoying their time.
  • sports facilities and sports centers: contribute to providing a suitable environment for practicing sports activities in comfort.
  • commercial and office buildings: achieve effective temperature control and enhance the comfort of employees and visitors.
  • hospitals and health clinics: improves indoor air quality and contributes to providing a clean and healthy environment for patients and visitors.

how the 180 cm curtain achieves a better environment for business projects:

180 cm wide air curtains contribute to improving the business environment by providing multiple benefits, by maintaining comfortable temperatures and preventing cold or hot air from entering, contributing to making the experience of customers and employees more comfortable, also improving indoor air quality and reducing energy consumption, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable business environment.

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