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The importance of installing an air curtain on revolving doors – Stavoklima

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Air curtains are considered the first line of defense for revolving doors in many business entities because of the major role that they play in helping obtain the refreshing and moderate atmosphere that all business owners wish existed without much effort.

In this article, you will learn about how important it is to install air curtains for doors and revolving door air curtain, what problems are experienced by Saudi shops and companies, and what the best ways are to achieve the optimal results in terms of air purification and moderation and air curtains effective.

Challenges of buildings with revolving doors

With air curtain door revolving that are not attached to air curtains, large and small commercial buildings and centers suffer from many problems. These problems include:

  • Entering contaminants with air flowing through revolving doors that have no filtering characteristic.
  • Bringing insects, dust, and harmful soil indoors causes great inconvenience to customers and employees.
  • Having large doors in large buildings leads to a higher number of visitors and a longer time between closing and opening; this means an increase in contamination in the atmosphere.
  • The inability to maintain a moderate temperature inside the place because it does not separate the indoors from the outdoors due to the repeatedly opened and closed doors
  • Causing significant waste of electrical energy due to the air conditioners’ considerable efforts in constantly modifying the atmosphere, they waste a lot of money due to energy waste.

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The importance of installing an air curtain on revolving doors - Stavoklima
air curtain benefits

Benefits of air curtains installing on revolving doors

Installing the air curtain above door and on the reviving doors is the best step you can make to reduce the problems of these doors; the air curtains are placed above the door in order to create an invisible barrier, leading to a refreshing atmosphere for your company and saving a lot of money.

4 Reasons to install air curtains above revolving doors

  1. Increasing customer comfort: Air curtains cool the hot atmosphere in summer and warm the cold atmosphere in winter, especially for customers waiting close to the doors, making them feel more comfortable.
  2. Enhancing the atmosphere’s cleanliness: air curtains enable you to have a healthy and clean environment indoors by preventing the passage of insects and other contaminants, such as dust, vapors, and smoke, into the space.
  3. Reducing energy waste: Air curtains prevent mild air leaks outside the building while maintaining the required temperatures indoors, resulting in reduced electricity use and costs.
  4. Giving a positive impression of the place: By adhering to the quality standards in terms of hygiene and sanitization; and preventing irritating smells and insects from entering, you can attract more customers by maintaining your brand’s good reputation.

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Stavoklima air curtain installation projects in Saudi Arabia

Learn about the most famous Saudi shops and commercial companies that have adopted Stavoklima air curtains to maintain a clean and sterile environment.

1. VOX Cinemas Building:

Vox Cinemas is the largest operator of cinemas in the Middle East and in all Saudi cities. Therefore, because of its space and superior importance, Stavoklima’s team has chosen the Li0 air curtain to provide a clean, insect-free, and dust-free environment; a moderate spring atmosphere in summer and winter; and to maintain calm despite the installation of an air curtain with a big engine.

air curtain door
revolving door air curtain in VOX Cinemas Building

2. Crowne Plaza Hotel:

The Crown Plaza Hotel offers an ideal choice for visitors and tourists; guests are enjoying the highest standards of luxury service. To maximize the quality-standard experience of the hotel, the classic and stylish Li Pico air curtain, with a low noise level, is adopted for proper and healthy insulation of the indoor environment from the outdoor environment, ensuring the optimal atmosphere inside the hotel.

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3. Aljazeera Markets Center:

The management of Aljazeera Markets has been keen to obtain the appropriate curtains to provide special protection against environmental factors in the region, as the weather in Saudi Arabia is hot.

With the entry of air loaded with dust and insects, the Li Pico air curtains were installed because they are energy-efficient, suitable for small and large doors, operate at several speeds, and relieve the burden on conditioners.

4. The Ritz Carlton Hotel:

The branch of the Ritz Carlton in Jeddah is located along the sea corniche, making it vulnerable to the sea stream and moisture during the day, especially at the main visitor’s entrance.

The Stavoklima team chose the Axial concealed air curtain that was designed to form a moisture insulator and maintain an environment free of marine effects; it is also suitable for high-height hotel doors, maintaining a calm environment free of any annoying external effects.

air curtain installation - air curtains for doors
air curtain in the Ritz Carlton Hotel

5. Booze cafe:

Booze Cafe is one of the most prestigious coffee cafes in Riyadh. Because of the opening and closing of the cafe door hundreds of times a day with the atmosphere filled with hot air accompanied by moisture and soil, the Li mini air curtain had to be installed with a modern European curtain design with remote control technology by the 35-meter control with its ability to work 24 hours without stopping.

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