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Saudi HVAC systems and air curtains for 2023

ما هي أنظمة HVAC  في المباني والمنشآت التجارية؟

Learn about the importance of air curtains in HVAC systems within Saudi buildings and businesses and their role in improving the environment and cleanliness of the indoor atmosphere in those shops.

In this article, you will find HVAC solutions in Saudi Arabia everything you need to know, and how to take advantage of the air conditioning, cooling, and heating systems in the buildings as best as possible.

Keep on reading to know more about Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains and Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains.

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What are HVAC systems in buildings and businesses?

HVAC systems in buildings and businesses are heating, cooling, and ventilation systems well as being an indispensable part of modern buildings; they also include several components including air curtains primarily, condensers, thermosets, evaporator coils, and air compressors.

They mainly work on providing comfort to visitors and staff throughout the year; they maintain nice temperatures inside buildings while taking care of air hygiene and healthy humidity by passing air through their systems, adjusting temperatures, removing excess water (moisture) from the air, preserving the purity of the air after passing the fans of these systems.

The importance of HVAC systems in maintaining a pure and healthy atmosphere

They maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere in buildings, and commercial and industrial enterprises in their different fields. The responsibility of employers is to ensure a healthy working environment for visitors and employees, thereby guaranteeing greater productivity and profits.

Therefore, heating and cooling systems, the most important part of which is air curtains, are one of the most important requirements when processing any building or workplace.

Here are the most importance of climate control systems in buildings, plants and businesses:

  • Place heating: The cold environment disperses staff and upsets visitors, so HVAC systems provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere in winter, increasing productivity and visitor’s comfort in your building.
  • Refrigeration and conditioning: Modern cooling systems provide the best cooling for workplaces and maintain the required temperatures, making the place more comfortable, and suitable for all small and large building areas.
  • Air purification: Air curtains within cooling and heating systems serve as one of the best ways to purify the air from all bad factors of the external environment such as dust, smells, as well as insects.
  • Energy Saving: Air curtains as one of the components of the HVAC system keep your air conditioners cool, saving you electricity costs. So, they are an indispensable long-term investment in any building.

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The Importance of Air Curtains in HVAC Systems Saudi Arabia - air curtain hvac
The role of HVAC systems in purifying the interior atmosphere

HVAC system KSA components in industrial and office buildings

Air curtains are one of the most important components of modern HVAC systems in industrial buildings and offices of various spaces and fields in Saudi Arabia.

They have already been chosen by many companies because of their advantages for the owners of these facilities.

Here are the most sought-after HVAC air curtains in Saudi Arabia via Saudi Stavoklima:

Order the best European air curtain in Saudi Arabia

1. Electric energy-saving air curtains:

This category comes in several types, all of which are based on one goal which is to save electrical power in laboratories, buildings, and commercial facilities.

They are installed over doors to create an invisible air barrier preventing the entry of hot air from the outside, thereby preserving the gentle indoor air out of air conditioning devices, leading to saving electric power.

HVAC System Components in Industrial and Office Buildings - hvac air curtain
Types of Air Curtains in Saudi Arabia

2. Luxury air curtains:

Luxury air curtains for restaurants are designed to match premises and installations with luxurious designs.

They come in a number of forms, including vertical and curved circular to fit into sliding doors. They are also characterized by their absolute calm and total isolation, providing the air purification required to maintain the high atmosphere and preventing the entry of dust, and insects from outside.

air curtain heating and cooling - Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains, riyadh
About luxury air curtains

3. Industrial air curtains:

As for the Axi class industrial air curtains, they are the most suitable for laboratories and factories because they withstand the harshest and most difficult climatic conditions, including very low temperatures that reach below zero and high temperatures that reach 80 degrees, and they are suitable for warehouses and cold rooms due to the strong air barrier they form, which completely isolates the logic and provides the required climatic conditions for these places.

air curtain hvac in Saudi Arabia
What are industrial air curtains?

Saudi laboratories and companies have adopted air curtains as one of the components of the HVAC system

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Here are the most famous Saudi factories and companies that have certified air curtains as one of the components of the HVAC system ordered via Saudi Stavoklima.

1. Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing:

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing has approved its building the air curtains type Li0, Li Pico within the components of the HVAC systems in order to maintain a clean and sterile atmosphere, which gives employees and visitors more comfort due to the air barrier formed by the air curtains to maintain the pleasant indoor atmosphere, which saved electrical energy and conformed to Saudi Vision 2030.

air conditioning in saudi arabia
What is the need of the Ministry of Housing Affairs for air curtains from Stavoklima?

2. The Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah branch:

The management of the Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah Branch has selected air curtains as one of the HVAC systems in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere by communicating with Stavoklima Saudi.

Which air curtain did the Stavoklima team choose for the Carlton Hotel in Jeddah - Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains
How did the Axial concealed air curtain preserve the environment of Ritz-Carlton hotels?

3. Aquat-Food Industries Factory (Albaik Restaurant):

The Department of the Albaik Restaurant has installed industrial door air curtains in its factory known as Aquat Food Industries Factory to maintain hygiene and sterilization through the air barrier formed by air curtains that prevent the entry of dust, soil, and any external contaminants, keeping the temperatures required with significant saving of electrical power.

For more details on companies that have adopted HVAC systems click here.

Industrial Air Curtains Axi9 from Stavoklima - air curtain suppliers in riyadh
Air curtains in Al Baik restaurant factory

Types of Air Conditioning, cooling, and heating systems in buildings and Companies

Here are the most prominent types of air conditioning, cooling, and heating systems in Saudi buildings and companies:

  1. Separate heating and cooling systems.
  2. Hybrid split system.
  3. Split Mini System.
  4. Local ventilation.
  5. Air conditioning and ventilation system.

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The role of air curtains in the integration of HVAC system components

Curtains play an essential role in integrating the components of the HVAC system. Here are the most important benefits:

  • They block hot air from the outside by the durable air barrier they create at the doors.
  • They purify indoor air in buildings by preventing the entry of insects, and dust, complementing the role of HVAC systems.
  • They provide electrical power because they save the cold or warm air produced by HVAC systems inside the building.
  • They prevent the entry of smoke and annoying smells from outside.
  • The air curtain system in Saudi Arabia is an effective solution to prevent moisture from forming in cold rooms.


Why HVAC Is Important To A Healthy Workplace

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