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Air Curtains for medical and industrial laboratories – Stavoklima

Air Curtains for medical and industrial laboratories

If you are wondering how air curtains for medical and industrial laboratories will help you, you are in the right place.

Medical and industrial laboratories are the places responsible for conducting various scientific experiments with a medical or industrial objective. They are characterized by the possession of sensitive special techniques and devices that assist in working and detect any problem or imbalance. Medical laboratories help diagnose the disease, identify the underlying cause, and help doctors find treatment, while industrial laboratories are used to measure the quality of the product provided, whether it be medicine, food, or otherwise.

So they need air curtains; keep reading to learn more.

Challenges faced by medical and industrial laboratories in Saudi Arabia

Industrial and medical laboratories possess highly sensitive devices and set highly controlled conditions and standards regarding temperatures, hygiene, and others so as to ensure the success of the experiment and the sincerity of the result. However, the Saudi climate posed some challenges to these laboratories,

The most notable of which are:

  • Entering moisture into the laboratory and gathering it around the conditioners creates an inconvenient indoor environment.
  • Leaking hot air from the outside causes a dysfunction in the interior heat, which affects the work of the laboratory.
  • Entering insects indoors causes difficulty within the laboratory due to the need for extreme hygiene during work.
  • By evaporating from experiments and integrating with the air of the place, they disturb the comfort of the workers.
  • Spreading dust due to the nature of the desert weather in Saudi Arabia.

How air curtains help medical and industrial laboratories in Saudi Arabia

Air curtains are electrical devices designed to create a durable air barrier for separating the external and internal environments of a place and preventing any exchange of heat or small and large particles between them. Therefore, their use in medical and industrial laboratories will enable the plant’s environment to maintain conditions.

Here are the most significant benefits air curtains can bring to your medical or industrial laboratory:

  • Provide complete isolation between outside and inside the laboratory, including all negative environmental factors.
  • Prevent insects or small particles from entering the interior.
  • Keep the lab’s temperature controlled to prevent air leakage from the outside.
  • Make the lab’s atmosphere clean and refreshing by pulling excess fumes and preventing dust spread.

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The most suitable air curtains for medical and industrial laboratories in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima offers a wide range of air curtains for medical and industrial laboratories. We provide you with the best to achieve the best environment.

Here is a list of air curtains that can become part of your medical and industrial laboratory. These curtains can help you maintain a clean and sterile atmosphere:

1- Air Curtain Type Li0:

The Li0 air curtain is one of the best air curtain options in Stavoklima’s wide range, with several advantages:

● Available in several colors.

● Easily maintained,

● High-protection level in variable air pressure situations.

● Equipped with advanced fans to enhance comfort.

Air Curtains for medical and industrial laboratories - air curtain in KSA
Air Curtain Type Li0

2- Air Curtain Type Econ C:

It is the most appropriate choice for places without space to install an air curtain. It is designed to be hidden. Here are its features:

● It has a low noise level and does not disturb.

● It is attached to an IR remote control that is 35 meters away.

Insulation between interiors and exteriors is secure and durable.

● It works all day without stopping.

The most suitable air curtains for medical and industrial laboratories in Saudi Arabia - air curtain in Saudi Arabia
Air Curtain Type Econ C

3- Air Curtain Type Axi3:

Axi3 industrial air curtains can withstand harsh climate conditions from -40 to +79 degrees; they are used in industrial spaces, warehouses, and loading areas to isolate the interior.

The Axi3 air curtain is one of its best versions for these reasons:

● It has easily accessible filters and motors and does not need maintenance.

● It creates a durable air barrier between the internal and external environments.

● There is almost no noise to avoid noise.

● It is energy-efficient and works throughout the day without stopping.

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air curtain installation
Air Curtain Type Axi3

Stavoklima air curtain installation projects in Saudi cities

Saudi Stavoklima is seeking to create distinctive models of air curtains that suit the climate of Saudi Arabia; it provides innovative solutions that help medical and industrial places achieve the highest quality.

Here are the most prominent projects implemented by the Stavoklima team in the medical and industrial fields:

Mshhor Eye Experts Center:

Mshhor Eye Experts Center is a medical center specializing in ophthalmology and ophthalmologic surgery. It is considered one of the best centers for vision correction, cataract surgery, and everything related to ophthalmology in Saudi Arabia. With highly advanced and sensitive devices, it was essential to provide a high level of care and hygiene.

Mshhor Eye Experts Center collaborated with the Stavoklima team to isolate the interior environment from disturbing external factors like heat, dust, insects, etc., so the interior atmosphere remains refreshing and mild.

So, a Li0 air curtain has been installed on the center’s main door. This curtain is one of the best options at Stavoklima because it has four speeds to fit any weather outside and works non-stop throughout the day. After installation, the center maintained a moderate indoor atmosphere free from harmful factors and impurities.

Li0 air curtain in Mshhor Eye Experts Center - air curtain supplier in Saudi Arabia
Mshhor Eye Experts Center

Fakeeh Hospital:

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital is one of the most well-known hospitals in Saudi Arabia. It constantly seeks to stay one step ahead in the medical sector to provide the best health services in Saudi Arabia and worldwide. The hospital features large spaces spread across several floors and has a large cafeteria on the second floor. This causes inconvenience to the hospital because the smell of food spreads to the rest of the building, so Stavoklima is very vital here.

Stavoklima’s team was eager to install an air curtain on the cafeteria door. This creates complete insulation between the cafeteria inside and the rest of the hospital. However, because of the small space between the door and the ceiling, the team chose the Econ-C air curtain, as it is invisible and can be installed inside the wall, overcoming the small space problem.

After the installation, the hospital experienced significant changes and no longer received any complaints regarding the food smell inside the hospital. This made the building adhere to the highest quality standards in the Saudi Kingdom.

Econ-C air curtain in Fakeeh Hospital - Stavoklima Saudi air curtain
Air curtain Fakeeh Hospital

Aquat Food Industries Company (AL BAIK Restaurant):

Aquat Food Industries Company produces hundreds of ready-to-eat items per day under the highest hygiene conditions in a clean and sterile environment. Aquat Factory has faced some challenges related to low temperatures inside the cold rooms due to the continuous opening and closing of doors. In addition, it has faced challenges in its sauce manufacturing areas and storage rooms.

It was, therefore, necessary to find a way to help them isolate the factory from external factors and adjust the temperature of the place so as not to harm the products, especially because food is sensitive and easily vandalized.

The Stavoklima team selected a stainless steel Axi3 air curtain to install on the factory’s and cold room’s doors. This created a durable air barrier that prevents the entry of outdoor air and the leakage of cold indoor air. It also prevents the entry of flying insects into the factory.

Axi3 air curtain in Aquat Food Industries Company - Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains, riyadh
Aquat Food Industries Company

To order one or get further information about air curtains via Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains, contact the best air curtain supplier in Saudi Arabia via WhatsApp, and we will provide you with everything you need.


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