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The importance of installing air curtains on the doors of Saudi palaces and villas

The importance of installing air curtains on the doors of Saudi palaces and villas

In the article, you will learn about the importance of installing air curtains on the doors of Saudi palaces and villas.

The villa-style house is a house with large spaces and many rooms; it is often multi-story. This house is usually in a spacious place that separates it from other houses, making its facade overlook open spaces.

The palaces are large constructions built with thick, high walls; they have large gardens and overlook large areas free of urban construction, so they need an isolation system that provides electrical power and avoids many problems.

Palaces and villas problems in winter and summer

As palaces and villas are characterized by large areas overlooking open areas, they are exposed to many challenges related to their indoor environment in the hot Saudi climate.

The most notable of which are:

  • Entering insects indoors.
  • Leaking hot air indoors requires the disposal of double the power from conditioners to restore the required cold or warm temperatures.
  • Gathering the moisture coming from outside around the air-conditioning vents inside.
  • Exposing the house to severe waves of dust coming from hot outdoor spaces.

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How do Air Curtains help protect palaces and villas from air problems in Saudi Arabia?

The air curtain is a device that creates an invisible air barrier at the entrance to effectively separate two different environments without causing any obstacles to entry, exit, or door opening movement. So, the installation of the air curtain in villas or palaces will achieve many positive things with respect to the interior environment of the place, as it is:

  • It will make the indoor environment fresh and clean.
  • It will prevent any insects from entering.
  • It will create a durable air barrier that will prevent any dust from entering.
  • It will provide a villa or palace with complete isolation from the outdoors.

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Stavoklima air curtain installation projects in Saudi Arabia

Here is a range of projects executed by Stavoklima in Saudi Arabia for different places. and we explain how the air curtains have helped to achieve an isolated and healthy environment that has maintained the level of comfort in those places.

1- Crowne Plaza Hotel:

The Crowne Plaza RDC Hotel & Convention Center in Saudi Arabia has a large pool and garden with a wide area. The hotel management wanted to isolate the pool area from the inside environment of the hotel so as to prevent the leakage of heat, insects, and dust indoors.

Here was the role of the Stavoklima team in assisting the Crowne Plaza Hotel by installing the Li Pico air curtain with its classic design and strong performance on the hotel’s pool door.

After installation, the Crowne Plaza Hotel succeeded in separating the outdoor environment from the indoor one, keeping the interior environment fresh, clean, and free of dust, insects, and other harmful external factors.

air curtains on the doors - palaces in saudi arabia
Air curtain door in Crowne Plaza Hotel

2- Booze Coffee:

Booze Café is a high-end coffee shop specializing in making various types of coffee in Riyadh. The café attracts hundreds of visitors every day, causing the door to be constantly opened, so the challenge was to maintain a cool indoor environment free from disturbing external factors.

The Stavoklima team selected the air curtain Li Mini because it has an elegant and durable European design as well as strong performance in air insulation. It was able to form a durable air barrier, adjusting the interior environment and preventing the entry of any insects or dust, thereby eliminating enough concern about the opening and closing of the door and associated challenges.

The importance of installing air curtains on the doors of Saudi palaces and villas - entrance door air curtain
Air curtains in Booze Coffee

3- Mshhor Eye Experts Center:

Eye Experts Center is a medical center specializing in ophthalmology and one of the best centers for eyesight correction, white-water operations, and everything related to ophthalmology in Saudi Arabia. It also has highly sensitive advanced devices, so it was important to maintain the high level of care and hygiene for which the center is known.

The Center collaborated with the Stavoklima team to isolate the interior environment from the disturbing external factors of heat, dust, insects, and others to maintain the refreshingly mild atmosphere inside.

The team installed a curtain type Li0 on the main door of the center because it has four speeds, meaning that it fits all weather conditions, works throughout the day, and is suitable for the decorations of the place. After installation, the center had a moderate indoor atmosphere free from any harmful factors and impurities.

commercial air curtain
Air curtains in Mshhor Eye Expert Center

4- Al jazeera Market:

Aljazer Hypermarket is one of the centers known to provide all kinds of products that Saudi citizens may need; they have huge warehouses that cover their branches’ needs for food products and other items. These warehouses overlook wide open spaces bearing warehouse dust and high heat. So, the management team decided to cooperate with the Stavoklima team to maintain the pure indoor atmosphere and adjust temperatures by preventing the entry of external heat into the interior.

The team installed Li Pico air door curtains on the main warehouse doors. The curtain succeeded in meeting the client’s requirements for creating durable insulation between the internal and external environments and keeping the warehouse free of any heat, dust, or insects entering the interior.

air curtain door
Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains, riyadh
Air curtain Al Jazeera Market

Stavoklima Saudi air curtain for Palaces with purity and freshness

Air curtains have become an important element for villas and palaces to provide a clean and insulating atmosphere between indoor and outdoor environments.

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