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Air curtains and the Sustainable Development Goals in Saudi Arabia

Air curtains and the Sustainable Development Goals in Saudi Arabia

In this article, we discuss air curtains and the Sustainable Development Goals in Saudi Arabia, with a view to achieving Vision 2023.

Technological innovation has become one of the key drivers of sustainable development, and because air curtains promote this development, we will highlight their importance in this process.

Investment in air curtains and other innovations that preserve air quality and reduce energy consumption has become critically important to achieving the kingdom’s future goals, particularly those related to sustainability.

Now, let’s discuss how air curtains promote sustainable development in Saudi Arabia and contribute to achieving Vision 2030, and how effective are air curtains in this mission!

What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development is a concept that signifies progress and growth in a way that preserves the environment. It ensures future generations’ sustainability in meeting their needs. The history of the sustainable development concept dates back to the United Nations’ Brundtland Report published in 1987, which defined it as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations’ ability to fulfill their own needs.”

This concept relies on three fundamental pillars: the economy, the environment, and society. In this context, economic growth must be balanced and consistent with respect for the environment and social justice. This also includes addressing many issues such as energy consumption, sustainable use of natural resources, waste and pollution reduction, as well as achieving social and economic justice.

Sustainable Development Goals in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

The Sustainable Development Goals are represented in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 in many aspects, including the significant role that air curtains play in achieving them.

Here are the most important Sustainable Development Goals in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the role of air curtains in achieving those goals:

● Environmental Sustainability:

Saudi Vision 2030 encourages environmental preservation by reducing industrial and urban activities’ negative impacts on the environment. This includes natural resources, improving green infrastructure, and promoting clean and renewable energy.

● Economic Sustainability:

The Saudi Vision aims to develop a diverse and renewable economy based on innovation in technology, science, and education. This includes improving efficiency and productivity and enhancing competitiveness in global markets.

● Social Sustainability:

The vision includes promoting social welfare, equality, and social justice. This includes enhancing health and education, providing equal job opportunities, supporting active and prosperous communities, reducing poverty, and achieving equality.

In general, Saudi Arabia aims to achieve these goals through programs and projects that encourage transitioning towards sustainable development. Among its other goals are

  • Preserving the environment.
  • Promoting technological innovation.
  • Promoting sustainable production and consumption.
  • Air curtains provide an effective solution that helps achieve these goals.

How do air curtains align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and why?

Air curtains contribute to achieving the goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by improving air quality and reducing energy consumption, thus aligning with the goals of preserving the environment and enhancing the quality of life. Air curtains also align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 in several ways, including:

  • Energy Saving: Air curtains contribute significantly to energy savings by preventing hot or cold air from leaking through open doors. This reduces the need for intensive cooling and heating systems, conserving energy and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Cost-effective: Air curtains not only save energy but also reduce the operational costs associated with building maintenance. This, in turn, makes them a cost-effective solution and prolongs the lifespan of buildings’ facilities and equipment, preserving their value.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Air curtains improve indoor quality of life by maintaining the desired temperature while reducing noise and air pollution.
  • Technological Innovation: Air curtains are part of modern technological solutions that align with Saudi Arabia’s goal of increasing the use of renewable energy and reducing reliance on electricity.

In these ways, air curtains contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which are a central part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

do Air Curtains Align with Saudi Arabia's - Stavoklima Saudi air curtain
How do air curtains align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and why?

What are the sustainable development indicators in Saudi Arabia?

As Saudi Arabia strives to achieve sustainable development, many indicators are monitored and measured. These indicators represent clear and measurable data that show the country’s progress in achieving sustainable development goals. Among these indicators are:

  • Energy Consumption: This is measured by total energy consumption and the amount of renewable energy, in particular, to determine Saudi Arabia’s progress towards more sustainable energy sources.
  • Carbon Footprint: This indicator measures the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by Saudi Arabia, and it is an important measure of the country’s impact on climate change.
  • Air Quality: Air quality is mainly measured in sustainable development indicators to determine the impact of industrial and urban activities on the environment.
  • Education and Health: School enrollment rates, success rates, illiteracy, as well as general health rates such as life expectancy, disease rates, and deaths, are measured.
  • Economy: Economic indicators such as economic growth, poverty rates, unemployment, public debt, and inflation rates are measured, in addition to promoting productivity increases.
  • Social justice: Rates of providing equal opportunities for all members of society with gender equality and respect for human rights are measured.

Regarding air curtains, they can improve some of these indicators, especially those related to energy consumption, carbon footprint, and air quality.

Stavoklima’s projects: installing air curtains to achieve sustainable development

Stavoklima company seeks to enhance sustainability in Saudi Arabia through its various projects in installing air curtains with sustainable curtains. These projects are an essential part of efforts to achieve sustainable development goals.

Here are the leading companies and factories that have taken a step towards achieving Saudi Vision 2030 by installing air curtains:

1. Panda Retail Company:

Panda Retail Company is a leading retail sales chain in the Middle East, owning 188 branches in 40 Saudi cities. The company decided to install air curtains in its distribution centers for several reasons, including:

  • Maintaining a suitable climate inside distribution centers.
  • Prevent insect intrusions, dust, and car exhaust fumes from getting inside.
  • Isolating the internal environment from the external one.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of distribution centers and keeping them humidity-free.

Panda chose the AXI9 air curtain from Stavoklima for its effectiveness in blocking hot and humid air. The company professionally installed the air curtains without affecting its operations. Panda benefited from the curtains by maintaining a comfortable work environment, maintaining balanced temperatures, and being free of insects and dust. Stavoklima aims to help companies provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees to achieve one of the most important sustainable development goals in Saudi Arabia.”

air curtain supplier in Saudi Arabia
The role of air curtains within panda to achieve sustainability

2. MediServ Company:

MediServ Company is one of the leading companies in the field of healthcare supplies and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has a specialized team working to make healthcare in the kingdom the best it can be; it owns a large factory and warehouse, which faced technological challenges that were overcome by installing Stavoklima air curtains to improve the work environment in the factory, maintain the optimal temperature of the warehouse, and save electricity.

The Axi3 and Axi2 air curtains used in the MediServe factory have several advantages, including their ability:

  • Withstand temperature changes
  • Isolate against insects and dust.
  • Prevent moisture from entering refrigeration and freezer rooms.

The air curtains were well received by the customer, improving the cleanliness of the place and protecting it from insects and dust. Stavoklima offers high-quality air curtains for factories and warehouses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and these air curtains are an ideal option for maintaining the work environment at its best while remaining affordable.

Installing Air Curtains to Achieve Sustainable Development
The importance of air curtains in the company MediServ

3. Saudi Care Store:

Saudi Care Stores are large showrooms for personal care and hygiene products, including dietary supplements and medical devices. The store has an online presence and a large physical store located in Riyadh.

Due to the store’s long working hours and the presence of automatic doors, it faced challenges such as the impact of hot weather, high temperatures, dust, insect infiltration, and the leakage of unpleasant odors. To address these challenges and achieve a healthy, clean, and refreshing work environment, a Stavoklima air curtain was installed.

The Stavoklima team inspected the store and selected the Li Pico air curtain, which is known for its sleek design, easy installation, and continuous operation 24 hours a day without disturbance due to its quiet sound. Additionally, this air curtain prevents the leakage of external factors such as dust, insects, and unpleasant odors and saves electricity by 100%.

After installing the air curtain, the client noticed an improvement in the store’s environment and a reduction in the energy used for cooling.

The Stavoklima team offers a diverse range of air curtains to tackle all challenges that could affect the work environment, providing you with the most peaceful and refreshing atmosphere.

Air curtains to achieve sustainable development - air curtain in KSA
The role of air curtains in achieving sustainable development within Enaya store

Stavoklima is with you to achieve sustainable development in your workplace!

Are you looking for innovative solutions to improve your work environment, achieve sustainable development goals, and meet Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision? Stavoklima is the ideal company to help you achieve sustainable development in your workplace by air curtains.

Stavoklima provides the latest European air curtain in Saudi Arabia that improves air quality and saves electricity. Additionally, Stavoklima ensures easy installation and maintenance cost savings. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains and join its distinguished customers in Saudi Arabia, benefiting from its excellent services suitable for all types of facilities and institutions. Contact Stavoklima now the best air curtain supplier in Saudi Arabia to achieve sustainable development in your workplace and protect the environment at the same time.


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