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Installing air curtains for hotels and tourist resorts in Saudi Arabia – Stavoklima

Installing air curtains for hotels and tourist resorts in Saudi Arabia

A tourist resort is a luxury premise for short-stay guests and tourists wishing to spend a holiday period, including accommodation units and on-site tourist facilities such as reception, restaurants, and leisure facilities like swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, and others.

On the other hand, a hotel is a premise that provides overnight accommodation, meals, and other services for travelers or tourists, in particular; it offers private rooms and lots of means ensuring comfort and security for guests.

Let’s find out more about installing air curtains for hotels and tourist resorts in Saudi Arabia.

Top challenges for hotels and resorts in Saudi Arabia

Due to the enormous spaces and visitors they receive daily, hotels and resorts, especially for tourist purposes, face many challenges that require a lot of caution and precision.

Here are the top 5 challenges:

  • Leaking hot air from the outside towards the inside due to the frequent opening and closing of doors.
  • Entering insects and dust into the indoor space, causing inconvenience to guests.
  • Accumulating moisture coming from outdoors around the vents of an air conditioner, disturbing the atmosphere indoors.
  • Draining a lot of electric power to keep temperatures controlled inside the place.
  • Alleviating the intensity and harshness of the air coming from the sea.

The importance of installing air curtains in hotels

It is known that air curtains are a cooling device that mainly depends on compressed air to balance the temperature inside commercial spaces.

When the air curtain is installed in hotels, it mainly helps keep pests, flies, and other insects away from your company’s door; it only needs to install this curtain over the door hole to emit

invisible air streams that act as a barrier against flies trying to enter the building.

In other words, the presence of hotel air curtains provides a high-speed air stream through an aperture that significantly reduces flies and other flying insects from entering the building, ensuring a clean and healthy environment inside hotels and resorts.

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The importance of installing air curtains in hotels in Saudi Arabia - air curtain for flies
The importance of installing air curtains in hotels

Types of air curtains for hotels and resorts in Saudi Arabia

At Stavoklima, we offer you a variety of air curtains for hotels that are perfectly designed to fit the luxurious interior design of hotels and tourist resorts and add a touch of attractiveness to the place. Additionally, they mainly work to save energy and prevent insects or dust from entering the building.

Here are the best 3 air curtains for hotels and tourist resorts:

Li Pico Air Curtain

  • It creates an air barrier that gives you durable insulation between the indoor and outdoor environments.
  • It prevents dust or insects.
  • It is energy-efficient.
  • It prevents moisture building up or hot air entering into the indoors.

Luxury Tubex Air Curtain

  • It has a curved vertical design, so it is the perfect choice for revolving doors.
  • It has a luxurious appearance that gives the place an attractive aesthetic touch.
  • It prevents entering insects or dust into the indoors.
  • It does not need maintenance and lasts for a long time.

Arcus Luxury Air Curtain

  • It is specially designed for revolving doors or low-height normal doors.
  • It makes little or no noise, causing no inconvenience to visitors.
  • It is made of an external stainless steel structure that is non-corrosive.
  • It creates a durable barrier that prevents the entry of any disturbing external factors or insects and adjusts the temperature of the place.

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Air curtain installation for Saudi hotels and tourist resorts by a specialized team

At Stavoklima, we have a team of experts who can professionally install air curtains for hotels and resorts without interfering with the work.

Our team examines the nature and needs of the place and relies on a lot of information, such as the type of activity, the size and design of the entrances, the space available to install the air curtains, and finally, the installation method, either horizontal or vertical.

As for installation methods, it is possible to go through the ceiling, wall, floor, or even drop ceilings.

Our team also provides all the periodic maintenance services for air curtains; we have a lot of flexible types of maintenance contracts, according to the needs of hotels and resorts, to make sure the air curtains work efficiently.

Stavoklima air curtain installation projects in businesses similar to hotels

Here are some projects implemented by Stavoklima’s team for hotels, tourist resorts, or similar businesses in Saudi Arabia:

Crowne Plaza:

Crowne Plaza is a luxury hotel and reference center in Saudi Arabia. It is an optimal option for long or short stays since guests have perfect service and high-level comfort.

Crowne Plaza owns a pool-view restaurant and a garden that receives hundreds of people daily seeking to have a luxury food experience.

Crowne Plaza chose to install an air curtain for the hotel’s restaurant for 3 main purposes:

  • Provide a durable barrier that protects the restaurant from harsh external factors and adjusts the internal atmosphere.
  • Prevent spreading any smells from the restaurant throughout the hotel.
  • Prevent entering any insects or dust into the interior.

After reviewing the products, the Stavoklima team chose the Li Pico air curtain because it has a low level of noise so that it does not cause any inconvenience to guests and also insulates the indoor environment from the outdoors.

After the installation, the Crowne Plaza Hotel had positive effects and achieved all its purposes, as well as the highest level of accuracy and comfort for visitors.

Installing air curtains for hotels and tourist resorts in Saudi Arabia - restaurant door air curtain
Li Pico air curtain in Crowne Plaza

Ritz-Carlton Hotels:

The luxury hotel chain known as the Ritz-Carlton is one of the most popular hotels in the world and has the Jeddah branch, which is one of the most beautiful branches in Saudi Arabia.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Department considered installing an air curtain for the place in order to create durable insulation between the indoor and outdoor environment and obtain controlled temperatures within the place, saving energy consumption and controlling the interior atmosphere, preventing any insects or dust from entering the interior, and keeping the place clean and safe for visitors.

After communicating with Stavoklima, our team examined the place and gathered the information needed, and then it chose the Axial concealed air curtain because it is invisible and takes up no space.

As a result, The Ritz-Carlton got a comfortable and safe environment for guests due to these curtains; they controlled the temperature and prevented insects and dust from entering.

Axial concealed air curtain in Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Saudi Arabia - concealed air curtain
air curtain in Ritz-Carlton Hotels

Hobra Cafe:

Hobra Cafe is one of Riyadh’s most prestigious cafes, with a distinctive gold design and luxurious decor. It works 24/7 to provide the best services to customers in an indoor environment that achieves the highest quality standards.

Hobra Cafe was facing many challenges related to the environment of the place due to the nature of Saudi Arabia’s weather. The cafe was complaining about entering dust, insects, and hot air into the indoors because of the repeatedly opening and closing doors, so there was a need for cooperation between Hobra Cafe and Stavoklima.

The Stavoklima’s team chose the Li Pico curtain and dressed it in gold to add a luxurious touch to the place; thanks to its impressive performance, the air curtain has completely isolated the place from external factors, adjusting the temperatures inside the place, and preserving the healthy and refreshing environment of the place.

Li Pico air curtain in Saudi Arabia - how to install air curtain
Air curtain in Hobra Cafe


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