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Installation of hidden air curtains in Saudi Arabia – Stavoklima

أنواع الستائر الهوائية المخفية المتوافرة في  السعودية

If you are looking for a comfortable way to maintain a pure and perfect atmosphere without disturbances inside your shop or workplace in an attractive way that does not harm the eye, we invite you to continue reading the article to learn about the benefits of concealed air curtains and how they will achieve the required purity in a way that suits the decor of your business.

What is a concealed air curtain?

It is an air curtain that is installed invisibly behind the wall, or any other object so that it is invisible to others. It is a transparent air barrier that maintains moderate temperatures and prevents insects, dust, and unwanted pollutants from entering the interior.

Features of the invisible air curtain for commercial activities

Concealed air curtains have many important advantages for various commercial activities, including:

  1. Compact Design: It can integrate with the wall or ceiling, making it ideal for limited space.
  2. Elegant shape: The hidden air curtain will not affect décor and aesthetics due to its disappearance within the room structure.
  3. Low noise level: Designed for low noise levels to suit different businesses.
  4. Performance quality: The concealed air curtain filters the air from dust, insects, and the smallest particles with high accuracy.
  5. Ideal Temperature: This helps you maintain a constant temperature, which creates a comfortable working environment.

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hidden air curtain in Saudi Arabia - invisible air curtain
Features of the hidden air curtain for commercial activities

Types of hidden air curtains available in Saudi Arabia

concealed air curtain is a vary in terms of shape, performance, and type of project. Here are the best types of hidden air curtains from Stavoklima:

1. Econ C hidden air curtain:

The hidden Econ C air curtain has many advantages that make it an ideal choice for companies and shops for the following reasons:

  • Suitable for narrow spaces and doors without enough space above.
  • It makes no noise and has a low sound.
  • It is equipped with an IR remote control that operates from 35 meters away.
  • Energy efficient, as it prevents air conditioners from wasting electrical energy.

2. Axi Invisible Series Hidden Air Curtain:

When you get the hidden air curtain of the Axi type, you will enjoy many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • It combines strong insulation with a stylish, hidden shape proportional to the place’s décor.
  • They create a thick air barrier that maintains the temperature and prevents pollutants from entering.
  • Their large size makes them suitable for large and wide doors.
  • It has an 80% low-noise sound.

3. Axial concealed air curtain:

The Axial concealed air curtain is one of the distinctive curtains used in luxurious places for the following reasons:

  • It has a powerful motor and propellers that enable it to be used 24 hours a day.
  • It forms an air insulator that prevents pollutants from entering and keeps temperatures constant.
  • It is very suitable for doors with high heads.
  • It has the advantage of being hidden in the ceiling, on a wall, or in a box with attractive décor.

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The most important projects of Stavoklima for the installation of hidden air curtains in Saudi Arabia

Here are the most important projects that were installed hidden air curtains by the professional Stavoklima team and got the best results:

1. Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital:

The need to cooperate with Stavoklima to install an air curtain for the continuous development and perfection of Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, which is considered one of the most famous hospitals in Saudi Arabia and the world and is characterized by large areas distributed over several floors, led the team to choose the Econ C air curtain because it is invisible and can be installed inside the wall and thus solve the problem of the small space between the door and the ceiling.

Installation of hidden air curtains in Saudi Arabia - ceiling air curtain
Air curtains in Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

2. One Square Center:

One Square Center provides quiet working spaces for people who work remotely within a professional environment, and since the center’s management follows the policy of observing quality standards in the center, the Axi Invisible concealed air curtain inside the ceiling was chosen for its quiet sound in addition to its ability to purify the atmosphere from all air pollutants and maintain the required temperature.

Installation of hidden air curtains with satvoklima- commercial air curtain
Hidden air curtains in One Square Center

3. The Ritz-Carlton:

The Ritz-Carlton Jeddah is one of the luxurious branches that provide services in an integrated manner, but due to its view of the sea its exposure to humid sea currents, and the leakage of hot air inside, it was necessary to install the concealed air curtain Axial, concealed by specialists in Stavoklima, to obtain the spring atmosphere and complete comfort in an elegant and hidden way from the eyes of customers.

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Installation of hidden air curtains in Hotels - Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains
Air curtains in Hotel The Ritz-Carlton

Stavoklima team installs hidden air curtains in Saudi Arabia

The Stavoklima company is the best of all, as the specialized Stavoklima team provides the most reliable, effective, and highest-quality concealed air curtain installation services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To get the best Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains or for more information about the concealed air curtains provided by the Saudi Stavoklima company, please contact the best air curtain supplier in Saudi Arabia via WhatsApp. We will provide you with everything you need.

Frequently asked questions about concealed air curtain in Saudi Arabia:

Do air curtains heat the room?

No, Air curtains are primarily designed to create a barrier of air at building entrances to prevent the infiltration of outdoor air and the escape of indoor air. They are commonly used to help maintain indoor temperature, reduce energy loss, and block the entry of dust, insects, and other contaminants.

How are air curtains installed?

The installation of an air curtain typically involves several steps and considerations to ensure it functions effectively. Here is a general overview of how air curtains are installed:
Select the Location: Determine the most suitable location for the air curtain installation. It should be positioned above the doorway or opening you want to protect. The height and positioning may vary depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the specific application.
Power Supply: Ensure that there is a dedicated electrical power supply near the installation location. Most air curtains require electricity to operate, and the electrical connection should meet local electrical codes and regulations.
Mounting Bracket: Install a mounting bracket securely above the doorway or opening. The air curtain unit will be attached to this bracket. The bracket should be level and able to support the weight of the air curtain.
Mounting the Air Curtain: Attach the air curtain unit to the mounting bracket using the provided hardware and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation. Ensure that it is level and securely fastened.
Ductwork (if applicable): If the air curtain model includes ductwork or requires a connection to the building’s HVAC system, ensure that the ductwork is properly installed and connected. This may involve working with HVAC professionals.
Electrical Wiring: Connect the air curtain to the dedicated electrical supply. Follow the manufacturer’s wiring instructions and any local electrical codes. It’s crucial to have a qualified electrician handle the wiring to ensure safety and compliance.
Controls: Set up and configure the control settings for the air curtain. Most air curtains come with controls that allow you to adjust the airspeed, temperature (if applicable), and other settings. Program the controls according to your specific needs.
Testing: Once installed, perform a thorough test of the air curtain to ensure it is operating correctly. Check for any unusual noises or malfunctions and make any necessary adjustments.
Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the air curtain as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This may include cleaning air filters, checking for loose components, and scheduling periodic professional inspections.
Safety Considerations: Ensure that the installation complies with safety regulations and standards. Pay attention to any safety precautions mentioned in the manufacturer’s instructions.


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