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Air curtain installation and choice by an expert team in Saudi Arabia – Importance and Advantages 

Air curtains in Saudi Arabia

Air curtains play a key role in providing a comfortable atmosphere in public and private places, but the air curtain will not achieve its intended purpose unless it is designed in the appropriate size and installed correctly by specialists. We will learn through this article about the standards for installing air curtains by specialists and the benefits and disadvantages of working with non-specialists.

Experts and specialists’ steps prior to air curtain installation

The experts and specialists in installing air curtains depend on carefully considered steps to select and air curtains installation, as follows:

  1. Visit the place to inspect it on the ground.
  2. Determine the key challenges and climate challenges of the place.
  3. Study the client’s needs for the air curtains in terms of shape, performance strength, and climate constraints he wants to avoid.
  4. Calculate the location dimensions where the air curtains will be installed.
  5. Check the number of doors and visitors, as well as power outlets.
  6. Take measurements of the installed air curtain and determine the right air curtain size.
  7. Determine the number of air curtains the place needs.
  8. Determine the type and size of the right air curtain according to the previous criteria.

Air curtain installation steps adopted by experts and specialists

After inspecting the place, taking measurements, and knowing the prominent challenges, there are many important steps that experts take during and after the installation process, including:

  1. Install the air curtain in a way that fits the space at the right height and angle.
  2. Test and check the air curtain to ensure it works well.
  3. Control air curtain settings in terms of airflow rate and curtain size.
  4. Check the insulation strength of the air curtain, so no energy loss could happen later.
  5. Adjust the air curtain to the right temperature.

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Advantages of having professionals install air curtains

When air curtains in public and private places are installed by experts, they turn out to be a profitable investment.

Here are the benefits you get from having specialized experts install them:

  1. Experts select the best type of air curtains for the location and weather conditions.
  2. Choose the right place to install air curtains based on scientific grounds.
  3. Deal with difficulties that may occur during the installation that need to be solved.
  4. Provide professional maintenance during and after the installation of air curtains.
  5. Give the necessary tips and guidance by experts to maintain a longer life of the air curtain and avoid any problems.
Air curtain installation in Saudi Arabia - curtain installation near me
Advantages of having professionals install air curtains

Disadvantages of dealing with non-specialists in air curtain installation

Working with a team that is not an expert at the installation of air curtains leads to a lot of difficulties that could have been avoided if you hired an expert team and specialists. These difficulties include:

  • Low-quality work: The non-expert team may not have the skills and knowledge needed to install air curtains properly, leading to improperly installed air curtains.
  • High Cost: The non-expert team may take a longer time or suffer from errors, so they need to start from scratch again, leading to a waste of time and an increase in cost.
  • Worker Endangerment: The non-expert team may not be aware of the safety procedures that are followed when installing air curtains, so the risk of worker injuries might be higher.
  • Unavailability of maintenance: The periodic maintenance and repair service is often not provided by many non-expert teams, causing you to recruit a team of experts to assess and repair the breakdowns.
  • Poor customer service: A non-expert team may be unable to provide the necessary support and give advice, or get appropriate advice when any problem with the air curtain’s working mechanism occurs.

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4 important tips for the right air curtain installation

Here are some golden tips that will make you sure that you’ve got the perfect installation for air curtains:

  1. Right size: It is important to choose an air curtain that matches the room’s size and the door frame upon which it will be installed.
  2. Right height: It is essential that the air curtain covers the entire vertical area to create an effective air barrier.
  3. Performance test: Make sure that the curtain properly works and that all included functions are occurring correctly and easily.
  4. Airflow inspection: It is necessary to ensure that the air’s density, pressure, and flow go well.

European air curtain installation and business and industrial projects

Many business and industrial projects have taken advantage of multiple European air curtains, features, and specifications via Stavoklima, which has an expert team in installing these curtains so that the projects’ owners get the optimal results they were looking for.

Here are some of these projects:

1. Air curtains for factories

The Axi industrial air curtains are installed in industrial facilities and laboratories for their superior insulation capability and tolerance to climate change.

Saudi Airlines Catering Co.:

European Axi4 air curtains have helped Saudi Airlines Catering Factory, which offers various meals to Saudi Arabian Airlines, obtain the right working environment and achieve hygiene and quality standards by preventing the entry of insects and dust, so that food is kept healthy and, most importantly, the company has an excellent reputation.

Axi4 air curtains in Saudi Arabia - air curtain in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Airlines Catering Co

Saudi Al watania Poultry:

The National Poultry Company is one of the big facilities that manufacture many items related to poultry and food made from them, so the Axi4 air curtains played a major role in helping the factory improve the environment, deal with difficult climate conditions, and prevent the entry of insects and dust.

Air curtain installation- air curtain in KSA
Saudi Al watania Poultry

2. Air curtains for hotels

The air curtains for hotels vary between energy-saving and luxury models, according to the place’s requirements and influential weather factors.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel:

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jeddah is one of the luxurious and beautiful-looking branches, yet it was suffering from many challenges like the hotel’s view of the sea and its exposure to wet sea currents, as well as the leaking of hot air inland.

So, the Axial concealed air curtain had to be installed by Stavoklima specialists so the visitors and staff could enjoy the comfort and spring ambiance.

Air curtain installation - ceiling mounted air curtain
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel:

The Crowne Plaza Hotel has chosen to install European Li Pico air curtains that fit the hotel’s luxury and style. They have been installed at the hotel’s entrance to achieve quality and safety standards for visitors by maintaining a moderate temperature and preventing the leakage of smells from the restaurant.

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air curtain installation cost - curtain installation service near me
Crowne Plaza Hotel

3. Air curtains for restaurants

Restaurants and cafes choose energy-saving air curtains so they can operate continuously, whatever the climate conditions or the number of people in the place.

Booze café:

Booze Café offers various types of drinks to its visitors; it is visited on a daily basis by many customers, so the Li mini air curtains had to be installed because they have a beautiful design and the ability to insulate the powerful air and provide a moderate atmosphere to keep customers comfortable, so it considers as the best air curtains for restaurant doors.

ceiling mounted air curtain - air curtain fixing details
Booze Cafe air curtains project

Hobra Cafe:

Hobra Café is one of the most famous cafes in Riyadh, and it offers the most suitable service for customers.

To integrate the distinctive service, the Li Pico air curtain has been installed to fully cover the café door, providing insulation between the indoor and outdoor environments and preventing pollutants from entering, thus obtaining the perfect environment.

Air curtain installation
Hobra Cafe – air curtains for restaurant doors

Stavoklima is the best at installing European air curtains in Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for the best company for air curtain design, installation, and maintenance, you only have to order the best European air curtains via Stavoklima, which also provides you with air curtain service, so do not hesitate to communicate with the expert Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains team via WhatsApp to get a correctly designed and installed air curtain and to know about air curtain installation cost.

FAQ about Air curtain installation in Saudi Arabia:

Are air curtains expensive to run?

The cost of running an air curtain can vary, but they are generally not considered very expensive to operate. Factors influencing the cost include:
Energy Efficiency: Modern, energy-efficient models consume less electricity.
Usage Patterns: Frequent and prolonged use increases operational costs.
Electricity Rates: The cost depends on local electricity prices.
Size and Type of Air Curtain: Larger commercial units cost more to run than smaller residential ones.

Where should air curtains be placed?

Air curtains should be placed strategically for maximum effectiveness, typically at the entrances or doorways where they serve as a barrier between different environments.

Can air curtain be used at home?

Yes, air curtains can be used at home, although they are more commonly found in commercial settings.


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