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Air Curtains price in Saudi Arabia: types, methods of choice, and places of purchase

Air curtains above the door Prices and methods of choosing it

Improving the air quality in our homes and workplaces has become a necessity in our current time. An air curtain above the door is one of the smart and effective solutions to achieve this goal. This device purifies the air from harmful particles and unpleasant odors, making it suitable for many environments and uses.

If you are looking for more information about the air curtain price in Saudi Arabia, how to choose the right type, and where to buy at affordable prices, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will look at various types of air curtains above the door and share with you the basic instructions for choosing the ideal device for your specific needs. We will also give tips on where to buy at prices that suit your budget. Let’s start exploring the world of improving air quality through above-door air devices.

What is an air curtain price in Saudi Arabia?

An air curtain above the door is a kind of air purifier designed to be hung above the door or in proximity to it so that it can purify the indoor air and improve its quality. This device works on the principle of air purification through the use of various technologies to remove harmful particles, unpleasant odors, and other air impurities.

How do air curtains above the door work?

How to make an air device above the door depends on its model and design, but in general, the work of such devices can be summarized as follows:

  • Absorption and sorting: the above-door air device is characterized by powerful filters that absorb solid particles and pollutants from the air; these filters often include HEPA filters (high-efficiency particle filters) that remove very small particles such as dust, vaccines, and germs.
  • Sterilization and disinfection: some above-door air devices contain sterilization techniques that use ultraviolet rays (UV-C) to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes; this contributes to an additional improvement in air quality.
  • Deodorization: some units have special purification filters to remove unpleasant odors from the air, making them ideal for places with odors such as kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Speed and timing control: most devices provide options to control the purification speed and time settings to suit your specific needs.

The choice of an air device above the door should be based on your individual needs and the size of the room in which you would like to purify the air. You should also take into account the design and additional features that you prefer.

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What are the uses of an air curtain above the door in Saudi Arabia?

An over-door air device in KSA can be used in many places and applications to improve indoor air quality and provide a healthier and more comfortable environment. Here are some common uses of these devices in KSA:

  • Homes: An air device above the door can be used in Saudi homes to purify the air and improve its quality inside the rooms, helping to remove dust, pollen, unwanted odors, and germs, which contributes to the health and comfort of the residents of the house.
  • Offices and workplaces: it can be used in offices and business shops to improve air quality, provide a healthier and more productive work environment, reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria in the air, and contribute to the prevention of diseases.
  • Restaurants and cafes: in the food and beverage industry, an air device above the door can be used to help remove odors and improve the customer experience.
  • Gyms: in fitness centers and gyms, these devices can be used to improve air quality and make exercise more comfortable.
  • Schools and universities: can be used in educational institutions to improve air quality inside classrooms and libraries.
  • Hospitals and health facilities: in medical environments, an air device above the door is useful to keep the air clean and prevent the spread of infection.
  • Shops: can be used in shops and malls to provide a comfortable shopping environment for customers.

These are some of the common uses of an above-door air curtain in Saudi Arabia, and they can be adapted to the needs of your particular place and environmental requirements.

Air Curtains price in Saudi Arabia: types, methods of choice, and places of purchase
using of an air curtain above the door

How to choose the right over-door air device for your workplace

Choosing an air device over the door that is suitable for your workplace requires attention to several important factors. Here are some tips that can help you make this choice:

  • The size of the place: estimate the size of the place whose air quality you would like to improve, and choose a device that has the appropriate capacity to efficiently purify the air at this size.
  • Air flow rate (CFM): check the air flow rate of the device; CFM indicates the amount of air that the device can circulate per hour; choose a device that matches the needs of the workplace in terms of airflow.
  • Type of filters: check that the type of filter in the device is suitable for removing particles and odors that you want to get rid of. HEPA filters are common for removing particles, while activated charcoal filters can be suitable for removing odors.
  • Air purification rate: check the air purification rate that the device can provide; some devices have higher rates than others, which means better air purification.
  • Additional features: look for additional features that may be useful for the workplace, such as the presence of UV-C technology for air sterilization or speed and timing control settings.
  • Noise level: pay attention to the noise level that the device emits. It is preferable to choose a device that is quiet enough not to affect the workers in the area.
  • Energy efficiency: check the energy efficiency of the device; choose a device that consumes less energy to save on operating costs.
  • Brands and reviews: do research on well-known brands and read reviews of the device you intend to purchase to check its quality and performance.
  • Device warranty: check if there is a warranty for the device and see if the manufacturer provides excellent technical support service.

By choosing the right above-door air device according to the needs of the workplace, you can improve the air quality and create a healthy and comfortable environment for workers and visitors.

What is the air curtain price in Saudi Arabia?

We can say that the prices of an air device above the door vary greatly in the Saudi market. Multiple factors play a role in determining these prices, including the brand, model, capacity, additional features, and where you buy the device. Knowing the needs of your place accurately and conducting extensive research helps in choosing the right device for you and your budget, so, before buying, it is always preferable to research and compare the available options to ensure you get the best possible value.

Factors determining the air curtain price in Saudi Arabia depend on your business

The air curtain price in Saudi Arabia may vary significantly depending on several factors, including:

  • Brand and model: the brand and model of the device play a big role in determining the price; devices from well-known brands and models with superior features are usually more expensive.
  • Capacity and performance: above-door Air devices come in different capacities and performances; devices with high capacity and advanced performance are often more expensive than devices with low capacity.
  • Additional features: the presence of additional features such as UV-C air sterilization technology or advanced control settings may affect the price.
  • The size of the place: depending on the size of the place whose air quality you want to improve, you may need a larger device or several devices, and this can affect the cost of the investment.
  • Where to buy: the price may vary depending on where you buy the device; online and local stores offer different prices.
  • Warranty and customer service: some devices come with a warranty and good technical support service, which raises their price a little.
  • Demand and supply: prices are also influenced by supply and demand in the market; if there is a high demand for these devices, their price may rise.
  • Business activity: if you are buying the device to use for a specific business, there may be devices designed specifically for specific businesses, and this can affect the price as well.

The best types of air devices above the door to save energy and prevent insects from entering

The best types of air device above the door to save energy and prevent the entry of insects represent an ideal solution to maintain the quality of indoor air in our homes, at the same time-saving energy and preventing the entry of harmful insects, there are many types designed with features that help achieve these goals, modern technology air purifiers feature energy-saving designs and advanced filters that eliminate small particles and odors.

In addition, they can come with an additional seal to prevent the entry of insects, reviewing the specifications of the device and reading user reviews can help in choosing a device that meets the needs of quality, efficiency, and safety, depending on your requirements, you can find An air device above the door saves energy and maintains a clean and insect-free indoor environment.

Stavoklima is the best company to buy and install and to know more about air curtain price in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima is considered one of the best companies providing door air device and installation services in Saudi Arabia. The company has an excellent reputation in the field of air purification and ventilation and offers a wide range of high-quality devices that meet the diverse needs of customers.

Taking advantage of Stavoklima’s services means that you are dealing with professional experts who can help you choose the right device for your individual needs and provide installation service with high accuracy to ensure perfect device performance. Thanks to its dedication to providing high-quality and excellent service, Stavoklima is a reliable choice for individuals and companies looking for a reliable door air device.

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Stavoclima projects on the installation of Air devices above the door in Saudi Arabia
install an air device above the door

Stavoklima projects the installation of air devices above the door in Saudi Arabia

1. The E Expert Eye Center for Eye Experts in Saudi Arabia:

E Expert Eye Center is a medical center specializing in ophthalmology and surgery and is considered one of the best centers for vision correction, cataract procedures, and all fields of ophthalmology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The center has sophisticated and highly sensitive facilities, so maintaining high standards of care and hygiene is extremely important for the center.

In cooperation with the Stavoklima team, the E Experts Center has isolated the indoor environment from annoying external interferences such as heat, dust, insects, etc., to maintain a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere inside the center. A Li0 curtain is installed on the main door of the center, which is considered one of the best options due to its impressive features. It has four different speeds to adapt to all external weather conditions, and it works throughout the day without interruption. In addition, they perfectly harmonize with the decor of the place. Thanks to this installation, the center has successfully maintained a fresh indoor environment, free from any irritating factors or harmful impurities.

2. Crowne Plaza Hotel in Saudi Arabia:

Crowne Plaza, a luxury hotel and conference center in Saudi Arabia, is distinguished by its wonderful facilities, which include a swimming pool and a spacious garden. To ensure that the pool environment is maintained independent of the hotel’s internal environment and to prevent unwanted heat transfer and the entry of insects and dust, Crown Plaza Hotel, in cooperation with the Stavoklima team, installed an air curtain on the hotel door overlooking the pool. A Li-Pico air curtain with a classic design and excellent performance was chosen.

After the completion of the installation, Crown Plaza Hotel succeeded in achieving its goal by successfully separating the pool environment from the hotel’s internal environment, thereby providing a fresh and clean internal environment free of dust, insects, and any harmful factors from the external environment.

Book your free consultation to choose the most suitable type of air curtain price in Saudi Arabia for your workplace!

Enjoy a unique and easy experience to choose the most suitable type of overhead air device for your workplace by booking your free consultation with the Stavoklima team, we are here to help you understand your individual needs and choose the perfect device that suits your environment and budget, with our extensive experience in the field of air purification and ventilation systems.

We offer you the guidance and professional advice you need to achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, don’t miss this opportunity to consult our specialized experts and book your free consultation today with Stavoklima, to start your journey towards improving the air quality in your workplace and saving valuable energy!

FAQ about air curtain price in Saudi Arabia:

What is the purpose of an air curtain?

An air curtain, also known as an air door, serves a multifunctional purpose primarily aimed at creating an invisible barrier between two different environments. This device blows a controlled stream of air across an opening, effectively separating distinct areas without the need for a physical door. The primary function of an air curtain is to maintain environmental separation, which helps in preserving the indoor climate by preventing cold or hot air, dust, and insects from entering a conditioned space.

How effective is an air curtain?

The effectiveness of an air curtain depends on several factors, including its design, installation, and the conditions in which it is used. Generally, when properly selected and correctly installed, air curtains can be highly effective in achieving their intended purpose. They are particularly adept at maintaining temperature control and indoor air quality by creating a strong air barrier that minimizes the infiltration of outside air, pollutants, insects, and dust.

Is air curtain necessary?

Air curtains can be beneficial in certain situations, but whether they are necessary depends on various factors and the specific use case. Air curtains are typically installed above doorways or entrances and create a barrier of air that helps prevent outdoor air, dust, insects, and pollutants from entering a building while allowing people and goods to pass through.

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