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How air curtains help retail stores and malls in Saudi Arabia

How air curtains help retail stores and malls in Saudi Arabia

Shop owners and major shops are constantly looking for tools that increase customer comfort and reassurance, which increases the good reputation of the place, so if you are one of the owners of shops, malls, or commercial projects that are looking for the best amenities for you, then this article was written specifically for you to know more About How air curtains help retail stores and malls in Saudi Arabia.

Challenges facing stores and malls in Saudi Arabia before installing air curtains

Most stores and malls in Saudi Arabia suffer from many difficult challenges before installing air curtains, which are summarized in the following things:

  1. The difficulty of applying sanitary quality standards with regard to air cleanliness in general.
  2. The inability to restrict the entry of dust and dirt from the outside into the place.
  3. Constant suffering with insects and pollutants that annoy both employees and customers.
  4. The difficulty of maintaining a moderate temperature in the place due to frequent door opening and closing of visitors.
  5. The huge waste of electrical energy due to the additional voltage loading of heating and cooling devices

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What are the air curtains specifications?

Air curtains have several characteristics that distinguish them from other ventilation and cooling devices, so let us Know what is air curtain purpose:

  • Provides a constant airflow with a controlled temperature from top to bottom.
  • air curtain above door It is an invisible barrier, which helps to open and close the doors without being an obstacle.
  • Used to separate different environments from each other instead of using a door.
  • Can be installed above the door or in the ceiling, visible or invisible.
air curtain purpose - air curtains commercial
The specifications of air curtains

How do air curtains improve ergonomics in retail stores and malls?

Air curtains are one of the best and most comfortable way for employers in retail stores and malls for the following reasons:

  1. Controls the adjustment of space temperatures without human intervention.
  2. It keeps the environment clean and free from dust, dust and insects.
  3. Saves energy and reduces exorbitant electricity bills due to the invasive use of air conditioners.
  4. Improves the brand’s reputation due to its ability to make the atmosphere moderate and pollution-free.
  5. It allows customers to pass through, open and close doors permanently without causing any inconvenience.

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The best types of air curtains in retail stores and malls in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima relies on installing the best types of European the best air curtain in KSA in stores and major stores in Saudi Arabia, here are the best ones:

1. Li Pico air curtain:

The Li Pico air curtain has several advantages, most notably:

  • It is characterized by its high ability to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Able to work continuously 24 hours.
  • It provides a complete isolation mechanism from the external environment

2. Li0 air curtain:

Here are the most prominent features of the Li0 air curtain:

  • It can be operated at multiple speeds to suit the atmosphere.
  • It operates at a low noise level which reduces noise.
  • It works with a smart and convenient BMS system

3. Axi Invisible Air Curtain:

The Axi Invisible air curtain has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • It works with high performance to create a strong barrier to dust and insects.
  • Suitable for large doors such as mall doors and huge stores.
  • Quiet operation up to 80%.

Stavoklima projects for installing air curtains in stores and malls in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima is one of the most prominent companies that take care of the desires and preferences of customers, so we will mention the most important projects, after obtaining many advantages through the European air curtains that have been installed:

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1. Air curtains in Care Store:

Care store is an integrated center, specialized in body care products and everything related to personal hygiene products, and due to the center’s permanent work, constantly opening and closing doors, dust entering, and the inability to control temperatures due to the entry of hot air, no matter how long the air conditioners work, so it was necessary to install the Li Pico air curtain door, to obtain a moderate atmosphere and a clean environment.

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commercial air curtain - air curtain installation
Air curtains in Care Store

2. Air curtains in VOX Cinemas:

VOX Cinemas is considered the largest cinema in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, and it also owns a chain of restaurants and children’s playrooms, and due to the presence of a large number of visitors who frequent the place, which causes repeated opening and closing of doors and the entry of hot air loaded with dust and smoke, which made the management of Stavoklima intend to install the Li0 air curtain, which has different speeds to suit the intensity of the congestion of the place, and thus gives great effectiveness in maintaining constant temperatures with the atmosphere free of dust and insects.

air curtain flow - air curtain door
Air curtains in VOX Cinemas

3. Air curtain in One Square Center:

One Square Center provides quiet and suitable workspaces for individuals and groups who work remotely within a professional environment, and since the center’s management follows a policy of observing quality standards in every detail of the center, the Axi Invisible air curtain standard size was chosen with its beautiful shape hidden inside the ceiling and with its calm sound that depends on purifying the atmosphere from all air pollutants and maintaining the required temperature, no matter how high or low the atmosphere outside.

air curtain standard size - Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains, riyadh
Air curtain in One Square Center

To order or learn more about the types and characteristics of Stavoklima Saudi European air curtains in Saudi Arabia, you can contact us via WhatsApp to provide you with everything you need and to get an excellent air curtain installation.


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