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The best types of hobby and fans for shop door in Saudi Arabia

معلومات حول هواية ومراوح باب المحل في السعودية

Learn with us about the best types of hobbies and fans of the shop door in Saudi Arabia in order to protect the environment of shops and isolate them from the external environment with all its hot air, insects, dirt, and dust. Thus, maintaining the internal atmosphere of your shop, whatever its size. And now let’s get started right away.

What is a hobby or shop door fans?

A hobby or a shop door fan is an air curtain placed at the entrance of shops, restaurants, factories, and all types of other types buildings to form an air barrier that prevents the entry of hot air loaded with dust, insects, and dirt, and it is also available in several types, some of them are energy-saving, and some of them are luxurious with structures with very elegant designs, and some of them are more strongly to suit manufactory and factories, in addition to coming in sizes and colors that suit the decorations and colors of your shop.

Why do you need a shop door conditioner?

Here are the most important factors that push you to install a fan or air conditioner for your shop door, and what air curtain in KSA purpose:

  • You don’t have to close your shop door after installing an air curtain door at the entrance, so it will allow customers to view the interior of your store.
  • You will save electrical energy by reducing the voltage on the air conditioners, because the air curtain door fan prevents hot air from entering inside, which maintains the spring atmosphere inside the shop.
  • It keeps employees and visitors comfortable as it prevents moisture, heat, and insects, making your shop environment pleasant 24 hours a day.
  • It permanently prevents flying insects from entering, thus making your brand name more glamorous in the minds of visitors.
  • It facilitates the movement of people in and out without worrying about opening and closing doors, as it replaces closing the shop door through the air barrier that forms it.
  • It increases the productivity of employees due to the spring and stable temperatures inside the shop.

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The best types of hobby and fans for shop door in Saudi Arabia - air curtain in KSA
The importance of air curtains for shops in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima projects to install air curtains for shop doors in Saudi Arabia

Here are some of Stavoklima’s projects in installing air curtains doors for shops in Saudi Arabia, during which it worked on studying the nature of the place and inspecting it to take the necessary measurements, and then choosing the door hobby that is most appropriate to the nature of the shop to ensure the desired benefit from air curtains. Here is a broader overview of some of Stvoklima projects and how they are done.

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1. Installing air curtains in Booze Cafe:

Since Booze Cafe specializes in making coffee and therefore its general atmosphere should be calm and comfortable, he needed Stavoklima air curtains.  Here is a summary of the steps for installing the Bose Cafe door hobby:

  • Stavoklima’s team of specialized engineers visited the Booze Cafe site in Riyadh.
  • After inspecting the place and studying its challenges in discussion with the cafe officials, the team took the measurements of the doors.
  • They suggested the type of air curtain suitable for the store, which ensures the preservation of its internal environment and makes it calmer and gentler for visitors, and was the Li mini air curtain.
  • The cafe management praised the quality of their air curtain installation, especially its matching with the colors of the decorations and the complete tranquility it achieved in the place.
Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains, riyadh
Booze Cafe air curtains project

2. Selection and installation of air curtains in The Square One:

The Square One is a workspace for individuals and groups in Saudi Arabia, and once in Saudi Arabia, the difficult environment of the place will portray to you the shape of the challenges that the center’s building was suffering from, here are its most important needs to install an air curtain:

  • Providing a calm atmosphere inside the place, isolated from the outside.
  • Prevent flying insects from entering inside.
  • Getting rid of opening and closing doors when people enter and exit to avoid noise, after installing an air curtain door, it took its place through the durable air barrier.
  • Saving electrical energy, and leaving the doors open without air curtains will undoubtedly cause more pressure on the air conditioners.
  • Stavoklima installed the Axi invisible series air curtain in a very elegant way, achieving the desired results in the best possible way.
Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains
Installing an air curtain in The Square One building

3. Air Curtain at E-Experts Medical Center:

E-Experts Center (famous eye experts) specializes in ophthalmology in Saudi Arabia, according to the nature of its center and its requirements to provide a sterile environment, it has contacted Stavoklima to install the most appropriate air curtain, in order to:

  • Protecting patients and visitors from germs by preventing dust and dirt from outside.
  • Providing comfort and relaxation to the visitors of the center by making the atmosphere of the center a very pleasant spring.
  • Preserving the reputation of the center from harm caused by the entry of any insect from abroad, especially as it is a medical center.
  • Therefore, as it completely protects the place and prevents the entry of dust, dirt, and insects from the outside, Stavoklima installed a Li0 air curtain in this center.

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air curtain heater air curtain flow - Stavoklima Saudi air curtain
Air curtain in Saudi Arabia via Stavoklima

The best types of air curtains for shops

Here are the best types of air curtains for shops in Saudi Arabia from Stavoklima, which are air curtains installed on the doors in order to reduce electrical energy costs, as these curtains focus on air insulation significantly, which reduces the effort of relying on air conditioners, knowing that they are available in multiple types and shapes to suit the decorations of shops, here are the best ones:

  • Li-Mini air curtains category (li-mini).
  • LI Zero Air Curtain Class (LI-0).
  • Energy saving air curtains class(LIT-2).
  • Axi Air Curtain Category of all kinds.

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Installing air curtains for shop doors in Saudi Arabia

You can install air curtain doors for shops in Saudi Arabia, whatever their type and size, through Stavoklima install shop door fans, whether you own a huge shopping center, hotel, restaurant, or factory, Stavoklima is your most suitable choice, as it has worked for many years that exceeded 25 years in the installation, manufacture, and maintenance of air curtains, and therefore it has great experience in air curtain door, commercial air curtain, and automatic air curtain, In addition, all work steps are carried out under the supervision of specialized engineers to ensure the installation of the appropriate air curtain for the height and size of the doors are in your shop.

Since the shop door conditioner is not chosen randomly, the best air curtain devices in the world are useless if they are not carefully selected and installed to match the nature of the place that you find at Stavoklima, which will give you all information about air curtain installation details.

Order now to install the best type of air curtains in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains to sell air curtains for shops 

Contact Stavoklima Saudi Air Curtain to sell air curtains to stores and let our team take care of the task to make your shop environment better in terms of air insulation and protection from the entry of dust, dirt, and insects, in addition to ensuring its consistency with your shop decorations, and most importantly reducing your electrical energy costs.


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