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How Do Air Curtains Reduce The Carbon Footprint of Your Facility and Laboratory

energy saving air curtain - How do air curtains reduce the carbon footprint of your facility and laboratory

If you are the owner of an industrial facility and want to reduce the carbon footprint of your facility or laboratory, this article will help you learn about the carbon footprint, its damage to the climate, how to reduce the carbon footprint through air curtains, and what the best air curtains are that have helped owners achieve this goal.

What is the carbon footprint of the business?

Carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere through a given activity, such as individual activities or entities such as a building, company, or even a country.

It includes emissions from fuel combustion in manufacturing, heating, and vehicles, in addition to other greenhouse gas emissions such as methane or CFCs.

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Carbon footprint damage to climate

Because the carbon footprint adversely affects the environment and changes our planet’s climate, it is important to understand how carbon and greenhouse gas emissions affect the environment and behave in a way that reduces the climate challenges and damages, like:

  • Air pollution affects human health and living organisms.
  • Climate change and delayed seasons and precipitation.
  • The melting of glaciers and polar ice.
  • The drop in crop production and, thus, food security.
air curtains save energy - air curtain in KSA
Carbon footprint damage to climate

The importance of reducing the carbon footprint of business in line with global climate instructions

Whether your business is industrial, commercial, or service-oriented, you should prioritize lowering your carbon footprint for the following reasons:

  • Strengthen companies’ role in playing an important role in achieving a sustainable future.
  • Have a green environment to protect society in the long term.
  • It is an important option not only to protect the environment but also to work smartly.
  • Improve the quality of the surrounding climate, leading to an improved working environment.
  • This leads to a reduction in energy costs, and therefore, energy will cost less money.

what is the purpose of air curtains and How do air curtains reduce the carbon footprint of your facility and business?

The air curtain’s purpose is to reduce the carbon footprint of factories, commercial enterprises, and industrial enterprises by creating an invisible air barrier, thus preventing cold or hot air from going out through open doors permanently.

The use of air curtains will reduce the facility footprint and the need for air conditioners and energy, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and, thus, lower building operating costs. Recent studies conducted in Finland have found that air curtains can reduce air leakage through entrances by up to 86%, and therefore, air curtains are important technologies aimed at reducing loss, improving efficiency, and reducing carbon footprint.

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Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains
How do air curtains reduce the carbon footprint of your facility and business?

Best Air Curtains to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Saudi Arabia

Air curtains are generally considered one of the best ways to insulate and purify air from dust and insects, but energy-saving air curtains in Saudi Arabia are one of the best innovative technologies in energy conservation and thus carbon footprint reduction for industrial and service facilities.

However, air curtains can save energy and reduce carbon emissions only if experts in this area inspect the place and then design them in proportion to the size and composition of the room in the right way; otherwise, they will not provide the hoped-for effects for optimal results.

Energy-saving curtains include:

1- Li-mini air curtains save energy:

The Air Curtain type Li Mini is the optimal choice for restaurants, banks, hotels, and clothing shops in terms of protection, comfort, and light emissions. It has a modern design that allows it to provide electric power with the ability to control the temperature of the place.

2- Li-0 Energy-Saving Air Curtains:

The Air Curtain type Li0 is ideal for hospitals, malls, and public buildings that are open to a large number of visitors per day; they are considered energy efficient with unparalleled quality to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

3- Li-2 Energy-Saving Air Curtains:

The energy-efficient air curtain Li2 is designed for situations that need significant electricity savings to reduce emissions in installations. It features thick air, which is more powerful than normal to ensure higher protection.

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4-Eco-C Saving-Energy Air Curtains:

The energy-efficient air curtains of type Econ-C are a modern design model to be used to reduce the carbon footprint. They are used for doors where there is insufficient space to install unincorporated curtains. They also help control the temperature of the place and ensure the protection of doors and installations.

How Stavoklima reduced the carbon footprint of dozens of projects in Saudi Arabia

Air curtains have a significant impact on the provision of electric power and reduce the carbon footprint of dozens of industrial and commercial projects in Saudi Arabia.

Here are some of these projects that have benefited from the distinctive characteristics of air curtains in preserving the environment:

1. National Poultry Company:

The energy-efficient air curtain type LI2 was selected by the Stavoklima team of specialists for the National Poultry Company. It has the function of keeping cool and ensuring that the indoor atmosphere is not affected by hot air coming from outside to protect the indoor environment and reduce the work of double conditioners.

air curtain purpose- air curtain suppliers near me
National Poultry Company

2. Crowne Plaza Hotel:

Crowne Plaza’s management wanted to have a perfect, mild, dust-free, and insect-free ambiance in addition to reducing its carbon footprint. Thus, the air curtain type Li-Pico was chosen to keep the surrounding environment of the hotel clean through significant electricity savings.

commercial air curtain - Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains, riyadh
Crowne Plaza Hotel

3. Soliman Al-Fakeeh Hospital:

After Soliman Al-Fakeeh Hospital faced many challenges, especially leaking annoying food odors into all corridors of the hospital, the Econ-C air curtain was adopted to purify the atmosphere and reduce carbon emissions from the use of conditioners to the maximum.

air curtain flow - energy efficient air curtains
Soliman Al-Fakeeh Hospital

Stavoklima Saudi European Air Curtains is a leader in designing and installing the latest energy-saving air curtains that help reduce the carbon footprint and preserve the environment in Saudi Arabia.

Contact us today for our best energy-saving air curtain solutions.


Carbon footprint and its effects

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