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what is a 2meter air curtain

2 meter air curtain indicates the air curtain has a length of 2 meter, this means that the device is capable of generating a 2-meter airflow to cover the hole to be protected from the external airflow. These air curtains are usually installed on top of doors or openings to achieve the desired effectiveness in preventing cold or hot air from entering the building

advantages of 2 meter air curtain

air Curtain, also known as air curtain or air curtain, is a technical device commonly used to reduce the interference of outdoor air with indoor air in commercial or industrial buildings, here are some possible advantages of using a 2-meter air curtain:

  1. energy saving: the 2-meter air curtain prevents cold air in winter and hot air in summer from entering the building, this helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building without the need to intensively operate heating or cooling systems, which reduces energy consumption and reduces operating costs.
  2. preventing insects and dust from entering: the 2-meter air curtain creates an air barrier between the external environment and the internal environment, preventing insects, dust, and unwanted odors from entering the building.
  3. improve indoor air quality: thanks to the air barrier made by the 2m air curtain, it can help prevent the entry of air pollutants and harmful gases from outside into the indoor air, which improves air quality and creates a healthier environment.
  4. keeping customers comfortable: in shops, restaurants, and hotels, 2m air curtains can help keep customers comfortable when they enter or exit the building, as they reduce cold or hot air interference and reduce temperature fluctuations.
  5. improve cooling and heating efficiency: when used in areas such as large doors or main entrances, the air curtain can enhance the efficiency of the cooling or heating system by reducing air leakage and heat or cold loss from the building.
  6. reduce maintenance costs: by preventing insects, dust, and strong winds from entering the building, the 2-meter air curtain can reduce the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance of indoor spaces.

places of use of 2-meter air curtain

the 2-meter long air curtainT finds use in a wide range of commercial and industrial sites, including shops, restaurants and cafes, industrial buildings, offices and hotels, hospitals, logistics centers and warehouses, sports facilities and stadiums, airports, and public transport stations, this air curtain contributes to preventing cold or hot air interference and improving the efficiency of Heating and cooling provide convenience for customers and users.

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