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Installation of all types of air curtains in Riyadh in detail for 2023

installing an air curtain in Riyadh

Air curtains are one of the modern and effective solutions to maintain the proper temperature inside buildings and maintain indoor air quality, and the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a noticeable rise in temperatures during the summer, which makes the use of air curtains necessary to maintain the comfort of individuals and save energy, and to meet this increasing need, there are many shops and companies in Riyadh that provide installation services for all types of air curtains with the latest technologies and international specifications, and in this article, we will talk in detail about installing all types of air curtains in Riyadh for 2023, including the types of curtains and their features and their prices, and the best company that provides this service.

If you are looking for effective solutions to maintain the right temperature inside your building, do not miss the opportunity to read this useful and comprehensive article!

Information about the installation of air curtains in Riyadh

Air curtains are one of the innovative technologies increasingly being used in Riyadh, specifically in indoor places such as malls, restaurants, and hotels, as these air curtains are an effective solution to control temperature, humidity, dust, and insects in the indoor environment.

Air curtains consist of a powerful fan that generates a strong and continuous air current in the direction perpendicular to the ground. They are installed at the main entrances to buildings to act as an air barrier, where the air current is directed towards the door to prevent the entry of hot outdoor air in summer and cold air in winter, which helps to maintain the desired temperatures inside the place.

Air curtains also contribute to reducing the ingress of dust and insects into the building, which enhances the environment of the place and maintains its cleanliness and quality, and they also help reduce the costs of air conditioning and heating as heat losses, cooling, and heating resulting from opening doors and controlling air flow are reduced.

In short, air curtains are an effective solution to enhance the environment of the place in Riyadh, as they maintain the appropriate temperatures, reduce dust and insect ingress, and contribute to saving energy costs. As a result of these characteristics, air curtains are a fruitful investment for building owners. They improve the quality and comfort of the indoor environment of a building.

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Which companies and places need to install air curtains in Riyadh?

Air curtains are useful in a variety of places and institutions in Riyadh. They add comfort and efficiency to every environment in which they are located. Some examples of such places include:

  • Restaurants and cafes: air curtains prevent cold or hot air from entering from the outside, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the place. This means customers will feel more comfortable, which enhances a positive customer experience.
  • Supermarkets and shopping centers: the use of an air curtain is a good solution for areas where doors are opened and closed frequently; it helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the store, which reduces loads on air conditioning systems and saves energy.
  • Hospitals and clinics: it reduces the ingress of dust, insects, and bacteria, which helps maintain a clean and healthy environment.
  • Hotels: air curtains add additional comfort to guests by preventing cold or hot air from outside and improving indoor air quality.
  • Warehouses and logistics centers: air curtains can be installed to prevent cold or hot air from entering, which helps maintain ideal temperatures for storing products and keeps the places clean.

In all these places, air curtains contribute to a more comfortable and hygienic environment while improving energy efficiency.

Installation of all types of air curtains in Riyadh - air curtain in KSA
Which companies and places need to install air curtains in Riyadh?

Which is the best air curtain company in Riyadh?

Stavoklima is considered one of the best air curtain installation companies in Riyadh. It is distinguished by its extensive experience in this field and its use of the latest technologies and high-quality materials in the manufacture of air curtains. The company also provides a wide range of air curtains of various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing customers to choose from them according to their own needs and requirements. Stavoklima curtains are characterized by providing effective protection against insects, dust, and unpleasant odors; they also improve indoor air quality and provide comfort and thermal stability inside the premises. Thanks to the excellent quality of its products and services, Stavokllima is the perfect choice for customers looking for the best air curtains in Riyadh.

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What are the stages of installing air curtains in Riyadh?

For sure, there are several stages to follow when installing air curtains in Riyadh. Those who do it through the Stavoklima team will find the process much easier. Here are the main steps:

  • Visit: It all starts with a visit to the site, where the Stavoklima staff visits the site specified for the installation of the air curtain. During this visit, they evaluate the site and find out its needs and requirements.
  • Inspection: After visiting the site, a thorough inspection of the environment where the air curtain will be installed is carried out. This inspection includes analysis of environmental conditions such as wind, humidity, and temperature, in addition to evaluating the overall structure of the building.
  • Type selection: based on the preview information, Stavoklima advises the client on the best air curtains that suit his needs and environment. This choice depends on several factors, including size, strength, and aesthetic design.
  • Installation: After selecting the appropriate air curtain type, the work team installs it. The team confirms that the installation is done correctly and safely, and the air curtain works efficiently and effectively.
  • Verification and maintenance: once the installation is completed, the Stavoklima team checks that the air curtain works effectively.

The best types of air curtains in Riyadh

There are many companies specializing in supplying and installing air curtains in Riyadh. One of the famous companies in this field is Stavoklima, as Stavoklima is known for providing distinct types of air curtains that meet the needs of various environments and buildings and owns several types of air curtains that we mention to you:

Energy-saving air curtains:

They are suitable for large buildings such as banks, business centers, and wedding halls. These curtains reduce the waste of energy spent on air conditioning and keep the interior comfortable and free from unpleasant odors, dust, and insects.

Industrial air curtains:

Used on warehouse and factory doors, these air curtains are characterized by their ability to resist large temperature changes and keep the internal environment isolated from the outside thanks to the thick air barrier, as well as their lack of need for periodic maintenance and their ability to work in harsh environments with high temperatures.

Luxury air curtains:

They go well with buildings of grandiose style. These curtains have excellent performance in air insulation and are distinguished by their elegant colors and shapes that complement the aesthetic of the decor of luxury shops and restaurants.

In short, Stavoklima in Riyadh offers a variety of innovative and effective air curtains. Whether you are looking for energy savings, durability, or luxury design, you will find a variety of types that suit your needs and contribute to enhancing the place’s environment effectively and attractively.

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About the projects of the air curtains of Stavoklima company in Riyadh

Here are the most prominent collaborations implemented by Stavoklima with the most important commercial projects in Riyadh:

1. The air curtain in the care store:

The Enaya store is one of the most prominent destinations for those who care about skin and body care, as it offers a wide selection of high-quality products that meet all customers’ needs. With the influx of customers and frequent closing of doors, it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy and clean environment inside the store, which leads to increased air pollution and noise penetration from the street into the interior. To overcome this problem, the store relied on the “Li Pico air curtain”, which has proven itself to purify the air, providing a comfortable atmosphere, and reducing noise to the minimum possible.

the installation of air curtains in Riyadh
The air curtain in the care store

2. One square center air-saving curtain:

One Square Center provides a calm and professional working environment for individuals working remotely. The center is characterized by the application of high-quality standards, and therefore the Axi invisible air curtain integrated into the ceiling was adopted due to its quiet sound and its ability to purify the air from pollutants and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Stavoklima air curtain projects in Riyadh
One square center air-saving curtain

3. Cooperation between Stavoklima and Mediserve:

Mediserve is one of the leading companies in the field of health supplies and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has a specialized team that works hard to improve healthcare quality in the kingdom. The factory and warehouse have a large area, but they face technical challenges that have been overcome by the installation of Stavoklima air curtains, which aim to improve the factory working environment, maintain the optimal warehouse temperature, and save electrical energy.

Stavoklima air curtains, like Axi3 and Axi2, used at the Midi Surf plant, have several main features: they withstand temperature changes, prevent insect and dust ingress, and isolate moisture from cooling and freezing chambers.

The best types of air curtains in Riyadh
Cooperation between Stavoklima and Mediserve

Air curtains were successfully used at the Midi Surf Factory, which improved the quality of hygiene and protected the place from the ingress of insects and dust. Stavoklima Saudi European Air Curtains Company offers high-quality air curtains for factories and warehouses by the best air curtain supplier in Saudi Arabia. These curtains are an ideal choice to maintain the working environment at its best and affordable prices.

Frequently asked questions about air curtains in Riyadh:

1. Do air curtains keep dust out?

Yes, air curtains effectively keep dust and airborne particles out of buildings by creating a barrier of moving air at entrances. This barrier helps improve indoor air quality and is particularly valuable in commercial and industrial settings where dust control is essential, in addition to insect prevention and energy efficiency.

2. How much energy do air curtains save?

Air curtains can contribute to energy savings ranging from 10% to 50% in commercial and industrial settings by reducing heating or cooling losses through open doorways. The actual savings depend on factors such as temperature differences and the efficiency of the air curtain unit. To determine precise energy savings, consult with an HVAC professional or conduct an energy audit tailored to your specific conditions.


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