Articles and news of air curtains in Saudi Arabia

what is an air curtain fan?

Fan the air curtain is an essential part of the air curtain device, it is the component that generates a strong and continuous air current through the entrance or door, its function is to create an airflow that forms an effective air barrier that prevents cold or hot air, dust, dust and insects from entering the indoor environment.

advantages of air curtain fan:

  • improve air quality: reduce the ingress of solid particles such as dust and dust from the external environment, which improves indoor air quality
  • energy saving: reduce heat or cold loss from the indoor environment, contributing to energy saving and reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • preventing insects from entering: creating a barrier that prevents insects and flying insects from entering the indoor environment, which improves the cleanliness and health of the place.
  • direct the air current: direct the air current horizontally or vertically according to the needs of the place to achieve the optimal effect.

the best types of air curtain fans from Stavoklima:

Stavoklima company offers a variety of types of premium air curtain fan, suitable for different needs, and uses advanced technology in its design to achieve a strong and quiet airflow, ensuring the formation of an effective air barrier, choosing the air curtain fan from Stavoklima, will ensure the improvement of the place environment and benefit from the benefits of indoor environmental protection.

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