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The importance of air curtains for cooling and freezing rooms in Saudi Arabia

ما فائدة الستائر الهوائية لغرف التبريد والتجميد في السعودية؟

If you own a cold storage store or a factory, you need to know the importance of air curtain refrigerator for cooling and freezing rooms in Saudi Arabia, which save electrical energy and achieve a better working environment in your factory or manufactory.

Since many areas depend on cold storage such as foodstuffs, medicines, and others, making sure that there are insulating doors is very important to maintain coolness in these rooms and stores, but frequent opening of doors during the movement of employees and the transport of goods causes the problem of cold air leakage and hot air entering inside.

Every time the doors are opened, hot air enters and mixes with the cold air inside the cold rooms, which incurs more electrical energy costs for the factory owner and accumulates ice everywhere, especially on machines and floors. 

But with the installation of a dedicated air curtain for refrigeration and freezing rooms and stores you can solve the problem once and for all. Read on to know more about the benefits of cold keeping air curtains.

What is air curtains purpose for cooling and freezing rooms in Saudi Arabia?

Here are the most important benefits of air curtains for cooling and freezing rooms in warehouses, laboratories and factories:

1. Air curtains provide higher safety in cold rooms:

Because the air curtain forms a durable air barrier that prevents hot air from entering, it reduces the possibility of ice forming inside the cold rooms, which protects pedestrians from slipping, enables employees to see better to prevent collisions with edges and surfaces, as well as the ability to read product information and work more comfortably. Thus, air curtains solve the problem of temperature differences and the resulting prevention of visibility and the leakage of hot air.

2. The air curtain facilitates the traffic of employees and goods:

The air curtain for cold rooms and stores represents plastic slides (PVC strips), which makes the movement of people and goods transport vehicles to and from cold rooms much easier, knowing that the air barrier maintains its shape with the same strength, regardless of the heavy the traffic of pedestrians and without hindering it, and thus it saves time, effort and money.

3. Air curtains maintain the life span of machinery and equipment:

Air curtains for cold rooms increase the life of refrigeration machines and other equipment and goods in your factory or manufactory, as they prevent ice accumulation up to 80%, thus saving money in the long run.

4. Air curtains reduce electrical energy costs in cold rooms:

Air curtains reduce the costs of electrical energy in cold rooms by maintaining low temperatures inside and preventing the entry of hot air from outside, and they also save effort by preventing the formation of ice that occurs due to the leakage of hot moisture-laden and thus preventing it from turning into ice.

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فوائد الستائر الهوائية لغرف التبريد

What are the best types of cold room air curtains?

Industrial curtains are one of the best types of air curtains for cold room to save energy, as they withstand harsh environments with the ability to work 24 hours a day without any stopping, in addition to being maintenance-free, and they also have a solid air barrier that prevents hot air from entering the cold rooms, and reduces the possibility of cold air leaking out by 100%, and therefore it is a very important requirement for laboratories and factories.

Axi Industrial and commercial Air Curtains:

Axi industrial air curtains are available in four types, several colors and shapes to suit all cold room doors in laboratories and factories, and they are the strongest and most suitable for the nature of these places, due to their great endurance to difficult climatic conditions, and they also come with a durable structure that is difficult to bend or expose to any damage, knowing that they work underwater with great resistance to high and low temperatures in Saudi Arabia.

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commercial air curtain
The best types of air curtains to keep the cold in Saudi Arabia

Where to buy air curtains for cold storage doors in Saudi Arabia

Stavoklima is one of the best places to buy air curtains for cold rooms in Saudi Arabia, as it does not choose any air curtain for you, but rather sends a team of specialized engineers to study the location of your workplace, the sizes of your doors and the type of air pressure, and then choose the appropriate air curtain in riyadh and install it for you, and it also provides the possibility of maintenance if necessary, bearing in mind that its curtains are German-made with fans and equipment of the first type, which guarantees quality that lasts for many years.

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Stavoklima air curtains for refrigerated and industrial stores

Contact the Stavoklima team via WhatsApp to learn more about room air curtains, cold stores and other types that are suitable for shops and laboratories for all types of buildings, which makes your work environment better .As its curtains prevent dust, insects and dirt from entering your workplace, which raises the level of your work and saves electrical energy by saving air conditioners from wasting.



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