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Types of air curtains for Saudi restaurants and cafes and the importance of installing them

كيف تختار الستارة الهوائية المناسبة لمطعمك أو المقهى الخاص بك؟

Learn about the best types of air curtains for Saudi restaurants and cafes and the importance of being installed to lift the work quality and overcome all potential challenges, ensuring the comfort of visitors and preserving the reputation of restaurants and cafes.

If you are the owner of a restaurant or coffee shop, you are aware of the sensitivity of these areas in terms of providing hygiene and a comfortable atmosphere for visitors, and you must have experienced several challenges that we will talk about and their solutions in this article.

If you are interested in maintaining the elegant level of your restaurant or coffee shop, keep reading.

Learn about the best air curtains in Saudi Arabia

Air curtains in restaurants and cafes

Air curtains are used in restaurants and cafes for the purpose of increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining the system of sterilization and internal hygiene through the air barrier formed by these air curtains at the doors which prevent the entry of dust, and insects. Installing an air curtain in your restaurant or café is a step that pushes your brand name towards greater success especially as it helps you overcome all fears and challenges.

Air curtains are usually installed above doors for the purpose of creating an air barrier that insulates the internal air of conditioning devices from hot outdoor air loaded with dust; They also raise the level of income by reducing the cost of electric bills and attracting more visitors on a daily basis, if they are properly installed.

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The necessity of air curtains for Saudi cafes and restaurants- air curtain suppliers near me
The importance of installing an air curtain in restaurants and cafes

What is the air curtain for restaurants and cafes?

The air curtain of restaurants and cafes is a device installed above the doors to create an air barrier that isolates the indoor environment of the restaurant or cafe from the outdoor environment, preventing the entry of dust, and insects; it also reduces the energy costs as it maintains the required indoor temperatures which relieves voltage on air conditioning devices.

Air curtain prices for restaurants and cafes

The prices vary in terms of their types, number, and size of doors, but they are always considered an essential investment that benefits you as a restaurant owner or café, both on the side of protecting your brand’s reputation or mitigating the costs of electric power, and above attracting more visitors.

Find out about the best air curtains from Stavoklima

Benefits of air curtains for cafes and restaurants

There are several benefits as follows:

  • Provide additional protection and hygiene. Air curtains help you keep your restaurant environment clean, which psychologically reflects on visitors and raises their confidence in what you’re serving.
  • Attract the attention of visitors. It enables you to leave the doors open, showing a fair part of your indoor restaurant atmosphere, and motivating people to enter.
  • Works alongside cooling and heating systems. Whether the atmosphere is cold or warm, the air curtain helps you keep the interior temperatures.
  • Reduces energy costs. It prevents the entry of hot or cold outdoor air, reducing voltage on conditioners inside your restaurant.

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How to choose the right air curtain for your restaurant or coffee shop?

There are several factors that help you choose the right air curtain for your restaurant or coffee shop.

Here are the most important ones:

  • The height of the door from ceiling to floor.
  • The width of the door, above which a curtain, should be installed.
  • The location of your restaurant or cafe to determine the required protection system.
  • The distribution of your restaurant doors, whether they are in a row or opposite.
  • The pressure difference between indoors and outdoors.
  • The shape of the door, whether is automatic, manual, or a revolving door.
  • The restaurant or cafe decorations.

Note: There are several other factors related to the size of the building, the nature of the internal air conditioning systems, as well as air pressure, and other details, on which curtains are selected by the specialist engineer of the air curtain companies.

Stavoklima air curtain installation projects in restaurants and cafes

If you need to see our projects of installing air curtains in restaurants and cafes to understand the challenges faced by those buildings and how they overcome them after installing the right air curtain, we are reviewing some of the projects that overcome all challenges by installing the right air curtain. During this, we highlighted the most significant challenges, stages of the team’s visit, the type of air curtains adopted, the final results, and the opinion of the owner.

1. Saudi Albaik Factory:

No one experiences the Albaik restaurant without paying tribute to the hygiene and delicious taste of its meals. Despite the restaurant’s fame, it, like any other restaurant, faced challenges imposed by the Saudi environment and atmosphere.

Since the restaurant field is very sensitive on this side, the restaurant management decided to install air curtains in their lab called Aquatfoods to prevent entering any dust, or insects from the outside,

The restaurant management contacted Stavoklima Company in Saudi Arabia; Its competent team conducted the required inspection of the factory in terms of the nature of the pressure, and the number and size of the doors, and then it was fully covered according to the type best suited to it. Finally, the owner of the Albaik restaurant was pleased by the results of using the air curtains including reducing the cost of electric bills and making the employees and workers more comfortable.

Air curtains in Al Baik Restaurant Factory (Aquat Food Industries) - Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains, riyadh
Air curtains in Al Baik Restaurant Factory (Aqwat Food Industries)

2. Hobra Cafe in Saudi Arabia:

The owner of Hobra Cafe wanted to give the same elegant impression even in the finest detail including air and temperature control!

He communicated with us; that our team chose the Li Pico air curtain after visiting and examining the place because it fitted with nature and the decoration of the place as a part of the interior decoration of the café, as well as it fulfilled the owner’s desire in making the environment quieter, and in particular, it kept the place clean and prevented the entry of hot air from outside.

Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains - hygienic air curtain
Air curtains at Hobra Café

3. Saudi Booze Cafe:

The cafe is characterized by calm, which is also linked to the coffee offered by the coffee shop, but what way to keep this nice atmosphere?

The Li mini air curtain was the solution for all the challenges faced by the cafe including entering hot and humid air from outside due to the movement of visitors at the main door, which opened and closed hundreds of times a day, wasting the power of the air conditioners in vain.

The owner of the café was satisfied with the curtains for helping him overcome all the challenges as well as being completely quiet at work and suited to the decorations in its luxurious golden color.

Stavoklima projects for installing air curtains in restaurants and cafes - air curtain supplier in saudi arabia
Air curtains at Bose Café

Types of air curtains for cafes and restaurants?

There are many types of air curtains and although some of them cannot be specified for restaurants or cafes in particular, we can say that the curtain is best suited for your business only by the expert. The choice is due to the nature of air pressure, door sizes security and many other details that play their part in the selection order. As for the most commonly used types in Saudi restaurants and cafes in general, you can learn about them below.

  • Energy-Saving Air Curtains in all categories: It is a practical air curtain that collects all the features restaurants and cafe owners are looking for; it is best suited to places with frequently-opened doors throughout the day.
  • Axi Industrial Air curtains. Although its name suggests that they are only for industrial places, their multiple versions also suit restaurants and cafes due to the ability of this air curtain to insulate the air. It is among the most commonly used curtain types in these places. Knowing that it is very sophisticated and quiet in operation, elegant, available in several colors, and consistent with the decorations of the place.
  • Luxury Air Curtains. It is the most suitable air curtain for luxurious restaurants and cafes. It comes in a streamlined vertical design that gives an impression of the luxury of the place, keeps calm and clean, and prevents Insects or dust from entering the indoors; it also fits normal and revolving doors of all sizes and heights.

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Types of air curtains for restaurants and cafes? - air conditioning for cafes
The most common type of air curtain used in restaurants and cafes

Stavoklima to supply air curtains to all cities in Saudi Arabia

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Whatever the location of your restaurant or cafe, Stavoklima Saudi air curtain is your best choice to buy and install air curtains that are best suited to the nature and location of your building.

With Stavoklima, there is no place for coincidence; our specialists study the nature of the doors and the air pressure for your building to make the best use of the air curtain by the best air curtain supplier in Saudi Arabia.

We also take care of the aesthetic aspect to fit the air curtain in KSA with your place’s decorations from the side of the colors, the shape, and the height of the doors.

Overcome all the challenges in your Saudi restaurant or cafe and contact us for more success and excellence.


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