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Sizes of air curtains in Saudi Arabia: how to choose the best for your organization

Sizes of air curtains in Saudi Arabia: how to choose the best for your organization

In this article, we talk about the sizes of air curtains in Saudi Arabia and how to choose the most suitable size for your organization or workplace. If you are interested, read on with us! In the light of constant technological developments and the versatility of air curtains, choosing the right size remains the main factor to ensure optimal performance and achieve energy savings. With the extreme weather fluctuations that Saudi Arabia is experiencing, these choices become even more important.

This article aims to guide organizations in Saudi Arabia on how to choose the right air curtain sizes to meet their needs efficiently.

The importance of choosing the right air curtain sizes for your workplace

Choosing the right air curtain sizes for your workplace is important to maintain optimal curtain efficiency and performance. The following are the highlights that emphasize the importance of this choice:

  • Ensure effective performance: choosing the right size can ensure the provision of an effective air barrier between different environments, helping to prevent cold or hot air from leaking into the target area.
  • Economic cost: incorrect size selection leads to excessive energy consumption, which results in high operating costs. In turn, the right size can achieve significant energy savings.
  • Ensuring comfort for users: the appropriate curtain size ensures the provision of adequate airflow that preserves the comfort and thermal stability of personnel inside the building.
  • Increase the life span of the air curtain: properly selected air curtains reduce the load on the internal components, thereby increasing their life span and reducing the need for maintenance.
  • Protect the place from pollutants and insects: air curtains form an effective air barrier that prevents the ingress of pollutants and insects into the place, and this can be achieved efficiently when choosing the right size.

We emphasize the importance of consulting experts and specialists when choosing air curtain sizes to ensure optimal performance and get the most out of your investment in those systems.

You can also contact us directly for a free consultation about the most suitable size of air curtains at your workplace.

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What are the sizes of air curtains in Saudi Arabia
The importance of choosing the right air curtain sizes for your workplace

What are the sizes of air curtains in Saudi Arabia?

Air curtains are characterized by the fact that they come in a variety of sizes to meet the different needs of institutions and commercial places in Saudi Arabia. Although the sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of use, there are some common sizes that find wide use in the kingdom:

  • Small air curtains range in size from 60 cm to a meter: their sizes range from 60 to 100 cm. They are usually used in small doorways, such as office and shop entrances.
  • Medium air curtains: ranging in size from 100 to 150 cm, are ideal for medium commercial doors and store entrances.
  • Large air curtains: their sizes range from 150 to 200 cm and are mainly used in large locations such as malls and major business centers.

It is necessary to emphasize the importance of choosing the appropriate size based on the size of the entrance and the purpose of using the air curtain, as this helps to achieve optimal performance and provide an effective air barrier. To ensure the selection of the right size, it is preferable to consult specialists in this field.

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Installing an air curtain in Saudi Arabia
the sizes of air curtains in Saudi Arabia

How to measure doors to choose the right size for air curtains

To ensure the effectiveness of air curtains, care must be taken to accurately measure the doors before choosing the right size. Here are the steps to follow to measure the doors correctly:

  • Measuring width: using a reliable tape measure, measure the total width of the door from side to side, emphasizing the measurement of the widest places.
  • Height measurement: measure the height from the highest point of the door to the floor. In the case of movable doors or opening mechanisms, be sure to measure the height when the door is fully opened.
  • Observe the margins: it is always a good idea to leave a spare margin of a few centimeters when choosing the measurement of the air curtain to ensure full coverage of the door and prevent air leakage.
  • Confirm measurements: re-measure the doors again to verify the accuracy of the initial measurements and to ensure that the appropriate size is selected.
  • Additional considerations: in the case of any obstacles or door-specific features such as arches or corners, they must be considered during the measurement and selection of the air curtain.

In conclusion, measuring the doors correctly is an essential step in choosing the right size air curtain, ensuring maximum effectiveness and efficiency for the user.

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Air curtains company in Saudi Arabia
How to measure doors to choose the right size for air curtains

Tips when considering installing an air curtain in Saudi Arabia

When thinking about installing an air curtain in Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to take into account the characteristic local conditions. It is preferable to choose models that provide an effective barrier against spreading sand dust. It should also be ensured that they are efficient in the face of extreme heat and the need to communicate with a reliable provider for advice and ongoing technical support.

1. Find an air curtain company that has a good reputation:

When looking for a company for the installation of air curtains, recommendations and reviews from previous customers should be considered. In addition, it is essential to review the certificates and accreditations obtained by the company from recognized bodies. Do not hesitate to ask for examples of previous projects, and make sure that there is constant technical support after installation.

2. Hiring experts to advise on the right type:

In the framework of emphasizing the importance of choosing the right air curtain, the use of experts is a crucial step. Specialists can guide you toward solutions that suit the site conditions and special needs. They also give valuable advice on the appropriate technology and the standards followed, ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of the air curtain.

3. Review and evaluate the needs of the place before making a decision:

In an effort to achieve the best benefit from air curtains, it is important to carefully review and evaluate the needs of the place. Familiarity with the surrounding conditions and local variables contributes to the choice of the optimal solution. Climatic factors such as the size of the entrance and the flow of traffic must be taken into account. This pre-assessment ensures full utilization and saves costs associated with inappropriate installations.

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the appropriate sizes of air curtains
Tips for installing an air curtain in Saudi Arabia

Book your free consultation now through the Stavoklima Air Curtain Company

After clarifying the importance of knowing the optimal sizes of air curtains, the use of experts remains a crucial step. The Stavoklima Company gives you the opportunity to take advantage of its accumulated experience in this field. Contact us now and book your free consultation to ensure your optimal choice and your closest investment in air curtains.

In conclusion, it shows the importance of knowing the appropriate sizes of air curtains, especially in Saudi Arabia, where climatic conditions are changing dramatically. The choice of the appropriate size and specifications leads to the achievement of maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the use of the air curtain, ensuring the preservation of air quality inside the enterprise and reducing electrical bills. We recommend collaborating with experts in this field to ensure optimal decision-making for your organization.

Frequently asked questions about Sizes of air curtains in Saudi Arabia:

1. Can an air curtain stop mosquitoes?

Air curtains can be effective at deterring mosquitoes from entering a building, but they may not completely stop all mosquitoes, especially if the airflow is not strong enough or if there are gaps in the coverage.

2. Can air curtain block smell?

Air curtains are primarily designed to create a barrier of moving air to prevent the infiltration of outdoor air, dust, insects, and pollutants, rather than blocking smells or odors. While they can help to some extent by reducing the entry of outdoor air, which may carry odors, their effectiveness in blocking strong or persistent smells is limited.

3. What is the air curtain that keeps bugs out of your house?

The air curtain is designed to keep bugs and insects out of your house. This device is specifically engineered to create a barrier of air at doorways or openings, effectively preventing the entry of insects, flies, mosquitoes, and other small pests while allowing people and objects to pass through.

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