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what is a 90 cm air curtain?

the air curtain with a width of 90 cm is a technical device used to create an air barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment in commercial and industrial buildings, this curtain comes with small dimensions of 90 cm in width, which makes it Suitable for installation at entrances and doors that need protection from cold or hot air interference.

benefits of 90cm air curtain:

  • temperature control:90 cm air curtain helps to maintain comfortable temperatures inside the building by preventing cold or hot air leakage at small entrances.
  • preventing the entry of insects and dust: protects the building from the entry of insects, dust, and unwanted odors, which contributes to maintaining the cleanliness of the indoor environment.
  • improve air quality: thanks to clean air technology, the 90 cm air curtain reduces the ingress of air pollutants from the external environment, which improves the air quality inside the building.
  • energy saving: by creating an effective air barrier, you reduce heat or cold loss, which helps to save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Stavoklima company offers an innovative solution to improve the quality of your indoor environment through air curtains width of 90 cm. This allows you to air curtains with Effective temperature control and Prevention of cold or hot air and insects, thanks to its high experience in the field of air conditioning, Stavoklima also offers free consultations to provide solutions customized to your needs, take advantage of our premium services and make your environment more comfortable and efficient.

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