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Air Curtain one meter: types, benefits, and places of installation in Saudi Arabia

Curtain air meter: types, benefits and places of installation in Saudi Arabia

With the development of technology, many smart and innovative solutions have appeared to improve the quality of life in homes and commercial spaces. Among these innovative technologies is the “air curtain one meter”, which is an ideal solution for maintaining a pure and comfortable indoor atmosphere.

In this article, we will get acquainted with the technology of the air curtain one meter and how air curtain benefits affect homes and commercial spaces. We will also look at its relevance and functionality, as well as the place of its installation.

What is an air curtain one meter?

An air curtain one meter is a modern and innovative technology used to improve air quality and maintain temperatures in various spaces, be they indoors or in commercial spaces. This technology creates an invisible air barrier at entrances and doors, which serves to prevent the transfer of cold or hot air, insects, and dust between the two zones.

The importance of an air curtain one meter

The air curtains one meter are used in a variety of applications, such as commercial and industrial buildings, hospitals, restaurants, business centers, and more. These curtains are intended to improve comfort, improve air quality, save energy, and protect the place from the ingress of insects, dust, and unwanted odors.

Air curtains one meter is an effective solution to maintain a stable and comfortable indoor environment and also improve the safety and health of the place, making it an ideal choice for sites that require regular air flow and reduce the transfer of particles between different areas.

The benefits of air curtain one meter

An air curtain of one meter provides many benefits in a variety of environments and applications. Here are some of the main benefits of using an air curtain one meter:

1. Improve air quality:

The air curtain one meter filters the air from harmful particles and dust, which contributes to improving the air quality of the place. This creates a clean and healthy indoor environment for the people present.

2. Energy saving:

By preventing the transmission of cold or hot air between the separated areas, the air curtain of one meter contributes to energy savings. The consumption of heating or air conditioning appliances can be continuously reduced, reducing the energy bill.

3. Protection from insects and rodents:

The air curtain one meter acts as an effective barrier to prevent insects and rodents from entering the place; this protects against environmental pollution and reduces the incidence of disease.

4. Improved ventilation:

The air curtain of one meter contributes to the improvement of the overall ventilation of the place as it allows fresh air to flow through the entrances and doors.

5. Noise reduction:

By preventing the transmission of noise between different areas, the air curtain of one meter helps to create a quiet and comfortable environment for people who are inside the place.

6. Improved comfort:

Thanks to the maintenance of stable temperatures and good air quality, the air curtain meter contributes to improving the overall comfort of people inside the place.

7. Reduce maintenance costs:

By preventing insects and dust from entering, the need for common maintenance and cleaning work can be reduced.

8. Improve safety and security:

A curtain air meter helps prevent leakage of hot or cold air from the place, which maintains comfortable conditions for people and protects them from extreme weather conditions.

9. Improving the business environment:

In commercial spaces, the air curtain meter adds an element of professionalism and appreciation to customers and enhances the overall environment of the place.

In short, the air curtain meter offers a variety of important benefits, ranging from improving air quality, saving energy, and protecting against insects to improving comfort and safety and reducing maintenance costs.

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Types of air curtain one meter in Saudi Arabia

In KSA, a variety of types of air curtains and one meter are available to suit different applications and needs. Here are some common types of air meter curtains available in the Saudi market:

  1. One meter air curtains for doors:
    This type of curtain is installed above the doors and creates an air barrier when the door is opened. It is usually used at the main entrances of commercial buildings and business centers to prevent air transmission and maintain a stable temperature inside the place.

2. One-meter air curtains for large openings:
Used to cover larger openings, such as large hallways or main entrances to buildings, these air curtains are characterized by their ability to flow large amounts of air and provide effective protection.

3. One-meter air curtains for air ducts:
This type is used to cover the air ducts in buildings, which prevents the transmission of air and heat through them and improves the efficiency of ventilation.

4. Air curtain one meter for industries:
Used in industrial facilities to prevent dust, insects, and unwanted outside air from entering the interior spaces, these curtains come with customized designs and specifications to withstand the conditions of the industrial environment.

5. One-meter air curtains for restaurants and kitchens:
Used in restaurants and kitchens to maintain the purity of the air inside the place and provide a healthy environment for cooking.

These are just examples of the types of air meter curtains available in the Saudi market. You can choose the type that best suits your needs and your specific application to make the most of the benefits of this technology.

Air curtain one meter in Saudi Arabia
Types of Air Curtain Meters in Saudi Arabia

Places of installation of air curtain meters from Stavoklima

Air curtains one meter from Stavoklima can be installed in a variety of locations to bring many benefits. Here are some common installation places for air meter curtains from Stavoklima:

  • Main entrances of commercial buildings and business centers: meter air curtains can be installed above the main entrances to maintain a stable temperature inside the building and prevent cold or hot air from moving inside.
  • Restaurants and kitchens: air meter curtains are used in restaurants and kitchens to maintain indoor air quality and reduce the entry of insects and unwanted odors.
  • Hospitals and health facilities: these can be installed in hospitals and clinics to maintain a clean environment free of particles and germs.
  • Pollution-sensitive areas: these can be installed in areas that require protection from fine particles and air pollution.
  • Industrial and warehouse buildings are used to reduce the ingress of dust, insects, and unwanted outdoor air into indoor spaces.
  • Large hallways and halls: used to maintain stable temperatures and proper ventilation in large hallways and halls
  • Air ducts and side inlets: Meter air curtains can be installed on the air ducts and side inlets to prevent air transmission and maintain proper ventilation.

Air curtains one meter from Stavoklima allow you to improve the indoor environment in various places, be it commercial, industrial, or sanitary, contribute to energy savings, and improve comfort for users.

Projects adopting air curtain one meter in Saudi Arabia via Stavoklima

1. How Panda Company achieved a better work environment:

Panda Company works in the field of transportation and distribution, which necessitates the constant opening and closing of loading doors. This leads to air exchange between the internal and external environment, and since Panda Company owns large areas and aims to achieve leadership in its field, it decided to improve the working environment through the use of air curtains.

The Stavoklima team has chosen AXI9 industrial air curtains for their ability to prevent hot and humid air from entering the distribution center areas through the doors. AXI9 air curtains are characterized by their durability and strength, as they have a large air barrier that prevents the entry of wind, dust, and truck exhaust into the interior. Thus, air curtains contribute to improving the quality of the indoor environment and provide a comfortable and refreshing environment for the center’s employees.

Projects adopted air curtain one meters in Saudi Arabia via stavoklima
Air Curtains in Panda Company

2. More effective results were achieved by air curtains at the Mahad Hotel:

Mahad Hotel is considered one of the most prominent hotels in Mecca, as it is characterized by providing an incomparable accommodation experience. The hotel includes a variety of restaurants serving the most delicious Arabic and international dishes. Mahad Hotel is one of the most prominent luxury destinations to stay in Mecca, where guests are allowed to enjoy an unparalleled accommodation experience characterized by comfort and luxury.

In a smart move towards providing the best guest experience, Mahad Hotel has chosen to install air curtains from Stavoklima. This step comes in response to the challenges of high heat in the summer and the urgent need to maintain a comfortable indoor environment isolated from external factors. Summers are characterized by high temperatures and air filled with dust and insects, while the hotel has an air-conditioned atmosphere that provides comfort to guests. To achieve thermal insulation and maintain the purity of the air inside the hotel, Mahad Hotel in Mahad decided to use air curtains from Stavoklima. These curtains effectively improve air quality and reduce the transfer of heat, dust, and insects from the external environment to the interior, ensuring guests a pleasant and comfortable stay experience in an atmosphere of tranquility and seclusion.

Places of installation of air curtain meters from stavoklima
air curtains at the Mahad Hotel

Frequently asked questions about Air Curtain one meter:

1. Are air curtains worth it?

Whether air curtains are worth it depends on factors like energy savings, insect control needs, indoor air quality, and customer comfort. They can provide a return on investment through improved efficiency and comfort in commercial settings but should be evaluated based on specific needs and budget considerations. Consulting with experts can help determine their cost-effectiveness.

2. Where should air curtains be placed?

Air curtains are typically placed at entrances and openings in commercial, industrial, and healthcare facilities to create a barrier to moving air. Common locations include commercial entrances, loading docks, food service areas, and cold storage facilities. The placement depends on the specific objectives, such as temperature control, insect prevention, or indoor air quality improvement.

3. Will an air curtain heat a room?

Air curtains are primarily designed to create a barrier of moving air at entrances to prevent outdoor air, dust, and contaminants from entering. While some air curtains have heating elements, they are not effective at heating a room and should not be relied upon as a primary heating system. For room heating, dedicated heating systems like furnaces or heat pumps are more suitable.

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