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Air Curtains and Plastic PVC curtains

You will read about the difference between Air Curtains for doors and Plastic PVC curtains and the pros and cons of both curtains for shops, factories, and malls. Although both are used for the same reason, there are many differences in their features.

If you want to know more about it, read on.

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Difference between air curtains and plastic PVC curtains

We are going to talk about the fundamental differences between door Air curtains and Plastic ones in insulating the air by explaining each one more clearly and then defining the advantages and disadvantages and concluding with the better in terms of the results.

What are air curtains?

Air Curtains are door curtains as air barrier that prevents the entry of dust, insects, and bad smells as well; They also isolate the indoor environment from the outdoors. Thus, they provide up to 80% electric power without blocking visibility for being 100% transparent, save the time and effort required to open and close doors, and improve the quality of work wherever they are installed.

What are plastic PVC curtains?

Plastic PVC Curtains, sometimes referred to as Plastic Conditioning Curtains, air curtains for doors are curtains of plastic strips used for the purpose of making air insulation, preventing the entry of dust and insects while maintaining indoor temperatures, yet they are less efficient than Air Curtains.

Difference between air and plastic curtains in terms of pros

Here’s a comparison between air curtains and Plastic air curtains in terms of features.

Pros of air curtains for Shops, Factories, and Malls

Air Curtains for doors are characterized by many features that make them basic equipment for any shop, lab, or mall.

Here are their most important features, and what are air curtains used for:

They ensure the convenience of staff and visitors by maintaining a sterile environment and nice cooling.

●     They reduce the costs of electricity in air-conditioned places and keep the required temperatures as they protect the place from external air leakage by 80%.

●     air curtains for dust control allow leaving doors open without worry about the entry of dust and insects, for which people would like to enter and shop.

●     They act as an invisible air barrier that prevents the entry of dust, and insects, as well as moisture, and bad smells.

●     They provide full visibility for the inside part of your store or business to the people outdoors.

● They reduce the need to open and close doors, thus they provide more space at the entrance, facilitate the entry of strollers, and protect doors from damage over time. They come in very elegant shapes and colors that match the place’s decorations.

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plastic air curtain door
plastic curtains for factory and shop

Features plastic PVC curtains

Although Plastic Conditioning Curtains are less efficient than Air ones, they also have many features.

Here are the most important features of PVC plastic curtains, and transparent curtains for AC rooms:

●     They are made from versatile plastic materials, yet they need to be changed periodically.

●     industrial plastic curtains work without noise or sound.

●     They are easy to store when needed.

●     They are low-cost curtains.

●     They use transparent plastic curtains as a barrier separating employees’ workplaces within labs and factories.

●   plastic curtains for ac room door provide fair air insulation of no more than 60%.

●     They are available in different sizes and measurements suited to the needs of commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Cold room plastic curtains are used to separate different areas in a facility while still allowing for easy passage of people and vehicles.
do air curtains keep bugs out - Stavoklima Saudi air curtain
Advantages of plastic Curtains

Difference between air curtains for doors and plastic PVC curtains in terms of cons

Besides knowing the pros of each, you should know their cons before choosing an air door curtain.

Here’s a comparison between Air and plastic PVC curtains in terms of their cons.

Cons of air curtains

  • They are needed to be chosen by specialists if you need one suitable for your business.
  • The choice of unsuitable air curtains for your business causes many technical problems that shorten the curtain’s expected lifetime.
  • The price of air curtains is higher than plastic curtains.
  • All the disadvantages of these curtains can be overcome by choosing a reliable company that offers tips and selects models that are best suited to your business.

Cons of PVC curtains

  • They obscure visibility since they are not 100% transparent.
  • They somewhat hinder movement as passers-by feel it while they come in and out, making them feel uncomfortable.
  • They are rapidly dirty as they easily collect dust.
  • You have to separate and touch the dirty plastic curtain pieces every time you go in or out.
  • The shape of plastic curtains is not stylish and may seem random most often.
  • They do not completely prevent the entry of hot air,  dust, and insects.
  • they are no longer suitable for business activities compared to the newer and better types of performance.
plastic curtain Vs plastic air curtain - air curtain in Saudi Arabia
Reasons why you should avoid choosing plastic curtains

The Difference between air and plastic curtains in terms of price

  • Although air curtains are expensive, they are in greater demand due to their many features and their efficiency in air insulation.
  • Plastic curtain strips are cheaper because they are made from inexpensive, modest plastic materials.

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Air curtains or plastic PVC curtains

As a result of the above-mentioned words, air curtains are undoubtedly better, depending on the following:

  • Air curtains are better in terms of air insulation.
  • They are the most beautiful and suitable in terms of shapes and styles for the decorations of high-end places.
  • They allow people and cars to enter freely
  • They provide a clean working environment and reduce the likelihood of pollution and disease.
  • They save electricity costs.
  • They offer air insulation and required temperatures.
  • They need no maintenance and last for many years without having to be replaced.
  • They maintain brand reputation and raise business level.
Which is better air curtains or PVC transparent curtains? - Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains, riyadh
Air curtains are the best solution to raise the level of work

Air curtains are the best solution to overcome work challenges

The air curtains are the most suitable solution for you if you have the following problems,

  • The entry of hot air is loaded with moisture, dust, and insects.
  • Electrical power waste problems for air conditioning devices.
  • The inability to control the cold air inside the cold rooms within the laboratories and factories.

Negative customer ratings for shops, restaurants, and shopping malls due to the presence of insects inside the place.

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Saudi companies and factories choose air curtains

There are a lot of Saudi companies, buildings, and factories that have chosen door fan air curtains instead of plastic PVC curtains.

Here are some of them:

Find out about the best door air curtain in Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Dallah Hospital: The hospital overcame all the challenges it faced by choosing the right air curtains that help maintain the patient’s safety and the building environment as well.
  • Booze Café: The cafe is characterized by quiet and pure and specializes in serving and making the most delicious coffee; it succeeded in keeping its cool and nice spring atmosphere by choosing air curtains.
  • The Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs & Housing: The ministry deals with the Saudi environment that is loaded with hot air, dust, and insects by choosing the air curtains.
  • Factory of Albaik Restaurant: It produces large amounts of fast food daily, so it adopted air curtains to keep a sterile environment free from any insects or dust.
  • The Advanced Storage Co.: Because it has a large space and a certain nature work, it suffered many challenges that it could not overcome without installing air curtains, especially at the doors of the cool rooms.
Companies and commercial centers have chosen air curtains in Saudi Arabia - air curtain in KSA
Air curtains are the best choice for Saudi companies and laboratories

Best places to buy and install air curtains in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima is the best place to buy, install, and maintain air curtains in Saudi Arabia with over 25 years of experience in this field, making it the leading Kingdom-wide.

Stavoklima provides you with the latest types of air curtains to match the nature of your business whatever its decorations, and space; It also employs air quality specialists and experts in studying the building’s climate nature to choose the type of curtains that are best suited to the location and space of your business.

If you are suffering from challenges that impede your earnings growth, connect with us via the on-screen WhatsApp icon to buy a door air curtain and take a real step in improving your business environment.

FAQ about door air curtain:

What are the disadvantages of air curtains?

While air curtains offer many benefits, they also have some disadvantages that should be considered:
Energy Consumption: Air curtains require electricity to operate, which can lead to increased energy usage and costs, especially in models that are not energy-efficient or are used continuously for long periods.
Noise Level: Some air curtain models can be quite noisy during operation, which might be disruptive in quiet environments like offices, libraries, or certain retail settings.
Maintenance Needs: Regular maintenance is required to ensure effective operation. This includes cleaning and servicing the fans and motors, which can be an additional cost and hassle.
Installation Limitations: Proper installation is crucial for effectiveness. Incorrectly installed air curtains might not provide the desired barrier, and there might be limitations on where they can be installed due to space or structural constraints.
Ineffective in Extreme Conditions: In areas with extreme weather conditions, the effectiveness of air curtains can be reduced, especially in situations with strong winds or extreme temperature differences between the inside and outside environments.

What is the theory of air curtains?

The theory behind air curtains is based on creating a controlled stream of air that forms an invisible barrier between two different environments. This barrier is intended to minimize the exchange of air between these areas. Here’s how it works:
Air Flow Creation: An air curtain unit uses fans to create a downward or across flow of air. This air flow is directed across the opening of a door or entryway.
Temperature and Pressure Control: By maintaining a constant stream of air, the air curtain helps to keep the indoor environment stable, preventing the intrusion of outside air, which could be colder, hotter, or carry contaminants.
Density and Velocity: The effectiveness of an air curtain depends on the velocity and density of the air stream it produces. The air must be fast enough to form a barrier but not so fast that it becomes disruptive or uncomfortable for people passing through.
Thermal Barrier: In temperature-controlled environments, like refrigerated spaces or heated areas, the air curtain helps maintain the internal temperature, reducing the load on heating or cooling systems.
Environmental Separation: Besides temperature, air curtains also help to keep out pollutants, insects, dust, and other external elements, thus maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the internal environment

Do air curtains use a lot of electricity?

Air curtains’ electricity usage varies based on size, type, usage frequency, settings, and model efficiency. Energy-efficient models and proper maintenance can reduce electricity consumption. Overall, they are designed to be energy-saving by minimizing heating or cooling loss.

What is the lifespan of air curtain?

The lifespan of an air curtain typically ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on factors such as the quality of the unit, frequency of use, maintenance practices, and the environment in which it’s used. Regular maintenance and using the air curtain in conditions it’s designed for can extend its lifespan. Higher-quality models tend to last longer than lower quality ones.



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