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How do I save electricity in factories and commercial activities?

كيف أوفر الطاقة الكهربائية في المصانع والنشاطات التجارية؟

How to save electricity in factories and commercial activities?  Simply, Energy-saving air curtains are the most appropriate solution since they are reducing the burden on air conditioners and preserving the interior atmosphere of the place in light of the heat and frequently opening and closing doors.

 In the following article, we will talk about how to save the electrical power depending on the electrical activity by using the appropriate air curtains.

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Air curtains for saving electricity

Air curtains to save electrical energy is the best solution to lower electric bills whatever the type of place or building you have, whether it is a factory, restaurant, exhibition, commercial complex, or school. Maintaining the cooling and heating of the air conditioner in the place with the frequently opening and closing doors will be difficult without an air curtain.

The importance of air curtains in saving electricity air curtain catalogue
Air curtains role in saving energy

Saving electric energy in factories and laboratories

Factories and laboratories are among the most types of buildings in need of energy-saving air curtains because they have big frequently opening doors, meaning consuming more electrical energy.

The air curtains greatly help to save electrical energy in factories and laboratories as they come with features that fit the factory doors and maintain internal temperatures

through the factory’s air conditioners without being affected by the size of the doors or the frequency of opening them through allowing trucks, cars, and employees to move freely; convert the large losses of electrical energy into significant savings by only choosing an appropriate air curtain.

How to save electricity in factories?
air curtain images
How to save electrical energy in factories and laboratories?

Saving energy in exhibitions and commercial complexes

Saving energy in exhibitions and commercial complexes is essential since their doors are open more that they are closed, resulting more electrical energy to be spent on cooling or heating the place, so the energy saving commercial air curtains is the solution. 

The energy saving air curtain works by creating a stream of air across the doorways, making a barrier between the air inside the building and the air outside. It also keeps dust, insects, bacteria away from entering, making the crowded atmosphere very clean.

The importance of air curtains in commercial centers and exhibitions
Air curtains role in exhibitions and commercial centers

Energy saving in restaurants and kitchens

Restaurants are very expensive to operate, so saving energy in restaurants and kitchens by using air curtains is an absolutely right decision. 

The possibility of keeping a restaurant cool or heated with people moving around, and letting doors open most of the time puts a huge burden on the air conditioners inside the restaurant, as well as doubles electric bills.

Air curtains are a long-term investment in any building, especially restaurants and kitchens in which the comfort of customers means more profits, no bargain in this matter; therefore, the work of air curtains is not limited to saving energy and reducing the workload of air conditioners, but also preventing the entry of insects, smells, and dust to eventually let them enjoy a nice and distinctive atmosphere.

Air curtain benefits in saving electricity for restaurants
air curtain purpose
The role of air curtains in restaurants and kitchens

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